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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Liana - Birth year, Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Fortune

1.Birth Year:  You were born in the year of the Water Pig in a Year that was ruled by the Holy Cow

Galaxy number 8: Holy Golden Cow Shower of Great Good Luck.
Feng Shui holds that we are currently in the period of 8, until 2023.
The number 8 is considered extremely fortunate.
Feng Shui meanings for the number 8:
58 - I am rich!
168 - yi lu fa - Rich all the way.
518 - I will be rich.
581 - I am rich already.
888 - Always rich.

Opportunity is knocking at your door !

 Pray and Prosper. This is probably the luckiest placement of the moon - good for personal growth. Good efforts and good karma is increased. Replenish stocks. A good day for making money for trading with gold. Good for nurturing yourself and others. Good for mother-and-child-reunion. This moon brings stability and growth. It can make one sentimental about things. The moon of giving and receiving. Go for a walk in nature. Problems that may present itself has to do with leaking - from the eyes (crying) or leaking pipes. Avoid moodiness and being or dealing with people who are over-emotional. Issues from the past may crop up again as well as issues regarding reproductive organs.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence her. I put pictures of her path and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy.

The Mansion of the Holy Mother who nurtures us.
Marker Star: Beehive Cluster / Crab / Cow udders:
                           29°20' Cancer - 12°40' Leo

Ruled by: Saturn - teaches the law of non-attachment.
                 Venus - nourishment, growth, divine nectar.
                 Brihaspati & Mother Luxmi & Astarte & Mother Mary.

Symbols: Crab, cradle, crystal, flower, bee,
                      cow's udders (nurturing).

Holy Cow Dates Left in 2012: 16 Aug; 12 Sept; 10 Oct; 6Nov; 3 Dec; 30 Dec.

Cow Udders symbolize the nurturing mother. For this reason we don't eat the cow as you don't want to eat the Holy Mother (Mary / Lakshmi).

Lucky numbers: 8, 17
Create at Eight - 8 is the infinity sign - do magic at 8 for lasting results.
8 means long lasting luck. As above, so below. Hey Sign.

                                            Energy Vibration:
1.Prosperity, abundance and wealth are strongly highlighted by this moon. Under this moon's influence you can amass sudden wealth. 2.Beehive cluster - busy bees going about their business. 3.Visions, dreams and intuition are increased during this moon. 4. Reflecting - this moon serves to reflect our own and others' emotions back to us. Reflect on your past and recognize how you have grown .5.Nurturing is a strong feature of this moon mansion. This moon mansion symbolizes the cradle. It's about those who want to nurture others physically and emotionally, like a mother nurtures her child. Saturn rules this moon mansion to teach us to mother not smother. Don't love or give so much of yourself that it leaves you feeling empty. Love unconditionally - without expecting anything in return - otherwise you will end up getting hurt! Follow the Buddhist principle of non-attachment and let go and go with the flow. 'Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream'.

A highly emotional day in which we are likely to sense things. There may even be 'other-worldly' experiences. A good time to seek counsel from a psychic as the veil is thin between us and the spirit world. See how many people you encounter today who are either psychic or whose name sounds like Crystal.

Bright Side of the Cow Moon: family get together, homely, motherly. Good for learning, medicine, sales. A good day to buy a car or jewelery. A very homely and intuitive moon. Good for buying and selling houses. This moon rules faces eg beauty treatments or plastic surgery.

Dark side of the Cow Moon: moody; over-sensitive; too emotional; unable to directly approach issues and preferring a sideways approach. Problems with water leaks, water pipes, geysers. Rainy weather.

Those influenced by this mansion are: psychic, nurturing, popular, self-controlled, learned; wealthy, charitable. They can be doctors, nurses, mothers, care-givers, psychologists and psychics. People who nurture others physically or emotionally.

This moon brings love and prosperity into our lives. Under its influence one can amass sudden wealth!

Step into Today's Magic:
Prayer and meditation; yoga; clearing blockages; chakra alignment; numerology; quantum physics; and constructing sigils, yantra's and talismans.  An example of a quantum physics spell is to write down and consciously plan your day and ask Spirit to manifest it in such a way that you have no doubt that it comes from a Higher Source!

Lammass - bread-mass and red string falls under this house when the Sun is visiting here.

Write down a wish list and make a vision board. Take a red string and make 7 knots in it. Every knot you tie represents a wish or prayer you have. Tie it around your right hand and leave it on there until all your wishes are granted.

Affirmations for today:
The divine design of my life manifests itself now in my mind body and affairs!
There is a special place in the universe that only I can fill!
I am linked by an unbreakable magnetic cord with all that belongs to me by divine right!

Angel Message: Shower your special gifts on the world and be showered with gifts from above.

Lucky number: 8 and 17.

Tarot cards:
Hierophant, High Priestess: intuitive and nurturing.
Moon: visions and dreams.
Ascended Masters /Angels:

Lakshmi - brings great good fortune -  Pray and Prosper.

Astarte reminds us to love ourselves enough to restrict the amount of time and energy we spend on others and to spend some time on pampering ourselves.

Holy Mother Mary.

2. Sun Sign: Aries in the Mansion of the Whale:

Marker Star: Menkar in Cetis : the receptive / the bearer / the womb : 9° 20' - 22° 40' Taurus

The Chinese calls it the Fourth Star of Yin Force.
 'Bearing Star' or 'Star of Restraint'.

Good for art, beauty and being spontaneous and optimistic. Good for spending time alone in quiet contemplation in order to gain insight. Warnings are against misunderstandings in romance and deep unconscious issues that may resurface. Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. Wear blue or purple for self-empowerment today. 

                                                Galaxy Rulers:
Saturn - teaches endurance, desensitisation and detachment through impediments, worries and enemies. Rules mysticism and magic.
Pluto - control, underworld, death, transformation, endings, conclusions, hidden secrets.

Symbols: vulva and the womb (the female organ of reproduction).

1. God sent a monster whale to destroy a ship in a storm. Jonah was thrown overboard as a sacrifice to save the crew. The whale swallowed Jonah whole and spat him out after three days. The people of Nineveh then declared a 40 day fast.
2. Poseidon (Neptune) sent a monster whale to destroy the land of Aithiopia as punishment for the Queen boasting that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the nymphs (Nereides). Andromeda was then chained up to be eaten by the whale as a sacrifice to save the people.
3. Joseph the dreamer was thrown into a dark pit - became psychic.
4. Being lowered into the grave and then resurrected.

Energy Vibration: returning to a calm place.

Numbers: 2, 11.

Birthdays:  April 27 to May 10.

What the Whale Moon Mansion means to us:
*Time for returning to a calm place. Make time to spend quietly on your own to reflect and find answers from your inner wisdom. A stroll in the park or a visit to botanical gardens will sooth the soul.
*Off with the old and on with the new. It is a good time to let go of that which is no longer needed. It could mean a physical burial (funeral); destroying something that is no longer needed; demolishing old buildings; or putting an end to a bad relationship. Bury or put an end to outworn modes of operating and things that no longer serve you.
*Zen Masters believed that in order to gain something we have to sacrifice something. Spiritually this could mean fasting or giving up on something you do or eat, for example don't eat meat for the day.
*Today is also a good day to consult with a counselor, psychologist, fortune-teller or adviser as they will be more empathetic with an enhanced ability to 'take in' what you are feeling.
Spell work:
Good for spell work of a deceptive nature. Also good for fashioning pentacles, amulets and yantra's. Work on self-expression and creativity. A good day to buy and sell things but avoid the sea or driving in excessive rain. Good for mining; for digging canals, dams and wells and for finding hidden treasure and lost objects. A lucky mansion to start something new. Good for removing anger between people.

Dark Side of the Whale:
This mansion can be destructive, deceptive with dangers related to poison, burning, accidents and drowning. It can cause disgrace, disease,  injury from animals, sickness and monetary loss. Can cause diseases of the throat.  The widow maker. Can leave you feeling alone.

Tarot Card: 
Judgement - The constellation Cetus, the Whale or Great Fish, symbolize our journey from ignorance to spiritual enlightenment. The belly of the whale is the transforming womb that casts the newly reborn soul onto the solid ground of spiritual truth. The whale also represents the material world of our mortal selves and when the whale spits us out the immortal soul comes into being.
The Judgement card of the tarot depicts the rebirth of six people being resurrected from their watery graves of death and ignorance. They, like Jonah, are hearing and being tested by the Word of God, symbolized by their response to the sound of the angel’s trumpet.

This can also indicate an actual birth when the baby is cast out from the womb into the world.

The main meaning is that of TRANSFORMATION. Being transformed from a dwarf to a the giant that lies within. Descending into waters of our subconscious mind brings about transformation. We descend and re-emerge with that great part of the self that we lost a long time ago. It is about travelling deep within the self to discover the greatness that lies within each and everyone of us. It is also about emotions buried deep within our consciousness - the slumbering beasts we dare not let surface. The whale symbolizes nurturing, emotional depth and creativity. Those who are influenced by Cetus energy are extremely sensitive and perceptive.Whale Galaxy: Bearer of New Life. The 'Bearing Star' or 'Star of Restraint'.

People influenced by this galactic mansion are intelligent and witty and love the fine things of life, but they can also be fanatical in their beliefs, which can lead to ups and downs in life. A person born under this influence is stable, honest, artistic and knowledgeable. They are frank in their opinions and don't twist the truth to please others. They are career minded and capable of rising to positions of authority. They are the first ones to try new things. Social reformers, activists and philosophers are prominent here. 
On the negative side they can be moody, reckless, cruel, ungrateful and like to gossip. They may suffer from a fear of water.  They suffer struggles, restraint and obstacles in life. Because the womb is so confining, they may suffer because of feeling restricted or confined. This may result in them feeling resentful and jealous of the good fortune of others. They may oppress others, or become freedom fighters.
Their facination with death may lead them to becoming morticians. The can be fanatical and intolerant of others who have different opinions. Sexually they can be excessive and indulgent. Their inner struggles lead to transformation and spiritual enlightenment.
The powerful Monster Whale galaxy is ruled Venus the planet of art and beauty. But it is also ruled by the god of death. Although Venus rules this mansion, it falls under Aries which is ruled by Mars. It can be harsh in that it determines what deserves to be cultivated and preserved. This galaxy is concerned with the energy we use to maintain ourselves in the material world. This galaxy is also ruled by the angel of death which makes it formidable and fierce. Things can really heat up under its influence. This galaxy takes awy that which has reached its term of life to a new condition and that which is not meant for this world.  It indicates the movement of the soul away from the body. It conveys ideas pertaining to discipline and self-control. It is about being faithful,  firm, enduring, supporting, maintaining, nourishing, etc. This galaxy carries the negative influences of crime, murders, terrorism, etc. 
This mansion carries the energies of Pluto. It is about self-restrain and transformation. It is about the pain, obstacles and struggles we have to go through on our road to self-actualization or self-realization. Like Pluto it holds the mystery of life and death.  This is "the waters that carry things away". This refers to all the passage of souls to the other side when they die. This energy leads the dead to the other side. The energy of this galaxy can bring disgrace, trouble with legacies, and dishonor.

High Priestess - quiet contemplation brings psychic insight.
Hermit - spend quiet time alone for introspection.

Angel Message: God works in mysterious ways to perform his miracles. Praise the Lord, His mercy endures forever!

Ascended Masters
Kali - release old worn out ideas in order for new things to come into your life.
Sige - Spend quiet time alone to reflect and connect with your inner wisdom.

Angel Message:
Relax and be calm and become aware of the light (love) inside your soul.

Zen Master Teaching:
Recognise what is in front of you in order to know what is hidden from you.

3. Moon Sign: Pegasus in Pisces

Moon in Pegasus Galaxy 

Every Mansion has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. This is good for self-care and for attracting wealth and friends.  Warnings are against accidents, cuts and bad judgement. Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. Wear white and/or blue  for self-empowerment. A very fortunate mansion, especially for aviation, astrology, visions and psychic ability.

Marker Star: Markab, Achernat, Sadalbari :  16° - 29°20' Pisces 

Spreading Forth: Birth place of Angels, Saints and Sages.

Symbols: feet (understanding); ox (strength); carp (luck); fire dragon; sunlight (sky and light).

Governs: Airplanes, cars, wheels, travel, foreigners and far away places.

Numbers: 25 and 7, 11, 34

If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Wayne Dyer.

Spread your little wings, and fly away - Queen.
Ruled by: 
*Jupiter - teacher of the science of light, sky, astrology, astronomy.
*Lotus Feet of Luxmi / Buddha.
* The Fire Dragon.

When the Moon is in Pegasus it is a good time for self-care and especially a pedicure. Go for a long walk or bicycle ride in nature. Research to increase your knowledge and share your wisdom. Instead of thinking 'beware', think 'be aware'. Focus your attention on whatever you want to accomplish. Pegasus symbolise the wise counselor. Esoteric, spiritual, psychic, promoting love and light. Pegasus reminds us to spread our wings and fly - the sky is the limit. Reach for and focus on your dreams and they will manifest. A good day for teaching, travelling and teleporting. 

Achernat (Alpha Eridani - bluish-white) 15 degrees - Jupiter - The Mouth of the River of Good Fortune, personal charm, lasting happiness, psychic ability and interests, sensitivity, occult interests, many friends, access to another realm.

Markab (Alpha Pegasi - bluish-white) 23 degrees - Mars - Star of Sorrow, violence, honours and riches, disgrace, ruin, literary, legal problems, accidents, cuts, stabs, surgery.

Sadalbari (Mu Pegasi - yellow) 24 degrees - Mars - Luck of the Splendid One, Pegasus, ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, caprice, bad judgement. Changes in the weather; events concerining ships and the ocean; knowledge of healing herbs.
 Step into Magic:
Work on increasing intuition and spirrituality. Today is good for sending messages and e-mails and contacting people telepathically and contacting people over a distance. A good day for travelling and social interactions. Good for repairing buildings and protecting orchards and crops. Good for finding courage and new solutions to old problems. Because the moon has Mars qualities, we need to control our desire to behave in an irritated way. Meditate and exercise to channel excess energy and frustration.

Magic in the Psalms:
Read psalm 8 for recognition.

Pegaseans: They brought us teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, telephones, telegraphs, telegrams, internet, airplanes, space shuttles - fast and effective ways of travelling and communicating.
Teleportation ... close your eyes. Imagine that you can teleport anywhere within this space-time continuum. Where would you go? What would you do? Who will you be with? Can you vibrate to that kind of frequency? 
Teaching -Like Anna, Pegasians are world-travellers and natural born educators who believe they can change the world through teaching. 
Pegaseans can get lost in the esoteric world. They know you can never be an expert at anything because you always have to learn more in this ever changing and evolving world, where multi-disciplinary has to be exchanged for interdisciplinary thought. That's why they say 'I practice law'; and  'I practice Astrology'. Pegasians get so consumed in their thoughts that they can get lost in the abyss of their own world of thinking. They can be romantic (in their mind) and make good authors, counselors, psychics, astrologers and research scientists.

As a child Pegaseans cannot fully enjoy mom's attention as she is working. They like reading and make a good judge of character. They are highly strung, nervous and mentally tensed up. They arrive at conclusions through logical thinking. They have pleasing personalities and love nature and children and may trade in toys and sweets. They also make good chemists or medical practitioners. They are blessed, friendly, gracious, friendly and pleasant. They are auspicious, fortunate, prosperous, skillful and happy-go-lucky. They are blessed with beauty and have beautiful eyes. They may suffer from acidity, diabetes, gastric problems, ear-nose-throat problems and problems with their feet. They love food and make voracious eaters and need to watch their weight. They suffer a lot mentally because they take even small confrontations and problems to heart. They are not very particular about the way they dress. They don't follow a particular religion but prefer a spiritual and integrative approach and are always open to new ideas. They will accumulate wealth and are always ready to render a helping hand, although they are not always appreciated. They are born intelligent and can shine everywhere. They receive unexpected gains and favours. They get so caught up in their own world that they may neglect to do mundane things such as paying the bills. The trick is to find the balance between the esoteric and the mundane in order that we may fly. Between 24 and 33 they make remarkable progress. They will be well-known after 37. The age of 37 is a pivotal point in their lives.  Between 40 and 54 are their golden years when they will establish themselves fully. They shine in business, teaching, astrology and astronomy.

They vibrate to the numbers 25 and 7 and 11. 

Tarot Cards:
7 of rods: overcome obstacles.
Hierophant: Jupiter, Zeus, wise teacher, sage, counselor.
Magician: focused attention.

Archangels / Ascended Masters:
Green Dragon Angel (Jupiter): Symbol of this mansion. Call on the Green Dragon Angel for financial assistance. Affirm: Artemis, Darius bring abundance my way. My dreams shall come true come what may. The Green Dragon comes over the land, she takes away my debt and puts cash in my hand. The Green Dragon comes over the sea, she brings prosperity and abundance to me.

Brihaspathi (Jupiter / Guru): wise teacher, sage, counselor.
Arcangel Zadkiel: Angel of Mercy - Praise the Lord (Law), His mercy endures forever.

2013 Prediction for the Year of the Pig
2013 is a favorable year for those born in the year of the Pig. An extremely auspicious year during which lady luck will smile on you and bring you the blessings love, money, health and prosperity. Keep a Pegasus ornament or picture in your house to bring you success and to manifest magic and miracles in your life in 2013. Keep or wear the Star of David to make sure people in power positions offer you a helping hand. Good fortune is smiling at you in 2013. To protect you from any negative happenings in 2012 place a pot of salt in the South East side of your home or office and keep a cross in your car.
Although you may face more responsibilities at work, the opportunity for adventure lurks around the corner and this will be a busy social year. Other ornaments to keep in your house for luck are a rabbit and a sheep.

Tarot Card Prediction
You are a dependable person and, opinionated and always make sure that you are heard loud and clear. You are very fond of your close family and friends and you are very loyal to them. The cards show that you are going to sign property papers and move. This will be a fortunate move. Trust your gut feeling as it will always guide you in the right direction. I see that you are very intuitive. Try to remember your dreams as they will guide you. The word Ivy comes up. This could be someone's name or there could be a lot of Ivy's at the place you are moving to. The initials P, E and Z will be important. This could be the names of people or places that will be important to you soon. I see someone under the sign of the Leo important. Your life is about to change for the better. Wealth is indicated in your future. It shows that you are going to generate a lot of money in the near future. At times you may feel despondent because of money you have to pay out, but it will come back quickly and multiplied. The cards show that an elderly man will suffer from ill health that may cause you concern. I also see a pregnancy and another baby coming for you. It looks like a boy. It shows that there is a new job in the offing and that this will be the beginning of tremendous prosperity for you. Your husband will either get a higher position or will run his own business. The cards also shows a trip to the sea. It shows me that it is very positive for you to spend time by water as this recharges your batteries and makes you more intuitive. Your horizons are about to broaden and you will meet a lot of new people. Family is important to you. Low blood sugar or low blood pressure may cause you concern. Take vitamin supplements especially calcium, magnesium and iron. Your creative energies will flow and you may find that a hobby can actually be a source of income to you. There is quite a bit of travelling ahead for you also especially to places that may be located in the Cape.

Lucky numbers 8, 9, 10, 17, 34,61, 126

Lucky Flower Lily

Gemstone Bloodstone for courage

Occupation Boss, manager, banker

Life Lesson You are a powerful leader. But you need to learn that there is more strength in being humble, gentle and kind than in forceful domination. Get in touch with your playful side and be more flexible. Lighten up every now and again.