Intuitive Counselling

Thursday, 14 March 2013

March 14: Fortunate Rain

Thursday 14/3 vibrates with the combined energy of the sun in Matar (fortunate rain), the Moon in Unicorn (healing) and the Golden Rabbit (intuition). Moon makes a lucky star aspect with Neptune (imagination) and Mercury (logic). The energy is steeped in a combination of psychic and scientific ability. The placement of the planets today is good for healing, empathy and sensing other people's emotions.  Prioritize to avoid feeling scattered by too many mental activities. Watch your eating and drinking habits and remove yourself from harmful relationships and unproductive patterns. A good day for research and to follow your intuition. Today is about seeing things from a different angle.

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Magical numbers: 5, 14, 17, 23, 50 also 2, 8 and 74.

Magical Gemstone: Emerald

Magical Colors: Green, Turqouise, Teel, Purple, Aquamarine and Amber.

The Energy Vibration today may highlight: feet, sandals, shoes, seclusion, reflection of light through crystals or colored glass, laboratories, comforter, tulips, fountains, gardens.

Luck Maker: Move out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons.

Tarot Card: Magician

Today's Magic Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Magic scene: a well kept garden near water.

14 March is the birthday of the weird inventive genius, for example Albert Einstein. You are a Pisces, curious, original, brilliant, magnetic, creative, talented, fast, affectionate and have green fingers. 

Today's vibration resonates with the number 5. Mercury, Yesod, ether, investigator, observer, preoccupied, free spirit, teacher, attractive, knowledge seeker, pentacle. 
5 is restless, changeable and likes to travel or move around.