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Sunday, 3 November 2013

November : Diwali: New Moon in the Twilight Zone

Festival of Lights - like Halloween and Guy Fawkes day it is a time to burn candles, display flowers, dress up in fancy new clothes and hand out sweets and gifts. It is a celebration of life over death and light over darkness. The main spiritual meaning is to let your inner light shine. It also signifies the end of a cycle and the start of a new cycle. These festivals (Diwali, Halloween & Guy Fawkes) celebrate the victory of good over evil and of knowledge over ignorance.



Marker Star: Arcturus - BootisStar of Power, Prosperity and Position.
 6°40' - 20° Libra (sidereal) // 2°40' - 16° Scorpio (tropical).
Arcturus Numbers: 15, 6, 88.

This Galaxy is ruled by the North Node of the Moon (Rahu) that likes to amplify things, making it bigger and better. North Node is also lustful for love, sex, money and power.

The Arcturian Guardians are the Archangels Michael (fighter, protector), Gabriel (air / wind / messenger), Raphael (healer). This Galactic Mansion is also guarded by the Knights of the Round Table - strong, assertive and with purity as their quest. This galaxy rules communication and the marketplace and while Rahu places emphasis on it, Saturn sees to it that it is run in an orderly and just manner.

Arcturus is an extremely favorable mansion as it contains advanced techniques in medicine, physics, marketing, architecture, archetypes and spiritual knowledge.

Today favors the movers and shakers of the world. Today is about sharp minds, high energy and financial gain. Arcturus is the gateway to greater things and higher consciousness. 

Symbols: sword (injections, knives), spikes of Spica, bear, shepherd, green growing plant, pearls.

Energy vibrated: Inspired by the 'Will' to achieve. The sword symbolizes cutting away ignorance, injections, operations, sexual-potency, self-sufficiency, discovering the Source and who you really are. Today's warning is to guard against accidents, especially with sharp objects. Another warning is to stay away from alcohol as it is likely to cause trouble, danger and even death in this mansion. A day in which you can make things happen and experience a break-through. Good energy for planning ahead for long term rewards. Seek council from a wise and inspiring psychologist / psychic / mystic / guru. 

Marker Star: Arcturus - Bootis in LibraStar of Power, Prosperity and Position.
 6°40' - 20° Libra (sidereal)    // 2°40' - 16° Scorpio (tropical).
Arcturus Numbers: 15, 6, 88.  
Saturn visits this Mansion from 4/10/2012 to 03/11/2013.

Legend: Bootes gave some shepherds wine that he got from Dionysos. They killed him because they got drunk from the 'magic brew'. His daughter and two dogs were grief stricken and killed themselves. Jupiter placed them together in heaven. He is also referred to as the bear keeper. 

Bootes is the wise old man or sage who is interested in principles and underlying causes; theories; ideologies; and how they affect us. Designers, architects, draftsmen and economists. People under the influence of Arcturus are the movers and shakers of the world. Those who rule, guard, set the pace and make the world go round. It guides kings, presidents, billionaires and leaders. It favors jobs that requires planning. It's Guardians are the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael) and the Knights of the Round Table. Words connected to this mansion Arc, Archetypes, Archangels, Archbishops, Archives, etc.

Arcturus is about knives and cutting. This can include anything from operations to cutting away ignorance. Knives and boots may be important. It is about finding out who we truly are and about communicating with a Higher Source and asking the Archangels for assistance. Visualize your favorite Knight of the Round Table bringing you what you ask for.

This Galaxy is ruled by the North Node of the Moon (Rahu) that likes to amplify things, making it bigger and better. North Node is also lustful for love, sex, money and power. The North Node is emphasized as it is currently in this position. The North Node wants things to happen now, in a big way.

Libra rules the Twilight Zone as this is where the Sun sets. So it is neither day nor night. Libra rules the masses, partnerships, relationships, sex, society, dealing with people, the marketplace and making money.

Saturn is exalted in Libra where it brings balance, discipline, organisation, fair deals and good judgement. Saturn in this position especially favors artistic and creative endeavors, and designing new things, especially woman's products. It is also good for dealings with iron, coal, steel and products from the earth. Saturn teaches discipline, boundaries, organisation, fear and anxiety. Relationships and partnerships formed now will be long term. It also favors making things affordable for the masses, fair deals and charity. Saturn in Arcturus brings serious consequences, danger and legal problems, and even death to people who overindulge in alcohol. The reason being that Saturn in this position wants moderation, balance, boundaries and discipline. Saturn teaches us that self-control is the key to success.  We may not be able to control others, but we can control ourselves. Abstinence and fasting are the ultimate forms of self-control. Saturn trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto. This aspect can boost your career, make you more powerful, increase your faith and spiritual insights.

Mercury - Lord of trade and communication (messages).

Mercury in Libra is about being creative in the art of communication. It is all about communication and speaking in a calm and peaceful manner. It likes to analyze, make agreements and create harmonious and balanced relationships. It is about learning in the school of life. Speak lovingly because words can harm or heal. Be balanced in the way you communicate, not too much, neither too little. Mercury in Arcturus gives a sharp mind and tongue. Mercury rules communication, thinking, learning, contracts, vehicles, appliances, pets, neighbors, siblings, agreements and analyzing things. To do lists may be long at this time. Mercury conjunct Saturn is good for focus, concentration and learning. However it can also cause us to worry unnecessarily or to regret past mistakes. Think positive and remember when you change the way you see things, the things you look at change. You may have to deal with mechanical problems or pay attention to your pets. Paying attention to detail may cause stress. Mercury trines Neptune and sextiles Pluto. This heightens the 6th sense and the ability to charm people. Persuasive powers are increased.

Because Saturn governs the head and neck, and Arcturus rules sharp objects such as scissors, hair cuts may become the latest craze.

Step into Magic:
Use this time to advance your career and to cultivate the help of others to open new opportunities and advance yourself. Prayer, Meditation and Fasting will bring powerful results.