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Monday, 29 October 2012

Witch's Full Moon in Aries: Passion & Play

Today the Moon is visiting the 1st Moon Mansion of the Healing Unicorn in Aries.

Marker Stars: El Sharatan (the horn of the Ram) and  Hamal:  26° Aries - 9°20' Taurus

Magical Energy:  Today is good for getting the job done and for taking action. Focus on physical fitness and health issues. Warnings today are against muscular pains and injuries; upset in family life due to being inflexible.  Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. A fortunate day for healing. Today is steeped in mystical energy.
Magic Numbers: 1, 10, 11, 111 

Power colors: White, Blue, Black.

Amozonite - makes you feel adventurous and fabulous !
Rose Quartz - to attract beauty, health, love and money.

South Node of the Moon - headless dragon - spiritual - can loose your head or act impulsive.

Kumaras Ashvins - twin unicorns who are physicians to the gods and perform healing / medical miracles.

Beneficial for:
Cosmetic treatment; dentistry, doctors and healers.
Lingerie sales.
Beauty salons; health spa; drug-rehabilitation; gym.
Broadcasting, writing, television and radio. 
Travel and all modes of transport.

The Asvins teach us about the magic of believing.
Faith mixed with emotion and a burning desire opens  the communication pathway to Infinite Intelligence and is a sure recipe for success. Believe you are desirable and you will attract your ideal lover. Believe and you will achieve your goals. Follow your dreams !

The Asvins energy favors doctors, physicians, race-car-drivers, and go-getters. When the moon is in this mansion it is a favorable time for medical treatment; buying a car; going after the love and business deal you want to land.

Step into Magic:
Today is a good day to work on a surprise party or anything to do with music and art. Giving and receiving of gifts and pleasure is highlighted. It is a good day for healing, sex and garden magic. Work to manifest fast cash. Vibrate to beauty, love, sex and magic to make it manifest in your life. Good for building sexual energy. When the moon or another planet visits this mansion it reminds us of the soul's eternal connection to the Divine Mind.

Thinking Witch's Thought for Today: 
At times we may wonder why we are given the lives that we got. Why am I not Angelina Jolie or Richard Branson's wife. A client of mine was very upset last night because she is a sexy strip dancer at a club and she wants to be married with children. The reason we are given our lives is that it is the best way for our soul to learn the lessons we are here to learn, and for our soul's growth and self-actualization. When the road seems to long and the load to heavy, be still and go within. Become the alchemist and dig into the collective unconscious to search among the archetypes and recover your own soul in your inner universe. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Just breathe!

Sexy Witch Love Tip:
Kissing leads to passion. Halloween is in two days, so practice your Dracula stunt on that special someone in your life. Watch Indecent Obsession's 'Strawberry Lips' music video. Since this Moon Mansion is about adventure, healing and sexual drive, be adventurous, dress up and role play doctor and nurse.


Archangels / Ascended Masters: Twin Unicorns, Archangel Raphael and the Unicorn Angels  -  vibrate strong rays sexual and healing energy.

Angel Message:
Choose the path of least resistance and do whatever makes you happy. Don't try to comply to rules and standards set by society. Be the master of your fate, the captain of your ship. Go to your destiny. The ultimate goal is happiness.

Tarot Cards:
4 of  wands - celebrate life; enjoy your harvest and give thanks for your bounty.

Chariot - Harness all power to overcome obstacles and challenges.
               Focus on achieving your goal.

Courageous dreaming allows you to create from the source, the quantum soup of the universe where everything exists in a latent or potential state. Physicists understand that in the quantum world of the universe's smallest, elemental parts, nothing is “real” until it is observed. But quantum events do not occur in the laboratory only. They also happen inside our brain, on this page, and everywhere around us. When you observe any part of this dream, the great matrix of energy, you can change reality and alter the entire dream.
༺♥༻ Alberto Villoldo {Courageous Dreaming: How Shamans Dream The World Into Being}