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Thursday, 1 November 2012

All Saints and the Insatiable Taurus Moon

Today the moon is in the 4th Mansion of Aldebaran in Taurus:  Insatiable Passion.

Sex Stars Today - Find out what whimpers of pleasure awaits you today. Every day holds its own magical vibration guided by the movement of the planets. Spice up your love-life by fine-tuning into this psycho-sexual energy.

Symbolism: Chariot of Fire - moving forward and riding through obstacles and enemies to reach your goals.

Astro-Rulers: Moon.

Magic Numbers: 4, 22.
Added numbers: 1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 306

Magic Colors: white and purple.

Sex Magic: This energy is about ardent, fiery and insatiable love-making. Exude an air of mystery and a hint of danger to entice your lover. The darker, mystical energies will seem more enticing. Smoldering kisses and slow sensuous love making will stir up a frenzy of sexual excitement, leading to hours of passionate lovemaking.

Creating Magic and Manifesting Miracles Today: Hold the intention of becoming one with beauty desire and seduction. Massage this into your aura by visualizing a golden shower of light energy pouring over you. Tell yourself how fabulous you are. Believe it and others will too.

Money Magic: Be unique, original and imaginative with your money making ideas. Be adventurous and don't fear change. Hard work will bring just rewards.

Step into Magic: See projects through to the end. There is a magical power in persistence. Follow your heart's desire but know right from wrong. Put on your Dorothy slippers and be creative. The best works of art are delivered in a meditative trance-like state. Create magic love and money potions. Do spells for beauty and money. Send out healing rays to those who need it. Today's energy is also about fumigation and getting rid of unwanted elements.

Case Study: Krishna and Radna, Superman and Poison Ivy.

Sexy Witch Love Tip:
Let your love be insatiable.

Aldebaran is the galactic bull's fiery eye.

Today the moon is in the constellation of the Bull's Eye, Aldebaran. Very auspicious because the moon loves Aldebaran. Become aware of the moon's rhythm and go with its flow to manifest magic and miracles in your life. The moon is in Aldebaran, the Bull's eye, together with (conjunct) Jupiter (expands and brings luck) and Vesta (keeper of hearth and home; and organised perfection). Today is a good day to clean and beautify your house to expand your luck.

Marker Star: Aldebaran: 6° - 19°20' Gemini
Aldeberan - The 'Royal Star'. Archangel Michael. Eloquence, honours, integrity, popularity, courage, international travel, war, mongering, agitation, danger, loss, violent death, earthquakes, storms at sea.

Amplified Energy: Hitting the bull's eye when it comes to achievement, business and creating beauty. This is an abundant moon mansion that brings honor, courage and wealth. The moon conjuncts Jupiter (amplifies) and Venus (love, beauty, money and art).

Bull symbolises the wish-fullfilling cow; fertility and bringing forth.

Cart drawn by the ox carries abundant treasures and delicious food. The cart signifies moving forward and running through any hurdles. Growing / red / ligtning / steel. One of the 16 red devils.
This is a creative and growing energy ruled by the 4 headed Lord Brahma, the creator of the material universe. Brahma means breath - focus on your breath to remain calm. Dalwe Lladenma, peaceful goddess rules the 4 star gods in the form of a chariot.

Exquisite sky picture taken this morning of the Moon and Jupiter in Taurus and the Orionids meteor shower (shooting stars). Make a wish today, it is sure to come true!

Enhanced energy: Abundant creative talent in business and artistic field. Socializing, catering, gardening,  female products and any liquid business will benefit from this energy. Good for dancing, parties, cooking, entertaining and shopping. This energy is about impressing with your work, getting rich easily and discarding what is false.  This energy can cause one to seek instant gratification.

Guardians of Aldebaran:
Michael - I am your guardian.
Abadantia - I am prosperous and complete.
Brigid - I am the fire of your desire.

Today is All Saints and Old Souls day. This means we should pray and ask the Saints and our ancestors for assistance and guidance. A day to remember those that have passed on to the other side. Although it is a day to honor all the saints, the patron saint for today is the Saint of Love, St Valentine.

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