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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Monkey Secrets Revealed for 2013

                             Monkey  :  The Quick-Witted Inventor

Find your 1,618 - the energy changes every year.

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Monkey (similar to Leo: 16 August -15 Sept)
Birth Years: 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

Direction: SW3
Degrees:  232.5 to 247.5
Polarity: yang
Element: metal
Season autumn
Direction: west
Ruling planet: Sun, the ‘great yang’.
Color: orange
Fragrance: ylang-ylang
Sun Talisman
carry with you for luck

Gemstone: emerald

Lucky number: 10
Flavour: spicy
Plant: cloves, poppy
Compatibility:    Dragon, Rat
Also Compatible with:  Ox, Rabbit, Horse, Goat, Snake, Rooster, Dog
Secret Friend     Snake
Conflict Animal  Tiger

Excellent Day:     Friday
Obstacle Day:      Tuesday
Favorite Pastime: Tarot, Astrology, travel, help people.

Famous Monkeys:
Julius Caesar – political leader – 13/7/ 100BC
Rene Descartes – philosopher – 31/3/1596
John Milton – poet – 9/12/1608
Ian Fleming – novelist - 28/5/1908
Waltor Matthau – actor - 1/10/2920
Elizabeth Taylor – actress 27/2/1932
Diana Ross – singer – 25/3/1944
Bjorn Borg – tennis player - 6/6/1956
Johnny Cash – singer – 26/2/1932
Eleanor Roosevelt  - first lady – 11/10/1884
Tom Hanks – actor - 9/7/1956
Will Smith – actor – 25/9/1968
Christina Aguilera – singer – 18/12/1980
David Copperfield – illusionist, magician -16/9/1956
Marie Antoinette Fish 15/9/1956
Ann-Marie Manuel 12/10/1956

Key Characteristics: Curious and sociable, with a gift for languages.
Yang characteristics: Ambitious, amusing, astute, clever, entertaining, enthusiastic, gregarious, faithful, generous, independent, innovative, inventive, lively, optimistic, original, quick-witted, resourceful, sensitive, sociable, tolerant, motivator, persuasive, successful vivacious.

Yin Characteristics: Arrogant, capricious, crafty, cunning, deceitful, devious, dishonest, fickle, insincere, jealous, manipulative, mercenary,  mischievous, opinionated, opportunistic, restless, scheming, secretive, selfish, self-centered, self-indulgent, snobbish, unpredictable, vain.

Wood Monkey (1944, 2004) –artistic, creative, eloquent.
Fire Monkey (1956) – competitive, powerful, dominant, aggressive, driven to succeed.
Earth Monkey (1968) – dynamic, generous, sulky.
Metal Monkey (1980) – ambitious, intelligent, gamblers.
Water Monkey (1932, 1992) – persuasive, co-operative, understanding.

Mythology: The monkey knew that it would not be able to cross the celestial river by itself, but with the help of the rooster and the goat it managed to cross to the other side successfully. (I am an Ox and have found the most supportive people in my life to be Monkeys, so I am sure the Monkey was the most helpful in getting them across the river).

2013: Year of Magic and Miracles
The Monkey really has great potential of making 2013 an outstanding year. The key to making it big, is to suppress all the negative stars, and energize the lucky sectors of your house.

For more guidance on how to turn 2013 into a spectacular year with the help of Feng Shui, contact Jade at 083 393 2544. Walk with me through the 'Cosmic Door', to move between the planes of world and spirit, and together we will make the Magic soar!

The correct Feng Shui will bring the Monkey great new opportunities, that will change your life path for the better.

2013 is a powerful year for the Monkey, especially regarding real estate and moving. This year will bring the Monkey easy success, prosperity and career growth. A great year to make changes. In your love life you will hit the jackpot and will have to choose among many admirers. Because the Snake is the Monkey’s secret friend, 2013 – the year of the water (black) snake, will bring monkey lots of helpful people.

Your drawbacks during 2013 may include the following: lack of energy, stamina, vitality, enthusiasm, motivation and confidence.  The Monkey may suffer from self-doubt, depression, moodiness, negativity and minor ailments. Despite this negative energy from the '3 killings', exciting and unexpected events will give you a brighter perspective on the future. Heaven will shower success, good luck and many blessings on you. The Cosmic energy is vibrating great good fortune and celestial support your way.

Your success and luck may create envy around you. To protect yourself from jealousy wear an evil eye on a gold chain and say the mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum'. (Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus).

57 year old Monkeys
- health problems – go for regular medical checkups. 
- cash flow problems - carry a protection amulet.

Suppress the negative energy as follows:
West - place a mirror, black / blue curtains.
South-West - Hang metal chimes. Place Crystals, Amethysts, Star of David, Hand of Fate. Sort out your house and keep it neat and orderly, especially in the south-west and west areas.  
East - place Angels and Guardians.
South-East - Rose Quartz to appease Jupiter (obstacles). 

For more guidance on how to turn 2013 into a spectacular year with the help of Feng Shui, contact Jade at 083 393 2544. Walk with me through the 'Cosmic Door', to move between the planes of world and spirit, and together we will make the Magic soar!

The correct Feng Shui will bring the Monkey a great new opportunity, that will change your career path for the better.

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