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Monday, 22 July 2013

Pholus Centaur: Crossing Over

Pholus : Turning Point 

This blog is written in sidereal time.

Meet Pholus:
Pholus is an asteroid with a comet-like orbit that was discovered by astronomer David Rabinowitz on 9 January 1992. Pholus has a 92.26 year orbit and links the realms of Saturn and Neptune. It is also linked with the Neptunian moon, Orcus (god of the dead). Pholus entered Scorpio on 13 September 2006 and will move into Sagittarius on 13 November 2015 (sidereal). Pholus Rx is currently at 26 Scorpio 9 (sidereal) - (19Sag2 tropical).

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Like all Centaurs, Pholus is half horse, half man,  combining instinct and reason. He represents a major turning point and unusual talent or ability. Because he has his one foot on Neptune and the other one on Saturn, he is able to walk between the two worlds of the living and the dead with ease and wisdom.

Pholus, the chief of the Centaurs, was a fortune-teller (augur / oracle) who could predict the future and interpret signs and symbols. He was however, blind to his own fate. Hercules paid Pholus a visit when he set out to catch the wild boar in the Olonos Mountains (his 4th labor). Pholus cooked a meal for them and Hercules wanted wine as well. Pholus was responsible (Saturn) for guarding the sacred wine of the Gods. However Neptune (need for wine) defused Pholus' judgment, ethics, and ability to maintain clear boundaries, so he opened the wine as a token of their friendship. The aroma of the wine drove the other centaurs mad and they charged into the cave. Hercules shot them with small arrows contaminated with the poisonous (toxic) venom of the Hydra (water snake / executioner). Filled with compassion, Pholus started burying the fallen Centaurs. Pholus paid with his life for the consequences of his actions. He naively pulled an arrow from a dead body, marveling at how such tiny arrows could kill such huge Centaurs so quickly. The arrow slipped from his fingers, struck his foot and killed him. Hercules was distraught at being the inadvertent cause of his friend’s demise. Mortified, he gave him a magnificent funeral and buried him at the foot of the mountain. All of these facets of Pholus  – his blindness to the future, his confusion of boundaries, his naivety – are aspects of Neptune (altered states of consciousness) struggling with Saturn (responsible and disciplined). Wine (Neptune), as an intoxicating substance, can either be harmful when it is misused or a door to greater insight when used in ceremony.

Pholus, as Orcus (Lord of Death),
links the energies of Saturn (time) with Neptune (mysticism)
in Scorpio, the natural zodiac ruler of the 8th house (transformation through misfortune or death).

Main Functions of Pholus: 
Creates a turning point
Fetches the souls of people whose earthly bodies no longer serves them - if someone is old, sick or suffering, call on Pholus to fetch them and take them to the other side.

Saturn: Time, Structure, Order, Discipline, Rhythmic movement of the universe, public image, book of life, conformity, responsibility, setting boundaries, restrictions, limitations, earth, digging in the earth, funerals, death.

Neptune: Mystical experiences, change in perspective, spiritual and psychic enlightenment, shapeshifting (energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed), visions, dreams, higher consciousness, enlightenment, self-sacrifice, meditation, mystery, magic, meditation, toxins, poisons, narcotics, medicine, altered states of consciousness, crossing over, letting go, water, places near water.
ARC (acts of random kindness), Shiva, Jesus.

Pholus in the Heart of Scorpio
1. Death & Grief - encounter with loss and new ways of dealing with it. Pholus indicates encounters of loss and grief from a naïve space. From a position of blind faith, Pholus in grief leads one to understand the weight of innocence, how dearly we can sometimes pay for lack of clarity. In the end there are two options: blindness or visionary power; naivety and deception, or access to sacred, creative knowledge. The blindness (Neptune) may actually act as a lens (Saturn). A realization of how easy death can come. Realizing the deadly effect of toxic substances eg microwaves, medication, intoxicating substances.

2. Pholus' wound of naivety (Neptune) and the struggle with it gives us the power to create and manifest in a structured way (Saturn).

3. Transformation, turning point, sudden, radical or unexpected change, brought on by misfortune or death. It is a learning curve that usually leads to a change for the better.

4. Gives unusual ability and unexpected results.

5. Confers a visionary and mediumystic capability.  Psychic vision and communicating with the dead. Crossing over. Being in touch with the other side (angels, spirits).

6. Spirituality and self-sacrifice (Neptune). Learning to let go and go with the flow. It can also relate to previously undeveloped creative talent or spiritual awakening as well as acts of martyrdom and self-sacrifice. Pholus transits offer an opportunity to transcend outmoded belief systems which may involve some form of sacrifice.

7. Situations may present itself which emphasize the need to set clear boundaries (Saturn).
There may be a need to deal with past issues. Pholus brings new situations and dissolves old barriers. Because the Pholus energy is so unfamiliar we might first experience chaos (Neptune) before things settle down and we find a structured outlet (Saturn) for this new way of being.

8. Pholus in Scorpio emphasize the dangers of the disposal of nuclear/waste/weapons, as Pholus also relates to toxicity. Abusing medicine and drugs pose a similar danger.

9. The heart of Scorpio represents the eldest daughter and protectiveness over loved ones.

10. Other key words: Sadness, Awakening, Realization, Releasing, Instability, Intense Situations, Spur of the moment action, Chance Encounters, Funerals, Transgressing Time and Space, Small cause with big effects, Consequences of Actions, Multi-generational effects (at least 3 generations).

Pholus in Scorpio: Turning Point by Death: Transcending Time and Space
Tarot Card: 13 Death / Transformation


Chiron, Pholus and Nessus bring unconscious issues (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) into concrete manifestation in our lives (Saturn). By the nature of their orbits they bring two opposing forces into conflict with one another and form a mandorla (almond shaped aureole of light surrounding holy people). In linking Saturn with the outer planets, they also make a statement about time, for the orbits of the Centaurs are erratic, moving quickly through some signs and slower through others, reflecting how people in grief experience time. Grief is also erratic. The common responses felt in grief do not respond to linear time but wash across the fragmented life, unpredictably overwhelming. Slowly, as we piece our lives together, the two circles become one and we become whole again.

How does Pholus affect your life:
Look at the planets that lie in Scorpio in your vedic (sidereal) birth-chart. (Sagittarius in a tropical / western chart). Vedic Astrology is observable and measurable and is therefore considered an exact science. I do Vedic Charts at R1800- per chart.

My own horoscope.

I have Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio in my birth chart (sidereal).

So what happened when Pholus touched the planets in my horoscope in Scorpio:

*3 deaths, one of which was a watery (neptune) grave (saturn).

*an acute awareness of allotted Time, Angels and the power of Jesus to overcome dark forces.

*overwhelming sadness, increased mystical experiences, increased medium-mystic ability.

*My hair changed from being long and black to short and white.

Scorpio lies just above the Southern Cross in the Southern Hemisphere, symbolizing the death of Jesus on the cross as a sacrifice to human kind. In the Tarot this is symbolized by '12 The Hanged Man' which is also symbolic of my birth date and the number for my birth names. 12/12.

I experienced two deaths in one month, skipped a month and then another death:
*One was my friend, Sue, who at 58 died of breast cancer. I experienced intense grief, shock and disbelief as I thought she would recover as she was too young at heart and too pretty to die.
*The other my stepfather, who replaced my father after his death 23 years ago. As the eldest daughter (Jyestha - Scorpio, eldest, protector), I was the one to arrange and oversee the funeral. He died and was buried at the foot of a mountain near Port Shepstone in a grave near water.
Saturn (earth, grave) + Neptune (water) = a grave near water or a watery grave.
*Peanut, my loyal guardian angel (dog) for the last 10 years.

Pholus with the Sun: could affect the father or father figure in your life. In my case the Sun lay at 27 degrees Scorpio when I was born. When Pholus touched 27 degrees Scorpio on 7 June 2013 my stepfather passed away. This caused sudden and unexpected changes because I had to make speedy arrangements for my children to take off work. One of them had to stay at my house to look after my animals and the other one had to take me to Port Shepstone in KwaZulu Natal which is seven hours drive from where I live in Johannesburg. Although the sea was beautiful and we had lovely cocktails on the beach, planning the funeral was hard and unhappy work. This iterated a theme that I have experienced my whole life: the pleasure-pain principle. Pleasure always seems to be accompanied by a lot of pain in my life. The reason could be that Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house (pain, misfortune, death, eternity, underworld, unknown, occult, supernatural). In my birth chart Scorpio rules the 5th house (pleasure, children, creativity) conjunct with Mercury, Mars and Venus.

Pholus with Mercury: could affect friends, messengers, angels and animals. When Pholus touched my birth Mercury at 25 degrees Scorpio (sidereal), my dog Peanut passed away. Changing your ideas, beliefs, values, view-point and the way you communicate. Communicating with the other-side (those who have passed on) with very little effort. Seeing through the veil into the unknown. My psychic abilities intensified to include seeing and communicating with great ease, with those who have crossed over. Before my stepfather passed away I had several visitations from the other side. One night all the lights in the area had gone out. I was busy doing a client's reading over the phone, when suddenly I heard a woman cry at my window. I looked outside and there was nothing, not even an animal as the full moon lit up the entire back garden. I must add that I live in an extremely quiet area where you can hear a pin drop at night. I was also visited by my late dad and his mother who showed me a watery grave. Port Shepstone is a coastal town. Pholus with Mercury also increases the ability to communicate, write, plan and organize with ease. It confers the ability to see through other people and their motives and increases empathy. The negative side involves feelings of loosing the plot, confusion, chaos and difficulty in dealing with intense grief. An emotional roller-coaster with the clear understanding that everything is exactly as it should be, but feeling upset about my lack of insight and naivety in the past.

Pholus with Venus: Changing your looks, name, style and preferences. Appreciating beauty and life in a different way. Realizing the value of enjoying life and not stressing over possible accidents or death as it is written in the book of life and cannot be altered.
Pholus with Mars: When Pholus touched my birth chart Mars at 28 Scorpio, my friend Sue passed away. Can indicated a turning point in action, battle, hurt, illness or sex-life; something starts changing your drives and energy. Facing death fearlessly. Letting go of unsavory situations rather than getting involved in unnecessary confrontations. Realizing the importance of setting clear boundaries and letting go of old worn out ideas and people and situations that no longer serve you.

Pholus Turning points with:
Moon: altering your needs, a turning point in habits.
Jupiter: changing your convictions, burning desire to learn .
Saturn: turning point in a career and view of time and boundaries.
Uranus: sudden and unexpected change (perhaps due to an accident).
Neptune: turning point in beliefs and ideals.
Pluto: dramatic turning point: the price to pay, unpleasant discovery, remove something, operation.
Midheaven: career change; something or someone changes your position in society.
IC: turning point concerning mother, water.
Ascendant: coming out of the closet, obsessing.
Pholus in synastry: the strong influence of someone, changing your life in a direct way.

Pholus in the natal chart indicate issues relating to:
Neptune: spirituality, feelings, emotions, sacrifice, dreams, chaos, death, destruction, narcotics.
Saturn: material world, time, order, duty, restriction and control.
In other words how to control our feelings and the death drive; how to retain clarity in chaos; how to make sense of dreams; how to become spiritual and reach a stage of euphoria in a sober and controlled way, eg through meditation instead of medication.

Symbol for Pholus

Very appropriate symbol as it is definitely linked to water and the water of the subconscious mind.

Resembles the symbol of the 'Great Shepherd'.

Scorpio's Number is 13
13 - Transformation, recreation, resurrection, reincarnation, ascension. (death and rebirth). 13 moon cycles in a year, 13 menstrual cycles in a year. 13 chackras: 7 inside of you, 5 above you and one in front of you (about 20 cm away). When your top 5 chakras open you activate you halo and you can communicate with your higher self and the angels. 13 is the number of magic and can make or undo a spell.

Pholus Numbers: 
7 - Neptune, Water, Alternative Realities, Spirituality, Stargazer, Colorful, Rainbow.
8 - Saturn, Earth, Time, Karma, Financier, Organizer, Judge, Double Helix.
7 + 8 = 15 (6) Helpful people, angels / demons, consequences of enslavement, addiction.

It's orbit period is 92, 26 years:
9 - the cycle is complete.
2 - return to a safe place, intuition, introspection, balance.
6 - helpful people, angels, beauty.

Pholus - I was blind, but now I see !
Opening the door to greater insights, especially concerning death and the spirit world.