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Monday, 16 September 2013

Chantel: 17 September 1981

People born on the 17th of September are strong willed and good at looking after money. You are courageous and good at setting boundaries. You have strong morals, but may be inclined to be a bit judgmental. You will achieve whatever you set your heart on. You need to lighten up and learn to have some fun. You like expensive scent. You are intuitive and can see through others' motives. Secrets and ingrigue fascinates you. You are hard-working, determined, honest, faithful and loyal. Planting your own vegetables and cooking  can prove to be a good outlet for your creative talent.

Planetary Ruler: Saturn (discipline and hard lessons).
Lucky Colours: Brown, tabasco and ochre.
Lucky Numbers 8, 9, 17, 26, 93, 261
Lucky Gemstone: Tiger's eye
Lucky Jewelery: Pendant with the Sun or the Eye of Horus.
Tarot Cards: Hermit (wisdom) and the Star (protection and progress)

If you were born on 17 September your Sun was near the fixed star Denebola in the tail of Leo.

Soul Map: Virgo
Royal Leo Sign - an indication that you may have been royalty in a previous life.
                       The Sun visits the sign of Leo / Virgo (Denebola) from 11 to 23 September.

This is the placement of the Sun on the day you were born.

Crater - positive - honors, riches, ambition.
             negative - seeking instant gratification.
Corvus - positive - angels, guardians, birds, good news, travelling especially by airplane.
              negative - lies and deception.

People influenced by this constellation make good researchers because of their calculated approach. 
They know what they are good at and what their limitations are. They acquire wealth easily and live a carefree life. People born under the Lion's tail are calm, cool, collected, composed, charming, flexible, morally strong, cheerful and confident. On the negative side they can be arrogant and short tempered. These people are usually prosperous and fun to be with. Their happy-go-lucky attitude assures their popularity.  They have to guard against seeking instant gratification eg in eating, drinking and sex.

The first part of this blog applies to all who have their birthdays on 17 September.

The next part of this blog is for Chantel: Born 17/9/1981at 2:05 am.

Metal Rooster
The year you were born in makes you a metal rooster: self-assured and headstrong. You have high standards to live up to. You subject everyone and everything to close scrutiny. You may appear cold and you have a fear of being rejected.

Moon in Pisces - your personality
When you were born the Moon was visiting the prosperous Alrisha Mansion, which bestows blessings, wealth and abundance.

Marker Star: Alrischa: 12°40' - 26° Aries
Symbol: 2 Fishes, the knot that ties together the 2 fish; tying the knot. A drum, bridge and rainbow.
Ruled by: Mercury and Jupiter.
Energy Vibrated: Prosperity, protection, nourishing, altruism and intuition.

Fish Influences:
The Alrisha Mansion rules spirituality and serving others. Psychic powers are sharpened. Spiritualists, mystics, counselors, social workers and caregivers are all favourably starred. Good for communication and being articulate as it is ruled by Mercury. Stay focused as Mercury's influence may cause a lack of concentration.

The Shepherd - protector of herds and wealth.

The Shining One - the Sun. The Christ Light within.The white shining light.

Legend: Venus and her son Cupid jumped into the river to escape from a demon. They were saved from drowning by two fishes, who were then placed in heaven as a reward from Venus.  This moon mansion promotes a love of the sea, ships and water.

Angel Message: Miracles rush to you when you vibrate positive loving energy. Give service to others in a way that brings you great pleasure and enjoyment. Focus on serving others and everything will be given you.

Step into Magic: Burn a green candle for money. Visualise the future. Work on communication skills and self-improvement.

Gemstone: Amethyst.

Alrishas: These people are lucky. They plan short-term and may swing from one social encounter to another with ease. May change jobs frequently. They like to rescue animals and little children so may be in jobs concerning animals and little children. They may immigrate to foreign countries. They like the good things in life and are in harmony with animals. These people are sweet, caring, responsible and like to take care of others. They make good nurses and doctors. They are sociable and love humanity and society, and are protective and nourishing of others. They are devoted to loved ones, spiritual, artistic and creative. Disappointments in their early life creates compassion and forgiveness for others. They reap karmic rewards for their caring actions.

People under its influence go out of their way and sacrifice themselves for others.
Vibrates to the numbers: 27 and 9. 

Thirty two : 32
You may soon find yourself in new circumstances which may include a new job and home.
Neptune (Dream-maker) is making a beautiful aspect to his natal position making you lucky and stimulating your imagination. Guardian Angels and Ancestors will now become more readily detectable to you. You may go on a long an unexpected voyage. Most of the people you meet now will stay in your life for some time. Love and happiness are favourably starred and wedding bells may ring for you next year. The key to success is to prioritize and to not overload yourself with work.
You are entering a period when you will be exceptionally well liked and which promises romance, engagement and marriage. You will also advance in your professional life and make a great deal of money.