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Monday, 24 June 2013

Angel Magic Bag

I have often had the most amazing psychic experiences near large bodies of water such as the sea. For this reason I have a large swimming pool, that emulates the sea, right in the center of my house.

One such an extraordinary experience was the night I found the Angel Magic Bag.

It was on a hot summer's night, with the full moon lighting the turquoise Wild Coast sea with a silver magic stream.

The first time I laid my eyes on this bag, an Angel whispered to me......"for your eyes only"!

I drew a picture of what I had seen and when I returned to my home in Johannesburg, I made loads of these bags and sold them. Within a few months I had made my first million. I became famous and in demand and had more luck than anyone I knew. I won the lotto; I inherited several times; people gave me large amounts of money from their winnings; and people were paying for me to holiday all over the world to do readings for them and their friends. I remember a particular day I was standing in my kitchen and asked a client to pass me a tissue from the tissue box. Then she cried out 'Jade you won R10 000'. I didn't even know there was a competition on the box. The client told me that her and her friends bought lots of boxes to try and win it. My luck was just outrageous. One woman who bought this bag from me won 1.5 million rand at the casino within that year.

                                    Bag drawing by Crystal Kriel

Recently I went to the coast and after 20 years the bag found me again. This time the Angel placed it in my hands and whispered......."this belongs to you".

Once again I will make this bag available to 'all true believers'. You can buy it from me for R3700-

Me on the Wing of the Angel!

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