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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Twilight Moon of Vampire Lovers

Today the moon is visiting the second mansion Mesarthim in Aries. This is the moon mansion where Jonah got spat out by the whale and at night vampires are spat out of their coffins.

Marker Star: Mesarthim : : 9° 20' - 22° 40' Taurus:  receptive / bearer / womb / hidden things .
The Chinese calls it the Fourth Star of Yin Force.  'Bearing Star' or 'Star of Restraint'.

Magic Numbers: 2, 11, 4, 7, 304

Magic Color: Red

Step into Magic: This mansion's energy is good for being spontaneous and optimistic. Bring about needed change. What was hidden may be exposed. Share your erotic fantasies with your lover, but don't add names or faces to it as this will spoil the game. Be creative and imaginative. For example a favorite female fantasy is that she is sunbathing on a beach in a sexy g-string bikini tied with bows and revealing her enormous breasts. A man comes along and kneels down besides her. He gently unties the knots without waking her up, exposing all her sexy parts to him...

The ultimate sexual fantasy is of course being in the merciless grip of Dracula..... Most female fantasies are about being dominated and at the mercy of her passionate lover.

Men's favorite fantasies are about role playing, doing it with a stranger and having sex in dangerous places.

Mansion Rulers:

*Angels of Death, Transformation and self-control.
*Venus that bestows, love, beauty, art and wealth.
*Pluto - control, underworld, death, transformation, endings, conclusions, hidden secrets.
The combination of these two equates controlled passion such as we see in the movie 'Breaking Dawn'. Patience is sometimes needed to get what you want. Be mysterious and explore the unknown. Pluto is about the great rewards of creative visualization. For example imagine yourself in a beautiful place in nature where you are totally safe and relaxed. Enjoy being there and involve all the senses. Smell, taste, see, hear and touch.

This mansion is about transformation. For example if a vampire bites you, it will transform you into a vampire.

Ascended Masters:
Kali - release old worn out ideas in order for new things to come into your life.
Sige - Spend quiet time alone to reflect and connect with your inner wisdom.

Angel Message:
Relax and be calm and become aware of the light (love) inside your soul.

Zen Master Teaching:
Recognize what is in front of you in order to know what is hidden from you.

Sexy Witch Magic Love Tip:
*To spice up your love life, share erotic fantasies and watch Enrique Iglesias - Wish I was you lover.