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Thursday, 28 February 2013

February 28: Sun, Venus & Neptune and Reaching for the Sky

Thursday February 28 is ruled by the Sun and the Water Ox. The energy vibrated today is about being grounded and strong. The Moon squares Pluto to really figure out what you want, and what makes people tick. If others try to manipulate you, they will not be successful under the influence of the strong Ox. 
Psalm 92: 'You have made me as strong as an Ox'.
This is a good time to get rid of old worn-out ideas and replace them with new and more practical ones. Find out what is holding you back and untie the knot that binds you. This is reiterated by the Moon opposing Uranus, which urges us to find innovative new ways to do things.  The moon trines Jupiter, Vesta and Lilith (in Taurus) - this aspect is optimistic, emotionally uplifting, full of opportunities to expand and good for socializing with friends and loved ones. Guard against over-indulgence. Neptune embraces the sun today. This energy is charming with a strong romantic overtone. A steamy new romance is in the offing. Watch your budget and don;t let money slip through your fingers. Neptune and the Sun smooching it up in Aquarius, vibrates a kind and sympathy energy.

Look after your feet today, they ground you and connect you to the earth and need pampering. 

Today's sexual energy is sensual, glamorous, charming, vibrant and flirtatious.

Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 5, 10, 28, 59, 7027.

Lucky colors: orange, yellow, purple, violet
Lucky Gemstone: Carnelian
Lucky Objects: yin-yang (balance), chemist, mortar and pestle, spices and concoctions, aromas and colors, hills or high places, windmill or lighthouse, animals, horses, dip, dye, ice-skating, Olympics, chocolates.
Sounds: 'plink' and 'plonk'.

Challenge today: impulse control and the power of choice. Replace addictions with preferences.

Luck Maker: Live with an attitude of gratitude. Attract good luck by acknowledging what you have already achieved and received; and by appreciating your surroundings. Stand outside, face the sun, and stretch your arms up into the sky.

People born on 28 February are charming, unique, articulate, kind, considerate, funny, natural actors.

On 28 February 1912, the first parachute jump from an aircraft was made in Missouri by Albert Berry.

Today is ruled by the number 1, whose ruling planet is the sun. It vibrates all that are new and fresh. It is the number of new beginnings. In Mythology 1 is the Sun God, Apollo, who triumphantly drives his golden chariot pulled by 7 white horses across the sky. He pulls it from East to West, where he goes into the underworld at night to be reborn the next morning, after conquering the darkness. Number one is courageous, focused, powerful, aggressive and energetic. Number one rules the innovators, movers and shakers of the world.