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Friday, 26 April 2013

April 26, 2013

Today has a deep connection with serpent energy. This includes spiritual practices, yoga, chakra aligning and visiting your psychic. Today's energy is strongly ruled by strict Saturn, lucky Jupiter, loving Venus and the friendly Water Dog. This energy is good for friendship and for pushing yourself to the highest level of physical endurance. Let music, rhythm and love guide you today. A good day to be environmentally conscious and to start some sort of recycling system and an organic garden. Today  may be filled with magic, miracles and pleasant surprises.

Lucky numbers: 3, 8, 9, 17, 26, 62, 117
Lucky colors: burgundy, pink, carrot.
Lucky flowers: red roses and ivy.

People born today are Aries, powerful, stubborn and spiritual.

Planetary positions today from West to East:

Pholus (a turning point, extraordinary ability) 27 Scorpio 48'

Pluto 17 Sagittarius 30' (retrograde - appears to be moving backwards). Pluto takes 248 years to travel around the zodiac and will stay in this position from 2008 until 2023. Pluto is the planet of awakening and transformation. In Sagittarius religious and educational structures may change.

Juno (true love, fashion, woman's rights, fairness, weather) 12 Capricorn 52'

Eta Aquarius Meteor Showers  6°40' - 20° Aquarius - meteor showers effect the weather and world events. In this position it can bring rain and floods.

Neptune 10 Aquarius 51' - will stay in Aquarius until 2025 - Neptune is about willing self-sacrifice, a change in perspective, spiritual and psychic enlightenment, mystery, magic and illusion. In Aquarius it  highlights issues concerning the masses, oceans, awareness, healing body, mind and spirit. At its worst it may cause neurosis or mysterious diseases that are water borne.

Chiron (the key, the wounded healer) 18 Aquarius 39'

Uranus 16 Pisces 00' - will stay in Pisces until 2018 - brings revolution and sudden and unexpected change. In Pisces this will lead to greater understanding, raised value systems and spiritual insight.  New creative inventions will bring new sources of energy and technology.

Mercury (thinking ability, cognition) 25 Pisces 48'
Mars (warrior, energy) 10 Aries 16'
Sun (father, life, happiness) 12 Aries 08'
Pallas Athena (patterns, cities, horses, immune system) 12 Aries 52'
Venus (love, beauty, creativity) 19 Aries 29'
Sedna (the manifesting power of sound) 29 Aries 15

Ketu (South Node) 23 Aries 27' (always moves backwards) - stays in the same mansion for about one and a half years. Will stay in Aries until February 2014. In this position it highlights the draining effect of fighting and urges us to find spiritual solutions - rain dancing instead of head budding.

Jupiter (teacher, luck bringer) 22 Taurus 28' - stays in the same mansion for about one year.
Jupiter is presently in Taurus (Orion) and will move into Gemini 22nd of June 2013. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck. It is also the guru or great teacher. Jupiter is about foreigners, travel, philosophy and law. Jupiter in Taurus will highlight resources and finances on a global scale. Orion is the white tiger in action - volatile and unpredictable. Orion is also the hunter, capable of going to great lengths to get what it wants. Jupiter in this position emphasizes the media's role in playing on people's emotions to influence and direct people.

Lilith (dark side) 1 Gemini 40'
Vesta (home, confined spaces, security, family secrets, ritual, sexuality) 6 Gemini 00'
Ceres (nurturing, eating, gardening, parent-child issues) 7 Gemini 20'

Saturn (maturity & wisdom) 14 Libra 19' (retrograde - appears to be moving backwards) - bringer of wisdom and maturity - takes about 28 / 29 years to travel around the zodiac. Saturn stays in the same house for about two and a half years. Saturn is in Libra from 4 October 2012 until December 2014.

Moon (emotions, life's flow) 18 Libra 00'

Rahu / North Node (challenges) 23 Libra 27' (always moves backwards) - stays in the same sign for about one and a half years and will stay in Libra until February. Rahu in Libra challenges us to co-operate with others by overcoming arguments. When Rahu conjuncts (lies with) another planet it emphasizes the properties of that planet. Rahu is presently conjunct Saturn in Libra. This brings to the fore issues regarding loyalty and justice and how to handle it with finesse. Rahu in Libra wants to create beauty by making everything more beautiful, for example your house. It also emphasizes the need for a loving relationship,

                                                  Nodal Axis by Dwight Ennis
The yellow spot in the middle is the Sun, the blue spot is the Earth and the little grey spot is the moon. It pauses twice in its orbit to show us the Northern (Rahu) and Southern (Ketu) Nodes of the Moon.  These nodes guide Feng Shui and Vastu, and takes about 18 year to complete a cycle.