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Friday, 9 November 2012

Denebola12th Galaxy of Love, Lights and Passion

Today the moon is visiting the 12th mansion of Denebola, the Lion's Tail of Fireworks and Fun.

The Lion in the Hammock. Fireworks includes beautiful, glittering and unusual lights.

This mansion is part in Leo / part in Virgo, in other words on the cusp.

Marker Star: Denebola - Lion's Tail:  22°40' Virgo - 6° Libra

Rulers: Sun and Angels of Happiness.

Symbols: Hammock (relaxing and stability), Fire-works and Light-ning.

This Galactic Mansion vibrates with: energy and light, bringing things to fruition.
Every Day has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions.

This mansion is about relaxing and taking it easy. Good for travelling and fireworks. Warning against fire, explosions, war and natural disasters.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence her. I put pictures of her path and what it symbolises for all to follow and enjoy.

Be in the energy of light. Give the affirmation: The Divine Light Shines upon my soul and radiates to all around me. Have fun, be joyful and playful. When the moon is in the Denebola Mansion it makes for a prosperous; happy-go-lucky, fun-filled day.  This moon mansion is about a prosperous harvest and about improvement on all levels.  When the moon is in this mansion it is time to go out and enjoy yourself; live the good life; and  seek instant gratification. However we have to remember our limits as we may want to overdo things. Today brings wealth, jewels and education. This mansion is good for ceremonies. This mansion may also give you the energy to get-up-and-go and to start your own business.

People influenced by this constellation make good researchers because of their calculated approach.  They know what they are good at and what their limitations are. They acquire wealth easily and live a carefree life. People born under the Lion's tail are calm, cool, collected, composed, charming, flexible, morally strong, cheerful and confident. On the negative side they can be arrogant and short tempered. These people are usually prosperous and fun to be with. Their happy-go-lucky attitude assures their popularity.  They have to guard against seeking instant gratification eg in eating and sex.

May the Sun Shine bright on you today !

Step into Magic:
Prosperity, harvest, building, promotion, increase, creativity.  Engrave the amount of money you need onto a gold or green candle and burn.  Go out into the sun and water some plants - symbolically giving a water offering to the sun. Do yoga in the sun. Read out loud: psalm 65 for prosperity. A good time for breaking bad habits and getting rid of things you no longer need.

Rich Witch Money Tip: Go out and buy that luxury item and remember to buy a lotto ticket.

Affirmation: I am a mighty money magnet and oceans of money engulf me.

Lucky Colors: Gold, Orange and Red.

Lucky Numbers: 12, 21, 2 and 1. 

Sexy Witch's Love Tip: Don't Turn off the Lights (Enrique Iglesias).