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Thursday, 28 March 2013

March 28: Poker Face: Algenib in Pegasus

Today is ruled by the Sun in Algenib (magnificence), the Moon in Spica (splendor) and by the Water Snake (focus). The energy vibrated today is about magnificence, splendor, individuality, creativity and the ability to stay focused. The moon in Spica vibrates the energy of space clearing and creating order. So you may find yourself cleaning up your fish-tank (Pisces) and picking up the dog poop (Pegasus). The moon trines Vesta, emphasizing the need to clean and organize your home or office.

Some people may feel like giving up on something important today. Forge ahead, the long term rewards will be good.

Saturn trines Neptune and Mercury so be careful about communicating what you would like others to hear. Communicate your dreams and desires and fantasies, rather than to engage in gossip or negative words. The Sun conjuncts Venus, Mars and Uranus while they all sextile Jupiter. Great opportunities may present themselves and this is an excellent time for large family gatherings and expensive parties where you can impress and strut your stuff. You may spot a clown, picnic, children or a castle. A good day to buy luxuries.

Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 7, 11, 22, 28, 88
Lucky colors: orange and gold.
Animal: Tiger.
Occupation: visionary, artist.

People born on 28 March are Pisces, intense, focused and good at creating magnificence. You share your birthday with Lady Gaga.

Today's energy holds a strong connotation with safari's, Africa, lightning and extreme weather. The Pisces theme of 'rescuing' prevails. On 28 March 1986, six thousand radio stations worldwide simultaneously broadcast the song 'We Are the World' to raise awareness for hunger relief in Africa.