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Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas / Saturnalia: Candle Festival

Santa Claus ( Saturn - old man) is representative of the planet Saturn . The Sun is representative of the Son of God.

Saturnalia is celebrated at the time of the summer / winter solstice when the sun is reborn.

Saturn, the god of agriculture, embodies prosperity and wealth. Saturnalia, a festival in his honor was held from 17 to 25 December, long before Christianity came into being. His son is Jupiter (Zeus).

Saturn has two consorts:
1. Benevolent Ops, whose festival, Opalia, was celebrated on December 19, for wealth and abundance.
2. Mother Destruction Lua, who punishes and destroys. She connects Saturn to Pluto, god of the underworld and hidden wealth.

In ancient times gladiators were sacrificed in honor of Saturn during the fire festival of Saturnalia. This was later replaced by an offering of masks and candles (lights).

Saturnalia was a time of exchanging gifts, holiday and overindulgence.

Symbols of Saturn:

Round objects such as Crystal Balls and Hats are all symbolic of Saturn. 
Saturn's colors are dark blue and black.
Its number is 8.

The reason that December's power colors are red and green:
Red has connotations with blood and with Scorpio that rules December's day sky.
Green has connotations with trees, the green man and with Taurus, ruler of December's night sky.

Saturn rules space, time, discipline and order. Feng Shui is a Saturnian practice.

The yod (finger of god) that is presently in the sky emphasizes the influence of the above mentioned planets. Saturn (structure) and Pluto (hidden treasure, visualizing) is pointing at Jupiter (teacher). If you follow a structured plan, clearly visualize your goals and are willing to learn and expand, the sky is the limit. This learning will be especially from older people / souls (Saturn). Saturn reminds us that money flows from chaos to order. An ordered life leads to peace and prosperity.

Great wheels of change have been set in motion and there will be lots to learn in a new world where change will be endless and faster than ever before. Pluto can be harnessed in a positive way as it is all about what lies below the surface. In other words about hidden knowledge. The secret is to clearly visualize the life that you want for yourself and it will manifest at the speed of light, because thoughts will become things faster than ever before.

Happy Holidays.
Love and Light.