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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lyrids Meteor Showers: The Magic of Sound

The Hills are alive, with the Sound of Music!

The Lyrids Meteor Showers remind us of the importance of sound in Feng Shui.

Soft soothing music has a profound influence on the aura of people and the aura of a specific environment. The power and influence of classical music on the mind has been well documented. Sounds of nature, such as running water also has a soothing effect on people.

Harsh words, gossip and screaming create bad Feng Shui.

The Lyrids shoot from:
*16 to 25 April
*3 to 14 May
*11 to 21 June. 

Lyra is situated near Ophiuchus and Hercules in the sky. In South Africa this can be viewed to the North-East at 10 at night, and to the north at 3 am.

Lyra with its main star Vega, is the Black Tortoise of Feng Shui and Altair to the south is the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Mercury found the body of a tortoise cast up by the Milky Way. The tortoise had three strings that could be used as a lyre to enchant, lull and control the environment.  

Greece saw it as Hermes that while walking along the banks of the Nile river found a tortoise shell with stretched tendons, which the wind set in vibration to produce enchanting music.

China maintains that the emperor Wu found a giant tortoise crawling out of the Yellow River with a magic three-by-three square on it. Each horizontal, vertical and diagonal added up to 15, the number of days it takes from the new moon to the full moon, and from the full moon to the next new moon. This is also known as the LoShu (Saturn) Square that is used as a Feng Shui tool. The Chinese sees its brightest star Vega, as the 'Spinning Maiden' or 'Weaving Sister' (Hsu Nu) connoted to weaving a web and to architecture.

India saw it as the Purusha man who resides in every house. 

Wedding of Zeus and Hera
All the Gods, humans and animals were invited to attend. Chelone (Greek kelus - tortoise) decided that 'there is no place like home', and did not attend. Hermes came down to earth and cast the house with the girl inside into the river, which changed her into a tortoise, inseparable from her house. Kelus, the yellow animal, also refers to an arched roof that resembles a tortoise shell.

Ancient temples were build with convex roofs to duplicate the tortoise image in the sky. It was believed that Gods resided in tortoise shells. African huts are still built according to the Lyra principle with convex roofs and perfect Feng Shui. African people constantly hum beautiful tunes.

Feng Shui: Creating harmony (harmonics) and balance. 
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Mythological associations of the Lyre with Architecture
*the tones of Amphion's lyre built the walls of Thebes.
*the magic of his music caused the stones to move into place on their own accord.
*the Testudines, or chelonians, carry their homes on their back
*architectural skills are needed to build homes. 

Alluring Effect
To create magical architecture (balanced and harmonious), sound is needed. The lyre represents the kind of music that soothes the soul. The dictionary describes the word allure as the ability to attract or entice something desirable. Make sure the music you listen to has a calming and healing effect on you and your environment. Listen to music with uplifting lyrics.  Lyre is connected to the word lyrics. A soft calm voice has a similar effect. The powerful secret behind the law of attraction is sound. Contact me to help you engineer the right sounds in your life and space, to attract what you desire !
Make sure your Feng Shui specialist clears your space with tingsha bells.

The Lyrebird of Australia has a tail shaped like a lyre.  They are ground-dwelling birds most notable for their extraordinary ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds from their environment. 

The Tortoise-Lyre was placed in the sky near Hercules for the alleviation of his 12 labors (finding creative solutions by working through the 12 zodiac signs).