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Monday, 22 October 2012

Sex Stars: Sagittarius - Penetration Power

Today the Moon visits Galaxy number 21 in Sagittarius: Penetration Power and Horny Stud.
 Marker Star: Nunki in Sagittarius:  22°40' Capricorn - 6° Aquarius

Sex Stars Today - Find out what whimpers of pleasure awaits you today. Every day holds its own magical vibration guided by the movement of the planets. Spice up your love-life by fine-tuning into this psycho-sexual energy. The moon squares the sun today, so sexercise to get rid of extra tension. The moon squares Saturn today, so keep your voice down and your tone low.

Symbols: Tusk: Penetrating Power - intellectually and sexually. Penetrating insight. Understanding and experiencing everything deeply. Being sensual, lustful and enjoying sex to the fullest. Excellent day for love- and money-making!

Magic Numbers: 21, 12, 3. Other numbers: 4, 5, 8, 22, 296

Magic Color: Lavender.

Magic Incense: Neroli.

Astro-Rulers Today: Sun  (get up and go; lets become powerful) and 10 Universal Powers.

Sex Magic: Lustful, talk foreign, listen to music in another language, mingle with foreigners or talk about travelling to far away places. Flirting and provocative teasing adds excitement to the mating game. Foreplay is exciting and stirs passion. For a more satisfying sex life follow the sex instructions below.

Sex Instructions for Today - Dub lyrics by Borgore:
There are three things you need to be great at this
Power, agility, endurance
Sex really is an athletic event
And some people are better at it than others
Just like any other athletic event
Getting good at sex, requires training
Sex is always fun
But sex with someone who is really good at it, can be amazing
I'm going to show you the exercises that will get your body in shape for incredible sex
Are you ready to be amazing?
Power, agility, endurance
Kegel's are the best exercise to help you build sexual power
And they can be done by both men and women
The first step is to isolate the right muscle
The next time you are in the bathroom, try stopping and starting the flow of urine
The muscles you are contracting are the ones you need to focus on
For women, strengthening these muscles gives you the ability to contract more tightly.

(PS - this should not be done during urinating as it can then cause the opposite effect. 10 repetitions 3 times a day).

Money Magic: Burn a green candle and see your cash flow increase today because this is the galaxy of  fertility and abundance.

Step into Today's Magic: Today's energy is strongly Sagittarius, the lustful hunter. Combine spiritual and material aspirations for everyone's benefit. Support others and be supported, value others and be valued.Today's energy is both sexy and hard working. Be honest and sincere and maintain high moral standards and people will respect your opinions. A good day for working with animals. Good for safe travel, agriculture, business, planting trees, crops and flowers, carpentry, learning, ceremonies, starting things from which permanent results are required. A good day to take responsibility for yourself, your actions and for others.

Create Magic and Manifest Miracles: Write 10 wishes on a paper and burn it. A good day for sex magic and to set new long term goals.

Case Study:
Edward and Bella Cullen (Breaking Dawn) are both Nunki's. They are both good looking and popular. They are highly sexed, loyal, fight for what they believe in, and have many friends. They have high moral standards. They are intelligent, successful and well connected and defend their cause.