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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Medicine Moon

Marker Stars:  Castor and Pollux: 16° - 29°20' Cancer
Symbols: Swan, bow and arrow, twins.

Energy Vibration: Healing and The Return of the Light. This beautiful and uplifting Moon Mansion highlights communication and making life changes. Rewrite your life story. Start telling a different and more uplifting story about your life, your past and your childhood. The result will bring about a dramatic and instant change for the better in your life. Use today's energy to playfully examine your own thought and verbal patterns. Don't over intellectualise details. This energy is all about the r's in your life: refresh, revitalise, replenish, release, relief, renew, restore, return and reunion. It is an excellent day for any kind of medical treatment as it is governed by the 'Healing Physicians of the Gods'.

Bright side of the Medicine Moon: Good for medical treatments and operations; for moving and changing; for getting rid of the old and the ugly; getting rid of bugs. Lighting up the room with your presence. Good for dealings with money, men and doctors. Good for reunions such as the mother-and-child reunion.

Dark side of the Medicine Moon: may have trouble concentrating. Travelling may cause stress.

People under its influence: surgeons, doctors, wealthy, classy, bright, persuasive.

Ascended Masters: 
Our Lady of Miracles (manifests miracles); Archangel Raphael (heals) and Sarasvati (intellect and art).

Tarot Card: Strength (healing).
Today is: 21-6-2012 = 14/5 vibration - let the healing begin.

On this day: in 2003 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' went on sale and became the fastest-selling book in history.

Colours: Lilac and purple.
Numbers: 3, 5, 14, 30, 33, 41.
Animal: Iguana

Moon Mansions: Earth is surrounded by the Zodiac band of 360 degrees.  The zodiac band is divided into 12 star sign constellations of 30 degrees each. Each of these 30 degree signs are divided into 2.5 sections (houses, mansions, palaces or planetary constellations).  Whenever a planet moves through these mansions they radiate the energy of the particular mansion they are visiting.  These energy vibrations influence us on a subconscious level.  The Moon completes its wobbly trajectory around the earth in 27.32 days (a sidereal month).  The moon moves about 13 degrees into the next mansion each day.  The Moon is the closest planet (satellite) to earth and exerts the most energy on us (evident in the tides of the ocean).  Each individual will experience the daily energy in a different way as we are all unique.  For example if the energy involves travelling, one person might travel to another country while another may just travel a bit more than usual.  Pathological behaviour has been attributed to the moon, thus the term luna-tic.  Instead of reacting to this energy, it can be harnessed to benefit us in a positive way.  Take note of how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and use it to your advantage.

Number 9 and the Moon:

Each of these 27 (2 + 7 = 9) mansion are divided into 4 quadrants. 27 x 4 gives 108 prayer beads.
108 Holy Names, 108 prayers, 108 repititions.
108 = 1 + 8 = 9 the powerful and magic number.
Add any multiple of 9 and you will still get 9.

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