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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Spika: Diamond in the Sky: 12 - 24 October

Galaxy number 14: Catch me a Dream with Spica in the Sky with Diamonds in the Zodiac Sign of Virgo.

Every Day has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions.

Today is a good day for wealth, perfection and creating harmony, balance and order. A good day to Feng Shui your house and clear the clutter. A good day to record your dreams. Guard against pessimism and loneliness. Work on improving health.

The energy of this moon is good for researching and organizing things. A very good time to see in the matrix, solve problems and expose secrets. Good for accuracy in research, interpreting, analyzing, uncovering medical problems and eliminating mistakes. A good day to detox and cleanse your colon. 

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence her. I put pictures of her path and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy

Marker Star: Spica (flying spike): 19°20' Libra - 2°40' Scorpio

Symbol: Pearl, Diamond in the hand of Virgo, Jewel in the Lotus, 3rd eye, gem on the Serpent's Crest.

Star of Opportunity - great opportunities may present itself.
Star of Prosperity - gain fruit of our good karma that comes through righeousness.
Star of spiritual energy.

Ruled by: Mars  (high energy) - good for sport and taking action!
Moon trines Jupiter - good for spirituality and broadening your horizons, asking favors, metaphysical teachings and making new friends.
Moon in Spika trines Ceres and Vesta - good energy for gardening, cooking and sorting out your house.
Spika, Ceres and Vesta rules the intestines, stomach and bladder. Look after your nutritional needs and make sure you feel nurtured and well taken care of.
Venus and Mercury under the influence of Libra's Archway promote strong emotional responses. Communications involving emotions. This influence can make or break relationships. Now is a good time to communicate about your emotional needs.
The 9th of December is about contemplating life's biggest questions and pushing forward and the tarot card for this day is the chariot.

Feng Shui galaxy - create order, balance and harmony in your environment. Money and Happiness flows from chaos to order.

Spika birth dates: October 10  - October 23.
Chinese year of the Rooster.

Like Joseph with his technicolour coat, their dreams can foretell the future. They can work miracles. They are good at politics and possess great organisational skills. You may place them in a well, but you won't keep them down for long. They are creative and artistic and they like bright colors (Joseph's coat). Spica born people are charming, sociable, flashy and glamorous. They like jewellery and beautiful things. They are spiritual, intuitive, superstitious and possess great insight. They are good communicators and know just what to say and when to say it. They are good at politics and possess great orginisational skills. They are tactful but stubborn. Highly intellegent, they gracefully defeat their enemies.

Many of them will pursue higher education and will retain a lifelong thirst for knowledge. They have striking eyes. They can be sickly and may suffer from ailments like kidney and bladder troubles, psychiatric and brain disorders etc.

Spica, the bright star or diamond in the hand of Virgo, is an extremely auspicious star. It denotes success, riches, and a love of the sciences and arts. The most mystical galactic mansion.
Mythology Tavashtar is the celestial architect that can shape how humanity will see the world. He creates the Universe by blowing the creatures into existence, fanning them with his wings. He is the master of maya and magic, and represents regenerative power and longevity.
Spica rules creation, indicating artistic ability, and organizational ability as in architectural design. Many artists are born in this asterism. With an affinity to jewels they may deal with gemstones. Spika reflects the world of maya and delusions, which they are to over come. People under this influence: work with their hands through craft, dressmaking, architecture, Feng Shui practitioners, dream analysis, medicine, healing and magic. They love flowers and bright colors and usually have beautiful eyes. They are great at organising their own and others' lives and make loyal and lasting friends.

Energy vibrated: Aim to make the world shine and to make it a better place for all to grow and prosper. Gaining beautiful things in the material and spiritual realms. The moon conjuncts Saturn which means that we must work to remove feelings of pessimism, guilt and loneliness. Work on setting important life goals.

Light Side: When the moon is visiting the Spika Mansion it encourages us to create order, balance and harmony in our environment.  Today is good for cleaning your house and clearing the energy and clutter. Call in your Feng-Shui consultant to help you find your 0,618.  Make your home and world more beautiful and clutter free to invite in positive energy.  You can also spend time on beautifying yourself or someone else. This is a good day for architects, designers, beauticians and plastic surgeons. Good for making and buying clothes. This is also a good day for agriculture, medical treatment and trips by plane or boat. 
Dark side: not good for land journeys.Relationships and marriages may be marred by adultery or dark magic. 

Spell work for today: Do a cleansing spell.  Clean your house / environment.  Use all 5 Feng-Shui elements: Water (place a mug of water or fountain); wood (put flowers in a vase); wind (burn incense); fire (burn a candle); earth (rock or rose quartz); metal (coins).  Most importantly - play music that soothes your soul (this can vary from classical to rock). Prayers said today are sure to be answered because they are in safe hands.
Construct a healing talisman.
Carry a Saturn Talisman for order, creativity, harmony and protection.
 Carry a Spica Yantra for Success, Wealth and Blessings.

Affirmations for today: I am the Architect of my own life. I now design the perfect life for me. My eyes only behold that which is beautiful.

Numbers: 14 and 5

Gemstone: Amber

Tarot: Ace of pentacles - diamond in Virgo's hand.

Ascended Masters / Angels:   
*Mother Ma-Ray and Joseph the Dreamer.
When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be. Yeah
There will be an answer, let it be.
 (The Beatles)

Feed the birds, feed the dreams !
*Vishwakarma - guardian of vastu / feng shui.

Lunar Zodiac: Earth is surrounded by the Zodiac band of 360 degrees.  The zodiac band is usually divided into 27 sections (mansions or constellations) of 13.2 degrees.  Whenever a planet moves through these mansions they radiate the energy of the particular mansion they are visiting.  These energy vibrations influence us on a subconscious level.  The Moon completes its wobbly trajectory around the earth in 27.32 days (a sidereal month).  The Moon is the closest planet (satellite) to earth and exerts the most energy on us (evident in the tides of the ocean).  Each individual will experience the daily energy in a different way as we are all unique.  For example if the energy involves travelling, one person might travel to another country while another may just travel a bit more than usual.  Pathological behaviour has been attributed to the moon, thus the term luna-tic.  Instead of reacting to this energy, it can be harnessed to benefit us in a positive way.  Take note of how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and use it to your advantage.  Each of these 27 (2 + 7 = 9) mansion are divided into 4 quadrants. 27 x 4 gives 108 prayer beads. 108 Holy Names, 108 prayers, 108 repetitions. 108 = 1 + 8 = 9 the powerful and magic number. Add any multiple of 9 and you will still get 9.