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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Tiger Secrets Revealed for 2013

Tiger : Courageous Protector

Find your 1,618 - the energy changes every year.

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Tiger (similar to Aquarius: 15 February to 14 March).
Lunar Years: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010
Direction: East-North-East / NE3
Degrees: (52.5 to 67.5)
Element: Wood 
Season: Spring
Polarity: Yang 
Ruled by: Saturn and Uranus, the wood star.
Colors: Gold and Purple
Gemstone: Amethyst
Lucky number: 7
Lucky Day: Thursday
Obstacle Day:  Friday
Favorite Pastime: Taking charge, being appreciated.
Flavor: Acid
Fragrance: Citrus
Plants: Bamboo and Violet.
Compatible with: Horse, Dog
Secret Friend:  Pig
Problems with: Monkey

Yang Characteristics: ambitious, authoritative, brave, capable, charismatic, confident, courageous, daring, determined, dignified, energetic, fearless, fortunate, generous, good-looking, honorable, idealistic, intense, leader, loyal, lucky, passionate, powerful, protective, proud, sensitive, strong, vivacious, wise. Passionate and sensitive when it comes to romance.  

Yin Characteristics: aggressive, arrogant, critical, 
demanding, disobedient, domineering, impatient, impulsive, negligent, rebellious, stubborn, self-concerned, vain.

Famous Tigers: 
Karl Marx 5/5/1818 - Social Philosopher
Oscar Wilde 16/10/1854 - Writer
Agatha Christie 15/9/1890 - Writer
Sun Yat-Sen 12 November 1866 - Revolutionary Father of China
Charles de Gaulle 22/11/1890 - French President

Marilyn Monroe - 1/6/1926 - Actress 
Hugh Hefner 9/4/1926 - Playboy Publisher
Queen Elizabeth II  21/4/1926 - Monarch

Stevie Wonder 13/5/1950 (blind musician)
Ludwig van Beethoven 16/12/1770 (deaf musician)

Rosie O'Donnell 21/3/1962 Actress
Michael Howard 20/5/1962
Tom Cruise 3/7/1962 Actor

Demi Moore 11/11/1962 Actress
Jodie Foster 19/11/1962 Actress

Leonardo DiCaprio 11/11/1974

New and Most Wanted Release:
Robert Pattinson 13/5/1986 - 'Breaking Bed'

2013: A year ups and downs
The Tiger is blessed with wisdom, power and good fortune. In 2013 Tigers can make their mark. The Tiger is sitting on the number 8 star which brings wealth and success. They could experience a change of job / career and may get promoted and an increase in their income. Good prospects in romance and new relationships are favorably starred.  The Tiger's incredible 'wealth luck' in 2013 may lead to robbery. This is because the Tiger as it is sitting on 3 inauspicious stars of the 24 Mountain Stars.
1. Robbery - could be cheated, betrayed, robbed. Place a blue elephant in the North-East.
2. Three Killings - place ornaments or pictures of angels in the North-East.
3. Yearly Conflict - cause misunderstandings and arguments. Gossip, trouble, animosity and problems with authorities. Carry a protection amulet (obtainable from Jade).

Health - you may feel drained of energy in 2013. Wear blue and black to reduce this. Avoid overindulging in food and drink.

The Tiger's greatest asset is also their biggest downfall - swift in thought and action. The challenge for the Tiger is to know when to let this spirit out and when to pipe it down. You may come across as being too aggressive.

Find your 1,618 - the energy changes every year.

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Lucky items for Tigers in 2013: 
Keep the image of a Tiger in your home to attract wealth, good fortune and power. To enhance the wealth luck of the  #8 Star place lots of Crystals in and around the house. Make sure to include some Jade.
Hsuan Tan, the god of wealth rides on the back of a Tiger.
Durga, the warrior goddess rides on the back of a Tiger.

Hang a picture of the Health Buddha to help guard your health.  

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