Intuitive Counselling

Friday, 15 March 2013

Sedna Speaks

Friday 15/3 is connected with Venus, Pluto, Sedna, the 'black hole' and the Metal dragon. Recognize the patterns in your life and make a decision whether they should repeat or reform. Grow on a higher level. Today is about strict moral codes, high standards and being driven. Today vibrates the energy of relationships. 

Note where the number two repeats in your life, it could be a guiding light.

Examine the health benefits of spices such as:
Cinnamon: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-spasmodic, lowers cholesterol.
Cayenne Pepper: kills cancer cells, cures allergies, healthy heart & increased metabolism.
Remember the saying 'variety is the spice of life'.

Ruling planet: Venus
Magic color: Pink
Magic numbers: 6, 33, 42; also 3, 8, 9, 17, 75
Magic animals: Marine Life
Gemstones: rose quartz and aquamarine.
Energy vibrated: Sound (music) therapy, farsightedness, detachment, ambrosia, music, tiger balm, fishermen,  seahorses, marine life and afghan dogs. 

Today Vibrates to the number 6 - Venus, Earth, Creation, Angel, Mentor, Server, Loyal, Sensual, Beauty, Love, Art, Activists, Dancers, Star of David, crowds.

Today's vibration is symbolic of the year that we are in as 2013 adds to the number 6.

People born on 15 March are Pisces, pilots, astronauts, songwriters, excessive, tempting, captivating, addictive, hectic, draw crowds of people. You share your birthday with Eva Longoria (1975).

On this day in:
1999 - Pluto again becomes outermost planet.
2004 - Announcement of the discovery of 90377 Sedna, the farthest natural object in the Solar system so far observed. (Release date).  Exposure date was on 14 November 2003. 8 billion miles away from earth. The discovery of Sedna as the 10th planet, symbolizes the expansion of both our consciousness and of our solar system. 

Sedna is located in Cetus near the Pleiades.

Mythology: Sedna was a beautiful maiden with a large appetite and many suitors. Her father was blinded by the wealth of a man who was half-man, half-Raven. Sedna was sold to the Raven, and then isolated and imprisoned on an island. When her father went to rescue her in his kayak, the creature was enraged and called on the spirit of the sea to help him. Huge waves threatened to kill them. The father was willing to sacrifice Sedna by throwing her overboard to appease the angry god and save himself. (Similar to Jonah and the whale, see below). Sedna clung to the kayak but her father chopped her fingers off with an axe. Her fingers turned into seals and Sedna sank to the bottom of the ocean where she resides commanding the sea and marine life. Whenever Sedna gets upset, the ocean becomes angry and claims lives. Then a shaman has to get in a kayak and go out to comb Sedna's hair to subdue her.

Sedna vibrates the following lessons:
Detachment: her escape from her husband (raven), fingers were chopped off to leave the raft.      Don't attach yourself to anything or anyone or you will get hurt. Let go and go with the Flow!
Moderation: she had an enormous appetite - avoid overindulging, be generous and share.
Abuse - attention is brought to the abuse of nature, women and children.
Father daughter relationships - what in the relationship is holding you back or making you a victim.
Polarities - balancing opposites such as male and female, conscious and unconscious.
Healing through sound therapy: calming and inspiring music and words. Make sure you only utter loving, kind and positive words to manifest happiness in your world.

Sedna's story symbolizes the aggression of consciousness against the unconscious and its psychological effect on the individual and society at large. For example man's violence against marine life (clubbing seals to death).

Unconsciousness can show aggression to the consciousness as well. Sedna's hair growing out of her head, symbolize ideas which get tangled unless consciousness intervenes. When thoughts and words are left to the unconscious, they become destructive. If we don't regularly check our thoughts and words, they become destructive.

Whereas Pluto brings us the Secret (picture what you want), Sedna presents us with the power of thoughts and words. When our thoughts and words (Sedna's hair) become negative and entangled, it is necessary to go on a shamans journey to connect with the unconscious (ocean) for self-empowerment. This can be done through meditation, music and positive self-talk. Take a long walk next to the sea (physically or mentally) and engage in positive self-talk. Transcend your  present circumstances, by feeding positive thoughts and words to your subconscious mind.

It is necessary to engage in regular reality checks. This is emphasized by the moon (imagination) opposite Saturn (reality check). To demonstrate this we can look at a major world event that took place with Sedna's discovery. The Tsunami of 26 December 2004. Sedna is Venus when she is afflicted. Venus brings peace, harmony, wealth, beauty, love and an abundance of good things. Those are her gifts when we think positively. Sedna represents the collective unconscious and crowds. What was the main train of thought of the majority in 2004?

The energy vibration is reiterated by the position of the planets today. Neptune (imagination) lies with Mercury (thoughts). The Sun (father) lies with Venus (daughter). Mars (male) lies with Uranus (ideas). Moon lies with Sedna in Cetus the Whale. Keep your words and thoughts in check! Pay attention to pairs and twos. Venus and Mars make a magical triangle with Leo, reminding us that 'Love conquers All'.

People born on 15 March are Pisces, pilots, astronauts, songwriters, excessive, tempting, captivating, addictive, hectic, draw crowds of people. You share your birthday with Eva Longoria (1975).

Tarot Card: Star - the power of music, magic and myth. Wish upon a star. Write a wish list. This is a highly spiritual card, incorporating the 8 pointed 'Star of Venus' or the 'Star of the Magi'. It is about the superior spirit who can look beyond the trials and tribulations of life and see the deeper meaning. It is also the card that symbolizes fame and a name that lives forever.