Intuitive Counselling

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February 19: Pegasus: Rainbow of Charity

Today vibrates the powerful Fire Dragon energy which may cause power struggles. The Orion Moon squares Mercury so choose your words carefully and focus on harmonious communication. Moon trines Venus which may help people to lighten up a bit. Today vibrates with the energy of charitable behavior and generosity. Jesus taught we have to give in order to receive. Today is ruled by the energy of the sun mixed with rain (water) giving us a colorful rainbow image for today. Basil, rosemary and lavender will increase luck so will an amethyst. To enhance luck today and for inner space clearing, spend time next to water or better even yet, go for a swim. Another way to clear your aura is to brush your body down with your hands.

On this day in:  1473 - Nicolas Copernicus, astronomer, was born.
                       1878 - Thomas Edison patented the phonograph.
                       1986 - Rusia lauched the first permanently manned space station Mir.

People born on 19 February are independent, willful, unprejudiced, compassionate, deal with lots of people, need emotional space clearing from time to time. The energy and sound of water stimulates your well-being and creative expression.

Lucky numbers for today: 1, 3, 5, 10, 19, 50, 100 and 111 (the sun's number).
Today's colors: green, purple, orange.
Today's objects: crystal ball, rainbow, sun, fire-dragon, butterfly, Pegasus, bubbles and hallucinations.

Today is a day charity and of conscious and joyous service to humanity