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Monday, 25 June 2012

2012 and the Horses of the Apocalypse

Black Horse: Saturn
On a cold dark night in Russia, a young girl ran through a snow laden forest. In the moon light she could see the houses on the other side where she was headed. There was nothing around but the sound of her chasing breath and her feet hitting the ground. Scared and alone all she could think about was to get home safely. Suddenly, out of nowhere a black horse appeared in front of her. He beat his foot on the ground and breathed heavily through his nostrils which was close to her face. She sensed an evil presence and instinctively knew that she had better not look him in the eyes. Hours passed before the girl came to her senses standing behind her house. She woke up the next morning and knew that she was not the same person. She had a firm recollection of all her childhood memories but somehow knew she was a different person. She changed her name, her date of birth and her country and is now living in South Africa.

Meanwhile, in South Africa a young woman was woken up in the middle of the night. A spirit guided her to an archway. On the other side of the archway were two black horses standing on their hind legs facing each other and beating down with their front legs. The woman knew if she went through the archway it would be the end of her life on earth. The next morning when she woke, she knew that she was a different person, although she could recollect all her prior memories. She tried to find an explanation for what had happened to her. One thing was certain, her destiny and personality was changed forever. She was in the same body, but with a different part of soul. She changed her name, her life path and her modus operandi. There are no words to describe spiritual experiences, because they are not in our vocabulary yet. 

Destiny brought these two women together and what they both agree on is that since that day that changed their lives, they never had a feeling of 'dejavu' again. The feeling that you have experienced something before, or that you have been in that situation before. Dejavu happens to people who are in line with their birth destiny. It is the soul's confirmation that they are still on their chosen path. If however your soul chooses to be replaced by another part of self, it changes the direction of your destiny and you will no longer experience dejavu.

Such are the influences of the times we are entering. New to some, all too familiar to others. 2012 is about the awakening of the soul. The black horses in the above two stories symbolise Saturn (Toth) and his consort Maat (keeper of the gate who measures your heart on her scales against a feather) coming to judge us and our capability to handle the life given us. With his scales he weighs our souls. If the soul is incapable it gets replaced with another part of your flame soul.  The archway is the portal between Libra and Scorpio that rules life and death and important changes. It also rules the story of Noah's Arc in the Bible that saved the chosen few.
                                                                                  White Horse: Venus 
Once the divine spark is invoked through the new part of soul, it wakes up the latent powers hidden within us to assist us in our spiritual transformation, purification and evolution. Once the senses are controlled and the mind is stabilised, the white horse energy of awakening comes into play. It enables us to make swift progress towards enlightenment. This is easily attained through fasting, meditation and yoga. People who have been in a coma or in some sort of exile, may unknowingly have experienced it.

Light Green Horse Uranus: lies close to Andromeda in the sky. The Sky Queen boasted that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the nymphs. Her arrogance angered the gods who released floods to destroy her kingdom. Andromeda was the sacrificial victim chained to the rocks to be eaten by the sea-monster Cetus to appease the gods of the sea. Perseus came to rescue Andromeda. He decapitated the head of Medusa - a sight so horrifying that Cetus turned to stone. Andromeda is chained to the rocks with the two fish (Pisces) at the bottom. A scene beautifully illustrated by the Ed Hardy Label and by Kuan Yin riding the dragon.  This scene is also more gruesomely played out in the Passion of Christ, where Jesus (the sacrificial lamb) is tied up with the two robbers of time. The one asked him to take him where he is going (future) and the other asked him to forgive him for what he has done (past). Jesus said now is the allotted time. Jesus was sacrificed for the sins of the people. We need to sacrifice the ego and replace it with Love. The Andromeda scene symbolises the sinking Titanic (boasted to be unsinkable) and what we can possibly expect between now and 2015. Lives will be sacrificed to water, whether it be to the sea, dams, pools or rain. The arrogance of mankind has enraged the gods. However man's fate is mapped out in the sky. The Supreme God/dess of Mercy will take pity on earth and rescue mankind from the monster dragon of mass ignorance so that the human race can heal and transform through the help of Pegasus, the flying white horse of spiritual awakening. The green horse is also known as the horse of death.

Red Horse Pluto: lies in the dreaded house of Ophiuchus.  'Crash and Burn' is its motto. Objects falling from the sky and airplane crashes are likely. Pluto is the powerful transformer and awakener. Pluto is squaring Uranus urging us to change our belief system and is shifting earth's consciousness. Those on a lower vibration may resort to revolutions, fighting and violence. Those on a higher vibration will intuitively feel that they need to connect with their inner higher power through fasting, praying and meditation. The world is about to be awakened from conditioned reality. Learn to trust your inner guidance and to believe in yourself. The answer lies not without, but within. Spiritually evolved people know there is no out there, but only in here. Everything that is playing itself out in the world around you comes from within. My advise to those who pay attention to (vibrate to) political crises and negative worldly concerns, is to redirect your focus to a Higher Power in order to survive. In a a world flooded by media and information this can sometimes be hard to do. Don't buy newspapers and don't watch the news. Rather spend your time in quiet contemplation to find the truth from within. Pluto's power to bring about what we think about is going to increase, so choose your thoughts and words carefully.

The Virgin Angel: Saturn is nestling joyfully next to Spica in the wing of the Virgin Angel, acting like a protective guardian. Saturn teaches us patience and about the illusion of time. This influence will play itself out as follows. If a truck drives in front of you - slow down, something worse could happen and you are protected from it. If you miss a flight, you are being safeguarded from a possible crash later. Should someone break into your home, it's a sign to upgrade your security to avoid a possibly worse incident in the future. Should you miss the bus, don't fret about it. You are being protected from something worse that could happen.

The World as We Know it Will End - Earth's consciousness is about to shift
The world has already ended several times. The last time as recent as the year 2010. Prior to that was 2004, 2001, 1994 and 1991 and many more times before that. Most of us are just not consciously aware of it. Each time we move to a higher dimension. Everything we see, are and experience is energy. We vibrate at a certain frequency, attracting people and experiences into our lives for our soul's growth. What we experience as solid matter is really nothing more than energy vibrating at a denser level. We will learn to accept that which cannot be seen.  There are souls that are not ready to move on to the next energy level and they will be the ones who will leave in the midst of the powerful change that we are about to enter. Power Portals will open and we will recognise the angels living amongst us. Technology will advance at the speed of light. Some people might act bizarre and be totally off balance for a while. For example there are people actively preparing for the end of the world and buying bunkers in rocks outside Johannesburg to shelter themselves from 'the end of the world'. 

Generation X - New Wave generation from the 60's
People born under Ophiuchus and those born in the 1960's and 1970's will experience a more catalystic change. These are the people who will rejuvenate and revitalise in order to look and feel more youthful. The Indigo (1980's) and Crystal (1990 and on) children were born more evolved with an inborn ability to remain more youthful. The X-generation led the way for the new age generation's arrival. The Indigo and Crystal children are the bringers of the Love and Light that will evolve earth to a new and better dimension in which the Power of Love (higher vibration) will overcome the love of power (lower vibration).

Welcome to a new and better World !

Love and Light to all.

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