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Sunday, 1 September 2013

September Full Moon: Rabbit Moon, Mabon and Ganesha

Rabbit Moon Festival in China

19 September 2013 - Rabbit in the Moon Festival (Ch'ang-O) in China where rabbit moon cakes (Yue-ping) and white rabbit sweets are exchanged to honor the rabbit in the moon. Held on the 15th day of the 8th month, during the full moon, close to the autum / spring equinox. It is a public holiday in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Vietnam and Taiwan. Rabbits, dragons, fancy dress, lights, lamps and flowers all form part of this festival. Be sure to make a wish on this blessed full moon.

The Moon festival is in honor of all the goddesses. The Moon Mother has 28 mansions (Hsiu) and each night she rests in a different one. Each mansion houses a warrior-hero consort who keeps her company and does her bidding. 

Lucky numbers: 10, 28 // 8, 15

Fragrance: Bergamot

Gemstone: Citrine

Actual placement on the Full Moon on 19 September 2013:
on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces in the Pegasus Mansion.

Mabon Festival (Wiccan):  22 September
Spring / Autumn Equinox: Finding balance and removing obstacles.

Maiden, Mother, and Crone, All Goddesses of the Moon,
tonight I honor you. You mirror the cycles of life.
Your way is subtle, changing, and from this we gain Your wisdom.
You mirror the sun. When you shine, You help us see,
give us light in darkness, so we can look into the light
with unguarded eyes. And when you are hidden, you remind us
the darkness is also beautiful and filled with mystery.
Tonight I seek your blessing, Moon Goddesses, three faces in one. - Ember Grant

Feed the Birds Feed the Dreams. Make a wish on some bird seed and then feed it to the birds. You will surely get your wish !

For people who feel depressed - do things for others and give of yourself abundantly in order to receive the blessing of joy. Be kind to yourself and others.!

Live with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Ganesha Chaturthi  - India
Removes Obstacles and Bestows Blessings !

Monday 9 September is Ganesha Chaturthi, the moon is in Libra's Archway. We are not allowed to look at the moon on this night.

Ruling Numbers: 7, 10 and 16.

7 is the number for overcoming obstacles and safe travel and is the Chariot in the Tarot Cards. 

10 is the number for fortune (Tarot - Wheel of Fortune) - good or bad. It is the number for karma and what goes around comes around. We therefore have to fast for 10 days to make sure we receive good fortune, blessings, guidance and protection.

16 is the number for disaster (Tarot -Tower) and sudden change. This is the opposite of the blessings received by number 7 and can only be avoided through praying and fasting.

Ruling Colors: yellow and red.

Incense: Sandalwood.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the birthday of Lord Ganesha who is honored as:

Ascended Master of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

Lord Ganesha is also the patron Saint of Astrology.

Ganesha Chaturthi starts on the fourth day after the new moon in Leo.  It is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavithi. It is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha also known as Ganapati, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

The elephant figure is a 'representation' for the' energy' of wisdom and good fortune.

Ganesh Chaturthi starts on 9 September and ends after 10 days on Ananta Chaturdasi (19 September - full moon in Aquarius). Anant Chaturdashi is observed for Lord Anant (Vishnu) and to acquire lost opulence.

Ganesh Chaturthi (9/9) celebrates the rebirth (birthday) of Lord Ganesha. Ganesha rules over wisdom, good luck, astrology, literature, books, writing, worldly success, peace, prosperity, new beginnings, successful enterprises, journeys, building, overcoming obstacles and danger. Ganesha represents the combination of force and cunning.

To attract this benevolent and blessed energy:

*wear shades of yellow and red 

*burn yellow and red candles, place them with a statue or picture of Lord Ganesha and say:
'Be joyous, for this is the time of Ganesha!
The Lord of Obstacles comes riding to his festival.
With his help, all success shall be mine.
I greet you, Ganesha.
All obstacles in my life are removed.
I rejoice in your presence, Ganesha.
Good luck and new beginnings flow down upon me.
I praise you, Ganesha.
I rejoice! For good luck and changes come!'

*put flowers, rice, fruit (especially bananas) and sweets.

*be generous and give to those less fortunate than yourself.

*make a wish list and place it under a Ganesha or elephant statue and say:

'Laughing god of creativity,
Loving, caring deity,
Of peace, prosperity and success,
I ask that you with these will bless
My life and turn life's wheel.
Positive change I would feel.

*burn sandalwood incense.

*go vegetarian for the next ten days.

Daniel 1:12 'Test your servants for ten days; let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink'.

Here is a short but powerful Ganesha mantra: 

“Om gam ganapataye namaha.” 

Chanting this mantra lets you tap into Ganesha's energy to remove all obstacles from your life and  grace you with wisdom, peace, prosperity and good fortune.

This mantra attracts the energy of Ganesha, who helps us to develop our discrimination, willpower and intuitive awareness. Ganesha helps us enter onto the path of true spirituality and then guards our well-being as we make each step towards higher states of divine consciousness.

May the Divine Energy of Ganesha bring you
 Joy, Happiness, Prosperity, Fortune, Success and Wealth
 and may all your dreams come true.

God and Love always prevail !

This is also the celebration of the Greek goddess Themis, daughter of Uranus and Gaea. She is the deity of social order and collective consciousness. She holds a pair of scales, and protects the innocent and punishes the guilty.