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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Horse Secrets Revealed for 2013

Freedom Loving Horse

Find your 1,618 - the energy changes every year.

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Horse  (similar to Gemini: 16 June - 15 July)
Lunar Years: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 
Direction: S2 
Degrees:  (172.5 to 187.5)
Element: Fire

Season:  Summer
Polarity: Yang

Ruled by: Mercury, the 'water star' or the 'little regulator'.
Color: Orange
Gemstone: Topaz
Lucky number: 8

Lucky Day: Tuesday
Obstacle Day:  Wednesday
Favorite Pastime: Socializing, travelling, expensive restaurants.

Flavor: Mild and subtle.
Fragrance: Cedar.
Plants: Parsley , narcissus, hawthorn.
Compatible with: Dog and Tiger.
Secret Friend:  Sheep.
Problems with: Rat.

Famous Horses:
Sir William Wallace
Rembrandt - painter 15/7/1606
Isaac Newton - scientist - 25/12/1642
Antonio Vivaldi - composer - 4/3/1678
Davie Crocket - frontiersman - 17/8/1786
Frederic Chopin - composer -22/2/1810
Louis Pasteur 27/12/1822
Theodore Roosevelt - US president - 27/10/1858
Puccini - composer - 22/12/1858
Vladimir Lenin - political leader - 4/3/1882
Nelson Mandela 18/7/1918
Neil Armstrong - astronaut - 5/8/1930
Clint Eastwood - actor - 31/5/1930
Sean Connery - actor - 25/8/1930
Barbara Streisand - singer - 24/4/1942
Paul McCartney - musician - 18/6/1942
Jimi Hendrix - singer - 27/11/1942 
Harrison Ford - actor - 13/7/1942
Jackie Chan - actor - 7/4/1954
John Travolta - actor - 18/2/1954
Janet Jackson - singer - 16/5/1966
Kirsten Stewart - actor - 9/4/1990
Crystal Angel Kriel - artist, model - 19/12/1990

Yang Characteristics: 

admired, ambitious, amorous, capable, carefree, cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic, enterprising, faithful, flexible, frank, friendly, good talker, gregarious, generous, hardworking, imaginative, inquisitive, impulsive, loyal, love animals, noble, optimistic, pleasure-seeking, popular, practical, realist, sexually-appealing, sincere, talkative, unselfish, versatile. They thrive on excitement.

Yin Characteristics: 
anxious, contradictory, careless, easily panicked, egoistic, hot-tempered, impatient, insecure, irresponsible, moody, superficial, spendthrift, temperamental, unstable, vain, vulnerable.

Wood Horse (1954, 2014) - enjoy working outdoors.
Fire Horse (1966) - enjoy travel, adventure, unpredictable.
Earth Horse (1918, 1978) - like to settle down, logical, stable.
Metal Horse (1930, 1990) - opinionated, stubborn, easily bored, need excitement.
Water Horse (1942, 2002) - chatty, competitive, business-minded.

2013: Year of Abundance and Wealth

Abundant Days are Here - It's a Wealth Year. Money will come to you from many sources and you will be presented with great business and job opportunities. Put some of this money away for 2014 because then you are going to be presented with a major business opportunity that will make you for life. Your love life is favorably starred if you are particular. Find someone who will take care of you and who will pay the bills. This is a union that can last.
Auspicious stars are visiting your galaxy this year. Extraordinary opportunities and luck will make 2013 a memorable year. You will receive recognition and a rise in status at work. Promotions and high-profiled jobs are coming your way. Think Big! This is your lucky year and you may even have some sort of a windfall. Get yourself a 'good fortune mirror'. The number 9 'Future Prosperity Star' flies into your Lo Shu grid, so plan and high goals for the future. Place 9 red objects in the south corner of your house, for example 9 red candles. Keep the South brightly lit all year long. The number 9 star is also known as the 'Magnifying Star'. Although your money luck is magnified, there is also an unwelcome 'draining star' visiting your mansion. Be careful how you invest your money and don't gamble.

Carry a Increasing Wealth Key-ring for money preservation.  An image of the Elephant placed in the South sector will counteract money loss. Donate money to protect yourself from financial loss and turn it into blessings instead.

You may suffer from low vitality and a lack of energy in 2013. Perseverance and persistence will ensure your success. Remember you are backed by two very auspicious stars. Carry a 'white horse charm' to invigorate you and ensure your success.

2013 will bring many new friends and admirers your way. Networking and relationships will increase your luck.

Make sure to carry a wealth luck amulet or a crystal to stimulate your money luck this year.

Horses are stimulated by change, having fun, and by trying out new things. Opportunities to do so will abound in 2013. A bit of work stability this year will bring great rewards.

Lucky items for Horses in 2013: 

Wear a Clear Quart Crystal.
Wealth Key Ring.
Money Attracting Talisman.
White Horse Key Ring.
White Horse Talisman.

Activate the South Section of your house or business by placing some of the following objects there: 9 red candles, a picture of a white horse or a Ferrari, keep the south of your home well lit. Place a blue elephant to make sure your money keeps increasing and to avoid possible loss because of the 'draining star'. Place a ship at your door to symbolize your ship coming in. Pictures of Horses, Dogs and Tigers will bring more luck.

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Mercury Sigil,
Mercury Talisman,
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Angel Kamea,
Mercury Mandala,
Good Fortune Mirror,
Magical Key,
White Horse Amulet,
White Horse Bracelet, 
Unicorn Bath Salts,
Unicorn Incense,
Unicorn Magic Box ,
Unicorn Tarot Cards,
Unicorn Magic Oil,
Unicorn Lucky Dust, 
Unicorn Pendant, 
Lavender Smudge, 
Blessed and Consecrated Red Candles,
Lord of the South Yantra, 
Lord of the South Sacred Prayer Beads,
White Horse Fortune-bringing Mirror,
Unicorn Key Ring,
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Red Jasper Gem Tree,
Red Jasper Magic Stone, 
Wealth Stone,
Mercury Stone,
Horn of Plenty Money Spell.

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2. My sister knew her daughter was chosen to be a prefect at school and they were about to attend the ceremony that night. She was elated, but at the same time she was worried that their house wasn't selling and they already bought a new house and had to move into it by the end of the next month. I went to her house and took her some 'Stardust'. I told her to go outside and blow the Stardust around while asking the universe to bless them and sell their house. She went outside, danced around and acted all happy and like a clown while blowing the Stardust. The results: That night her daughter was chosen as the Head-Girl of the School and the next day they received two offers for their property.

3. My daughter was urgently looking for a job. I gave her some Stardust and a special prayer and in less than a month she landed a fantastic position for fantastic pay with a stable international company.

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