Intuitive Counselling

Friday, 22 February 2013

February 22: Sun Conjunct Neptune

Today vibrates the energy of Uranus and the Earth Sheep. Today's energy is about encountering peculiarities and odd people. However today's energy is excellent for getting grounded and taking care of yourself. Relax, take it easy. Go to a spa and treat yourself to a massage and pedicure. Swim and indulge in a luxurious bath with candles and the smell of geranium or eucalyptus. Water will be excellent for centering yourself. You may encounter things in the shape of an S.  It  is about insightful and original thinking, metaphysics, floating clouds in an azure sky, rural settings and birds singing. Today's energy is all about healing of yourself and your circumstances. Make today extra lucky by placing fresh flowers in your house or office. Burn candles and incense to encourage the purifying action of fire. Baking something will be lucky today. Spend the evening with friends, eating out and dancing in the garden next to the fountain under the stars. Be gentle with yourself and others today to bring future harmony and success.

Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8, 12,13, 22, 53
Lucky colors: lavender, aquamarine and because it is Friday, the color red.
Gemstone: hematite and wood opal.

People who have their birthday today are: dynamic, unconventional, generous, inquisitive, challenging.

On this day:
1907 - 1st cabs with taxi meters begin operating in London.
1923 - Transcontinental airmail service begins.
1924 - 1st presidential radio address (Calvin Coolidge).
1956 - Elvis Presley's 1st hit in Billboard's top 10: "Heartbreak Hotel".
1995 - Steve Fossett completes 1st air balloon over Pacific Ocean (9600 km).
1996 - STS 75 (Columbia 19), launches into orbit.
2011 - An earthquake measuring 6.3 in magnitude strikes Christchurch, New Zealand.

Sun conjunct Neptune emphasizes the power of the spoken and the written word. People who are exceptionally intuitive, sensitive and psychic should be careful what they do with this powerful magic wand (words) at the moment. What you say will surely happen. Choose your words and your battles carefully. Neptune conjunct the moon adds to creativity and pulls us into the world of illusion and escapism. Meditation will  bring powerful effects right now. 

When the Sun kisses Neptune in Aquarius - powerful psychic ability is awakened. It opens the third eye and makes people more aware and enhances the psychics ability to see through the veil of illusion. It helps us reach altered states and to step into the world of the unseen. It helps us connect to the unknown and to access the akashic records.

Today vibrates psychic energy, good judgement and the ability to see through superficiality. This will ensure that truth and justice will prevail.

Today the moon in in the 7th galaxy of the Howling Wolf and the 'Return of Light'.

This is also known as Gemini or Castor-and-Pollux.

This is an extremely fortunate time. It brings fame and wealth. Good for travel, worship, new beginnings and new insights. Issues related to dogs, animals and children. Issues regarding loyalty and what-comes-around-goes-around. Heightened senses and bad smells eg smoke or fish. Danger of fires and injuries to feet. The Galactic Mansion of the Wolf is about 'unconditional love'. 

The Moon squares Saturn and the Sun today - work on positive ways to overcome illness and adversity. A good time to spoil your dogs.