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Saturday, 5 October 2013

October : Navratri: 9 Nights of Dancing

An extremely wealthy man came to see me for a reading one day. I asked him what the secret was to acquiring so much wealth. His answer was as follows: In the heart of every human resides two guardians, Lakshmi and Sarasvati. Lakshmi is the guardian of wealth and Sarasvati is the guardian of knowledge. The secret is to give more attention to Sarasvati (knowledge) and then Lakshmi (luck, luxury and money) will get jealous and shower her blessings on you to get your attention.


Lakshmi, Guardian of Luck and Good Fortune, is present where:
Guests are welcomed and offered meals,
Virtuous people are rendered services,
The Divine is worshiped and Spiritual service is done,
Truth is observed and no misdeed is done,
Cows are protected and food is shared.
There is no quarreling and people are loving, kind and polite!
Wherever Lakshmi is present,
there is plenty (prosperity).

Lakshmi Guardian of Abundance! Be merciful to all as you had been to Sheela. Fulfill the desires of all. Bless all with happiness. Jay Ma Lakshmi!


Navaratri is celebrated from 5 to 13 October 2013. This is the 9 nights of dancing to honor the triple goddess. During this time one should be on a partial or full fast. Meat should be completely excluded from one's diet. The purpose is to cleanse the mind, body and soul. Dancing connects you with your own inner goddess.  Navaratri honors the triple goddess: Durga (warrior), Lakshmi (wealth), Sarasvati (wisdom).  The triple goddess is also known as maiden, mother and crone, or new moon, full moon and dark moon. The first three nights is in honor of Durga (maiden / warrior / new moon), the next three nights for Lakshmi (wealth) and the Sarasvati (waning moon / wisdom).  Dancing is a form of meditation. Fasting and dancing can lead to a trance-like or alpha-state during which the dynamic, creative Shakti or serpent energy is released in a kundalinin experience. This is a deep form of self-healing that opens the shakras and mind to new experiences. This mystical psycho-spiritual state makes us more creative and ready to manifest miracles.

Navaratri forms part of the Hindu month of Puratassi - the auspicious month of fasting.

Celebration Colors of the 9 Nights:

1st night - Gray as it signifies a merge of nature.
2nd night - Orange as it signifies the goddess of prosperity and success (Tara)
3rd night - White ruled by the Moon.
4th night - Red ruled by Mars.
5th night - Green (or Blue) ruled by Mercury. 
6th night - Yellow ruled by Jupiter / Guru
7th night - Green ruled by Venus.
8th night - Peacock Green / Dark Blue ruled by Saturn.
9th night - purple or gold ruled by Sun.