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Monday, 14 April 2014

14 April: Sun Enters Aries: Tamil New Year

Today the Sun enters the Unicorn Galactic Mansion in Aries - Galaxy of the Magnificent, Magical, Healing Unicorn. The Sun is in its element, because it is exalted in Aries.

Marker Stars: El Sharatan (the horn of the Ram) and  Hamal: 0 - 13 Aries (sidereal)  
23°13' Aries - 5°55' Taurus (tropical)

Every Mansion has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. This is the mansion of new beginnings. Anything started now will have good results. This mansion is good for getting the job done and for taking action. Focus on physical fitness and health issues. Warnings are against muscular pains and injuries; upset in family life due to being inflexible.  Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. A fortunate time for healing and seeing a doctor. A good time to spend time with animals, take them to the parlor or to the vet. This mansion is steeped in healing and mystical energy.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the movement and energy of the planets that influence earth. Pictures show the path and its what it represents.

South Node of the Moon - headless dragon - spiritual - can loose your head or act impulsive.
Kumaras Ashvins - twin unicorns who are physicians to the gods and perform healing / medical miracles. This energy is favorable for healing and for doctors.

The Asvins teach us about the magic of believing.
Faith mixed with emotion and a burning desire opens the communication pathway to Infinite Intelligence and is a sure recipe for success. Believe you are desirable and you will attract your ideal lover. Believe and you will achieve your goals. Follow your dreams !

The Asvins energy favours doctors, physicians, race-car-drivers, and go-getters. This mansion is favorable for medical treatment; buying a car; or going after the business deal you want to land.

The unicorn is the goat that Zeus nursed from. Zeus broke off one of the horns and turned the goat into a unicorn. The horn he broke off turned into a magic wand, the cornucopia or horn of plenty. This mansion is favorable for setting goals and for actively pursuing your dreams. Celebrate the good things and the blessings in your life.

Mythology: Sanjna is the name of the goddess who disguised herself as a unicorn and fled from her husband because he betrayed her. He caught up with her, and their offspring produced the Ashwini Kumaras, the unicorn-headed twins. Each day the twins bring the dawn as their chariot speeds through the sky.

Step into Magic:
This is a good time to work on a surprise party or anything to do with music and art. Giving and receiving of gifts and pleasure is highlighted. It is a good time for healing and garden magic (eg planting). Work to manifest fast cash. Vibrate to beauty, love, sex and magic to make it manifest in your life. Good for building energy. When the sun, moon or another planet visits this mansion it reminds us of the soul's eternal connection to the Divine Mind.

Beneficial for:
Cosmetic treatment; dentistry, doctors and healers.
Beauty salons; health-spa; drug-rehabilitation; gym.
Broadcasting, writing, television and radio. Lingerie sales. Travel.

Magic Colors: Cerise, Red.

Magic Numbers: 1, 111

Amozonite - makes you feel adventurous and fabulous !
Rose Quartz - to attract beauty, health, love and money.

Birthdays between 14 - 26 April
(Rabbit in Chinese Year Signs)

Aswini: Love Animals and travelling. Loyal, trustworthy and reliable. They have a magnetic personality.
The Sun is exalted here and the unicorn is the Sun's favourate mode of transport. These people are proud, self-sufficient and well organised. They can be brazen, outspoken and aggressive. They attract people with their helpful nature. They possess great strength, energy and stamina. Their rigid nature may cause strife in their family life. They have an inclination towards sports, the healing arts, architecture, interior design and dress-making.  They like to guide and teach people. They may be into astrology, mysticism and writing.  Star of the hatching place causes a love of knowledge, science, travel, many changes, and a position of authority. They need to be careful of travelling by water.

Star of transport - they like travelling and change. Ashwini rules all forms of transportation and fast travel. They are probably known for getting speeding tickets. They are pioneers, explorers, always ready to try something new. They have zeal, and a zest for life. Heroic and very courageous, some will want to join the armed forces. Their restless and impatient nature has them rushing off quickly without planning ahead. Speed, not efficiency, is their preference. Their speech may be quick and halting, possibly stuttering, for the words can’t match the speed of their thoughts. They are the true trailblazers, headstrong and stubborn. As the symbol for new beginnings, they can represent a baby who goes after what it wants, not considering the inconveniences to others. They can be childish, irresponsible and inconsiderate. Healers performing miracle healing is one of Ashwini’s gifts. Twin Unicorns - I have twin huskies born on 17 April. One is super-fast, aggressive and highly energetic. The other one is ultra-slow and submissive but more alert. Those are the yin-yang opposing qualities that may present itself in these people. They need to cultivate moderation. They are accident prone and suffer from muscular ailments.

Archangels / Ascended Masters: Twin Unicorns, Archangel Raphael and the Unicorn Goddess -  vibrate rays of healing energy.

Angel Message:
Harmonize opposing energies and choose the outcome that will bring you the most happiness.

Tarot Cards:
4 of  wands - celebrate life; enjoy your harvest and give thanks for your bounty.

Chariot - Harness all power to overcome obstacles and challenges.
               Focus on achieving your goal.

Courageous dreaming allows you to create from the source, the quantum soup of the universe where everything exists in a latent or potential state. Physicists understand that in the quantum world of the universe's smallest, elemental parts, nothing is “real” until it is observed. But quantum events do not occur in the laboratory only. They also happen inside our brain, on this page, and everywhere around us. When you observe any part of this dream, the great matrix of energy, you can change reality and alter the entire dream.
༺♥༻ Alberto Villoldo {Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream The World Into Being} ╰დ╮❤╭დ╯

Lunar Zodiac: Earth is surrounded by the Zodiac band of 360 degrees.  The zodiac band is divided into 28 sections (mansions or constellations) of 12.8...degrees.  Whenever a planet moves through these mansions they radiate the energy of the particular mansion they are visiting.  These energy vibrations influence us on a subconscious level.  

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Monday, 31 March 2014

Moon in Pisces: Alricha - The Knot That Ties The Fish

Today the Moon visits the 28th Mansion, the prosperous Alrisha Mansion in Pisces. This is the mansion of  blessings, wealth, abundance and generosity. Sun, Moon, Uranus and Juno conjunct in this mansion, so expect unexpected blessings; chance encounters and love.

The Sun moves into the degrees of this house on 1 April.

Every Day has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. For example, today is good for attracting prosperity by serving others. An excellent money making day.  Focus on physical fitness. A good day to visit a spiritual retreat; start a spiritual journey; fast; spring clean. 

Warnings today are against giving too much of yourself to the point where you feel drained. Guard against intestinal problems and tooth ache because eating something that does not agree with you. Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. Wear white, blue or turquoise for self-empowerment today. A very fortunate day today especially for aviation, astrology, visions and psychic ability.             
Can bring sudden and dramatic weather changes.

Positive: increase, safe travel, marital joy, collecting money / support, tying the knot, clenching a deal.
Negative: loss of money or freedom (captivity), being tied up.

 Sidereal (real time) Sun 16°;  Moon 20°; Uranus 18° Pisces
 Tropical (imaginary) Sun 10°; Moon 14°; Uranus 12° Aries

23 Pisces (17Aries)
Displaying Screenshot_2014-03-31-10-30-26.png

The present caretaker of this mansion is:
Uranus - sudden change and fluctuating fortune; eccentricity, risk-taking, technology, electricity; idealism; futuristic thinking; revolution; rebellion; reform. Look out for repeating patterns, synchronisities and strange coincidences to find the link.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence earth. I put pictures of the moon's path and what it symbolises for all to follow and enjoy.

Location of the 28th Mansion of Alrisha (the knot that ties the two fish):  
17°8 Pisces' - 0° (sidereal - real time)
11°  to 26° Aries (tropical)

Marker Star: Alrischa
Symbol: 2 Fishes, the knot that ties together the 2 fish; tying the knot. A drum, bridge and rainbow.
Ruled by: Mercury and Jupiter.
Energy Vibrated: Prosperous, protector, nourisher, altruism and intuition.
Numbers: 28 and 10

Fish Influence:
Alrisha is a Magical Mansion, a place where Miracles and Abundance can be manifested. The Alrisha Mansion rules spirituality and serving others. Psychic powers are sharpened. Spiritualists, mystics, counselors, social workers and caregivers are all favorably starred. Good for communication and being articulate as it is ruled by Mercury. Stay focused as Mercury's influence may cause a lack of concentration. Today is good for making vows, weddings and for building houses and religious buildings.
Good for travelling, even from this world to the afterlife.

Moon in Pisces rules meditation, prayer, sleep, drugs or alcohol to induce a trance like state that will allow us to escape from reality. Dreamy and nostalgic, we may be very impressionable right now. The moon here causes one to be more spiritual, intuitive, sensitive and compassionate.

The Shepherd - protector of herds and wealth.

The Shining One, the Sun. The Christ Light within.The white shining light.

Legend: Venus and her son Cupid jumped into the river to escape from a demon. They were saved from drowning by two fishes, who were then placed in heaven as a reward from Venus.  This moon mansion promotes a love of the sea, ships and water.

Angel Message: Miracles rush to you when you vibrate positive loving energy. Give service to others in a way that brings you great pleasure and enjoyment. Focus on serving others and everything will be given you.

Step into Magic: Burn a green candle for money. Visualize the future. Work on communication skills and self-improvement.

Gemstone: Amethyst.

Rules: feet symbolic of understanding.

Alrishas: These people are lucky. They plan short-term and may swing from one social encounter to another with ease. May change jobs frequently. They like to rescue animals and little children so may be in jobs concerning animals and little children. They may immigrate to foreign countries. They like the good things in life and are in harmony with animals. These people are sweet, caring, responsible and like to take care of others. They make good nurses and doctors. They are sociable and love humanity and society, and are protective and nourishing of others. They are devoted to loved ones, spiritual, artistic and creative. Disappointments in their early life creates compassion and forgiveness for others. They reap karmic rewards for their caring actions.

People under its influence go out of their way and sacrifice themselves for others.

Vibrate to the numbers: 28 and 10. To find out if you are under the influence of Alricha, find out if the moon, vertex or other planets were in the Dragon's Mansion at your birth.  You may find that all the Star Mansions affect your life in one way or another, but it will affect each person's life in a different way. Who or what you will sacrifice yourself for depends on how it was positioned and aspected on the day you were born. You are born into a certain energy vibration and then your life repeats the patterns of those energies. However, the earth is a dimension of free will and choice and we can choose to create another reality for ourselves.

Tarot Cards:
Moon: Magic, ritual, intuition. What lies beneath.
10 of Pentacles: Prosperity and Abundance.
Hanged Man: Sacrificing yourself for others.
10 of Pentacles: Prosperity

Ascended Master: Jesus - miracle worker and healer.

31 March 

Symbols: Dragonfly, telescope, scales of justice, pharmaceutical scale, castle, knight in shining armor, gatherings. Fancy outings, clothes, cars and jewellery. A time to shine. 

Birthday: Generous, protective, commanding, controlling, influential and good at inspiring people.
Lucky numbers: 4, 7, 10, 13, 22, 31.
Lucky colors: jacaranda, silver, red

You share your birthday with:
Rene Descartes - I think,
therefore I am (obviously over qualified).

and Ewan McGregor.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Black Moon of Beauty and the Beast

Today the Sun and Moon embrace in the 27th Celestial Mansion of the Deep Sea Fire Dragon. The eccentric and unpredictable Uranus is the present caretaker of this Mansion. Juno, patron of 'true love', is also in their company. Jupiter makes a lucky aspect to this mansion. Expect to be surprised by sudden change especially concerning love and happiness.

On 30 March 2014, a second New Moon occurs in the same month. When there is a second New Moon in the same month, it is known as a 'Black Moon'. Prayer, meditation, rituals and spell-casting on this day are considered to be very powerful and effective. Write down your wish-list today. The Black Moon is seen as an omen of change, a time during which hidden truths will be revealed. An energy shift is imminent as this is the second black moon this year, a rare phenomena.

The Water-Dragon Mansion is Ruled by: Kuan Yin, Goddess of Love, Kindness, Mercy and Compassion.


27 th Celestial Mansion of the Under Water Fire Dragon.

Marker Stars: Aladdin (Algenib) and Andromeda (Alpheratz):  4°17' to 17°8' Pisces (sidereal).
28°20' Pisces - 11°40' Aries (tropical).

The Moon And Uranus are doing a magical cha-cha in Andromeda and Aladdin's Mansion today, teaching us it is easier to 'let go' and 'go with the flow'.  It also involves 'freedom of expression'; 'emotional surprises' and 'water hazards'. This is a magical mansion that manifests our thoughts and deepest desires. Know the vibration of each day so you can tune into its vibration and make the best of the opportunities that it presents. Wear blue, aquamarine (Pisces) or gold / red (Sunday) for self-empowerment.  

A good day for being ambitious and following your intuition.

Victor / Rescuer Phenomenon

Today you can either choose to be assertive or to become the victim. Stand your ground and stand on your own two feet.

Symbolism: Twins (Andromeda and Aladdin); Vortex to the deeper meaning of life; Enlightenment. 

Enhanced Energy: Mysticism, Magic, Secrecy. Diving into the water of wisdom; connecting with your inner-self; going within to find your inner power. A good day for prayers, meditation and magic.

Numbers: 27 and 9.

Ruling Planets: 
*Saturn - Mysticism, Magic and Discipline. Saturn governs the dark world (deep waters); magic, mystery, kundaleni powers; healing powers; psychics; mystics; fortune tellers and astrologers.
*Water Fire Dragon - Astral plane; subconscious mind, hidden secrets, water esp the sea.

An excellent time for psychic readings !

Positive Qualities of the Water Dragon Mansion:
increase, healing, love, psychic power.

Negative Qualities of the Water Dragon Mansion:
water hazards, difficulty with construction of buildings.

The 27th Celestial Mansion is presently visited by:
Sun - drive, motivation, energy, light.
Moon - life's flow, intuition, feeling, emotion, reflection, unconscious, secrets and mysteries.
Uranus - sudden change and fluctuating fortune; electricity; idealism; futuristic thinking; revolution; rebellion; reform; impulse-control issues.
Juno - beauty, attraction, relationships, love, soul mates.

Moon 7°; Sun 15°; Uranus 18° Pisces   Sidereal      Moon 11°; Sun 15°; Uranus 18° Pisces
Moon 1°; Sun 9°; Uranus 12° Aries       Tropical      Moon 5°; Sun 15°; Uranus 12° Aries
Displaying Screenshot_2014-03-30-07-00-00.pngDisplaying Screenshot_2014-03-30-13-09-07.png

                            Sidereal (real time) Sun 16°;  Moon 20°; Uranus 18° Pisces
                            Tropical (imaginary) Sun 10°; Moon 14°; Uranus 12° Aries

Fire Dragon of the Deep SeaWater: When the moon and /or other planets, transit through the Water Dragon Mansion, it vibrates a mystical energy that makes us dive deep into the water of our inner wisdom. We go within to find ourselves and explore our emotions. This mansion symbolizes the twins 'ange et diable' because it radiates a good  versus evil vibration. We can use our spiritual knowledge for either good or bad. Thinking in terms of good and bad equates duality. In order for us to become more spiritual we need to focus on oneness. Instead of following an either / or approach, we should take an and / more stance. So we need to integrate our good and bad selves to grow and learn from them to be the best we can be. The dark side teaches us about the light side and vice versa. Yin and Yang. The one cannot do without the other. The main aim should always be to vibrate to love. Love yourself first, the good and the bad of you. You are a perfect creation in Divine Mind. When we love ourselves we vibrate positive energy which attract others and good things to ourselves. Pour love on all situations to manifest magic and miracles.

Dive into Magic:
To enhance spirituality and love. Fast, pray, love, meditate, dance, drum, sing and pay a visit to your favorate temple and psychic.

Andromeda: The sacrificial victim. The Sky Queen boasted that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the nymphs. Her arrogance angered the gods who released floods to destroy her kingdom. Andromeda was the sacrificial victim chained to the rocks to be eaten by the sea-monster Cetus to appease the gods of the sea. Perseus came to rescue Andromeda. These people have the power to dig deep within but use the powers in a negative way. They are always the victim waiting to be rescued by the hero from their perpetrators. It usually manifests as someone who is incapable of looking after themselves because of some unfortunate circumstances that befall them and therefore need someone to rescue them. For example most of the princesses in fairy tales. Their relationships with others are normally characterized by game-playing. People who cannot control themselves, give others control over them.  Andromeda gives her power away and has to depend on others.

Aladdin (Perseus - Hero): Digs deep down in the 5th dimension to find the hidden treasure, and bring it back up to the 3rd dimension of mundane reality to use it to manifest miracles and attain his heart's desires. Aladdin also finds himself in dire circumstances. He grows up in poverty but aims high. He wants to be rich and marry the emperor's daughter. His quest takes him on a magical journey where an evil wizard takes him to a hidden magical cave. The magical words 'Open Sesame' lets him in. He gets locked in the 5th dimension but Saturn (discipline and time) brings him back to the real world. He brings with him a Magical Lamp, that when rubbed, releases a powerful genie that says: 'Your wish is my command'. Something for nothing is valued as nothing, so Aladdin looses the lamp. Again he has to dig deep within. This time he finds a 'beautiful dancing doll of fame' who gives him a magical ring with the same powers. Aladdin realizes that he can find magic in everything and that the magic does not come from something or someone but from deep within. Alladins draw power from within to help themselves and others.

Today is the day of the Hero Perseus. Perseus was conceived through a shower of gold from Zeus. Like most demi-god's, it is an immaculate conception. However his earthly father became jealous and enraged and had Perseus and his mother put in a coffin and tossed into the ocean. Mortals rescued Perseus, who later became the hero that rescued Andromeda from being eaten by Cetus, the monster. 

Note how the theme of rescuing and being rescued dominates Pisces (Pegasus).  

Perseus also beheaded Medusa, whose gaze turned men into stone. Our hero saves everyone before he saves himself. Recognize the hero's in your life. Who has been the wind beneath your wings? Today's energy gives us the opportunity to be the hero. Do something good for someone in need. Be the wind beneath someone's wings. Find the hero within yourself. This energy is also good for rescuing yourself. For example cut out foods that are not good for your health. Perseus is strong, energetic, fighting-fit, and larger than life. This active energy is vibrated today so you may find that you have the energy to finish things quickly.  

Deep Water Fire Dragons: have an inner tug of war between Andromeda and Aladdin. Their life may be characterized by the following - Face danger due to water at about 5 years old. High fever at about 8 (also due to inner anger). At the age of about 9 their family structure changes bringing new complex relationships in its wake. They lead a neglected childhood. Important changes in their work at 19, 21, 28, 30, 35 and 42. They are very capable in their work and reach the top of their field. They are blessed, auspicious and good looking. They are sensual and sexually inclined. They are wise and make good communicators. They have short tempers but it is usually short-lived. They are attractive and innocent looking. They are fond of art and perfume. They like to spend time alone to go within to seek knowledge and inner guidance. Stability comes after marriage and their children bring them joy. They suffer from irritable bowl syndrome, spastic colon or stomach problems.

In Eat, Pray, Love, she seeks deeper meaning to life and her true destiny. She travels to Italy where she learns to appreciate nourishment. Then she travels to India where she discovers the power of prayer. Finally she travels to Bali where she finds the meaning of true love. She effortlessly brings the esoteric and the mundane together by putting the monk's manuscripts neatly into a coherent book form.

Loch Ness Monster: Serves as a doorway to other realities, the link between 2 worlds. Symbolic of the Hey Eternity sign.

Psychics vibrate the energy of this mansion as they bring knowledge from other dimensions to those who seek its guidance.

Deep Water Fire Dragons: vibrate to the numbers 9 and 27To find out if you are under the influence of Algenib, find out if the sun, moon or other planets were in the  Water Dragon's Mansion at your birth. You may find that all the Celestial Mansions affect your life in one way or another, but it will affect each person's life in a different way. For one person this could be how they find their life's purpose, for another this could be the circumstances that mold them into the person they become - it all depends on how it was positioned and aspected on the day you were born. You were born into a certain energy vibration and then your life repeats the patterns of those energies. We can lift our energy vibration to the dimension we want it to be. For example, to attract love, you should vibrate love. Behavioral patterns are changed by setting goals, focused thinking, and by repeating new rituals.

Tarot Cards:
Hanged Man - sacrificial victim. Spiritual enlightenment.
2 of Cups - Andromeda being rescued from the Sea Monster by Perseus.

 Lovers - because this mansion represents twins, a two-faced man, and lovers.

Ascended Masters / Guardian Angels:
Andromeda: Reminds us that if we don't control ourselves, others will control us. Dive deep into yourself to discover your inner power and wisdom.

Kuan Yin: Reminds us that 'love conquers all'.

John the Baptist: Delve deep into the waters of spirituality and bring love and wisdom into the world.

Birthday: 30 March

A day filled with kindness, spirituality, romance and good feelings. Burn candles and place fresh flowers in your house to enhance the peaceful atmosphere. Today you may find yourself in the right place at the right time. Go easy and go with the flow. A good day for overcoming obstacles, focusing on relationships and making yourself more attractive and irresistible.

Colors: purple and lavender.
Numbers: 3, 21, 33
Gemstone: Jade (wealth).
Flowers: variety

Born on 30 March: Pisces, lucky, creative, dynamic, curious, amorous, independent, spontaneous. You need a partner with whom you can share a penetrating intellectual connection and fun.

You share your birthday with Celine Dion and Vincent van Gogh.

The moon was visiting the Mansion of the Water-Dragon the morning the Titanic sank - 2:20 am 15 April 1912.