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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lakshmi's Galaxy of Great Good Luck

Today the moon is visiting the 8th Mansion: Lakshmi's Galaxy : Holy Golden Cow Shower of Great Good Luck.
Opportunity is knocking at your door !

Today: 30/12/2012:
The moon trines Uranus and Pallas Athena - good for unusual change and spontaneous actions.
The moon opposes Mars which may cause one to feel irritated. Channel frustration and excess energy through exercise and meditation. Today is also influenced by the energy of the Wood Ox. Wood Ox energy includes being strong, energetic, eloquent, articulate, creative and innovative. Today is also under the influence of the Moon card - drink herbal tea to feel less anxious.
Today's lucky numbers: 1, 3,  5, 6, 8, 30, 365.

Vibrate to Today's Energy: Every Day has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. This Mansion's energy signifies a time to  Pray and Prosper. This is probably the luckiest mansion and is also known as the Mansion of Lady Luck, Fortuna and Lakshmi.  This energy is excellent for personal growth, good efforts and good karma. This mansion presents good opportunities for business, money making, trading with gold and replenishing stocks. This is also a great time for nurturing yourself and others. Good for mother-and-child-reunion. This mansion brings stability and growth. It can make one sentimental about things. This is the galactic mansion of giving and receiving and for connecting with nature. Problems that may present itself has to do with leaking - from the eyes (crying) or leaking pipes. Avoid moodiness and being or dealing with people who are over-emotional. Issues from the past may crop up again as well as issues regarding reproductive organs.

The Mansion of the Holy Mother who nurtures us.

                                  Moon on 30 December 2012 at 7° Cancer (tropical 0 Leo)

Marker Star: Beehive Cluster / Crab / Cow udders:
             Tropical:  26°30' Cancer - 8°55' Leo    :    Sidereal: 3°20' -16°40' Cancer

Birthdays: July 19 - August 1 and also those born in the year of the Goat.

Ruled by: Saturn - teaches the law of non-attachment.
                 Venus - nourishment, growth, divine nectar.
                 Brihaspati (priest of the gods) & Mother Luxmi.

Symbols: Crab, cradle, crystal, flower, bee, lotus, arrow and circle,
                      cow's udders (nurturing).

Cow Udders symbolize the nurturing mother. For this reason we don't eat the cow as you don't want to eat the Holy Mother (Mary / Lakshmi).

Crab's Lucky numbers: 8, 17

Create at Eight - 8 is the infinity sign - do magic at 8 for lasting results.
8 means long lasting luck. As above, so below. Hey Sign.

Feng Shui holds that we are currently in the period of 8, until 2023.
The number 8 is considered extremely fortunate.
Feng Shui meanings for the number 8:
58 - I am rich!
168 - yi lu fa - Rich all the way.
518 - I will be rich.
581 - I am rich already.
888 - Always rich.

Characteristics of those born under this influence:   religious, conventional, helping, selfless, caring, intelligent, spiritual, self-sufficient and wealthy. They like helping others and the under privileged. However, they can be arrogant and superior towards those who do not share their high ideals.

                                            Energy Vibration:
1.Prosperity, abundance and wealth are strongly highlighted by this moon. Under this moon's influence you can amass sudden wealth. 2.Beehive cluster - busy bees going about their business. 3.Visions, dreams and intuition are increased during this moon. 4. Reflecting - this moon serves to reflect our own and others' emotions back to us. Reflect on your past and recognise how you have grown .5.Nurturing is a strong feature of this moon mansion. This moon mansion symbolises the cradle. It's about those who want to nurture others physically and emotionally, like a mother nurtures her child. Saturn rules this moon mansion to teach us to mother not smother. Don't love or give so much of yourself that it leaves you feeling empty. Love unconditionally - without expecting anything in return - otherwise you will end up getting hurt! Follow the Buddhist principle of non-attachment and let go and go with the flow. 'Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream'. People strongly influenced by this galactic mansion are those born between July 19 to August 1 and those born in the year of the Horse. Their most difficult years are between the ages 5 to 12 and they start maturing after 32 - becoming the Buddha (enlightened). Forms an initial Y.

Sun July 19 :  Tropical 26  Cancer  :  Sidereal 3 Cancer
                                       Sun July 20 : Tropical 27 Cancer   :   Sidereal 4 Cancer

Sun July 21 : Tropical 28 Cancer   :   Sidereal 5 Cancer

Sun July 22 : Tropical 29 Cancer  :   Sidereal 6 Cancer

Sun July 23 : Tropical 0 Leo   :  Sidereal 7 Cancer

                                                     Sun July 23 :   Tropical 1 Leo   :   Sidereal 8 Cancer

                                           Sun July 28 : Tropical 5 Leo   :   Sidereal 12 Cancer

Sun July 29 : Tropical 6 Leo   :   Sidereal 13 Cancer

Sun July 30 :  Topical 7 Leo   ;   Sidereal 14 Cancer

Sun July 31 :  Tropical 8 Leo   :   Sidereal 15 Cancer

Sun August 1 : Tropical 9 Leo   :   16 Cancer

                                           Find your 1,618 - the energy changes every year.

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A highly emotional day in which we are likely to sense things. There may even be 'other-worldly' experiences. A good time to seek counsel from a psychic as the veil is thin between us and the spirit world. See how many people you encounter today who are either psychic or whose name sounds like Crystal.

Bright Side of the Cow Moon: family get together, homely, motherly. Good for learning, medicine, sales. A good day to buy a car or jewellery. A very homely and intuitive moon. Good for buying and selling houses. This moon rules faces eg beauty treatments or plastic surgery.

Dark side of the Cow Moon: moody; over-sensitive; too emotional; unable to directly approach issues and preferring a sideways approach. Problems with water leaks, water pipes, geysers. Rainy weather.

Those influenced by this moon are: psychic, nurturing, popular, self-controlled, learned; wealthy, charitable. They can be doctors, nurses, mothers, care-givers, psychologists and psychics. People who nurture others physically or emotionally. Characteristics:   religious, conventional, helping, selfless, caring, intelligent, spiritual, self-sufficient and wealthy. They like helping others and the under privileged. However, they can be arrogant and superior towards those who do not share their high ideals.

This moon brings love and prosperity into our lives. Under its influence one can amass sudden wealth!

Step into Today's Magic:
Prayer and meditation; yoga; clearing blockages; chakra alignment; numerology; quantum physics; and constructing sigils, yantra's and talismans.  An example of a quantum physics spell is to write down and consciously plan your day and ask Spirit to manifest it in such a way that you have no doubt that it comes from a Higher Source! When the Sun moves through this mansion, July 19 to August 1 and the also the year of the Goat.

Lammass - bread-mass and red string falls under this house when the Sun is visiting here.

Write down a wish list and make a vision board. Take a red string and make 7 knots in it. Every knot you tie represents a wish or prayer you have. Tie it around your right hand and leave it on there until all your wishes are granted.

Affirmations for today:
The divine design of my life manifests itself now in my mind body and affairs!
There is a special place in the universe that only I can fill!
I am linked by an unbreakable magnetic cord with all that belongs to me by divine right!

Angel Message: Shower your special gifts on the world and be showered with gifts from above.

Lucky number: 8 and 17.

Tarot cards:
Hierophant, High Priestess: intuitive and nurturing.
Moon: visions and dreams.
Ascended Masters /Angels:Jay Ma Luxmi - brings great good fortune -  Pray and Prosper.
Astarte reminds us to love ourselves enough to restrict the amount of time and energy we spend on others and to spend some time on pampering ourselves.