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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Goat Horoscope

                     Bringer of Prosperity, Pleasure and Peace


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Goat  (similar to Cancer)
Lunar Years:1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Element: Fire
Season:  Summer
Polarity: Yin

Ruled by: Mercury, the 'water star' or 'little regulator'.
Color: Pale Green, red and purple
Gemstone: Sapphire
Lucky number: 3, 9, 12, 39

Lucky Day: Friday
Obstacle Day:  Thursday
Favorite Pastime: be the center of attention; forgive and forget.
Flavor: Bitter
Fragrance: Apple Blossom
Plants: Anise, wormwood, honeysuckle, carnation.
Compatible with: Rabbit and Pig.
Secret Friend:  Horse.
Problems with: Ox

Because the goat is a slow swimmer, he made a pact with the monkey and the rooster to work together to cross the river. After being informed by the rooster about a raft floating nearby in the marshy grasslands, the goat cut through the weeds and grass with its sharp teeth and helped the monkey pull the raft out of the river. Talk about team work! All three of the animals rode the raft across the river to the finish line.

Famous Goats:
Leonardo da Vinci - artist - 15/4/1452
Michelangelo - artist - 6/3/1475
Jane Austen - novelist 16/12/1775
Benito Mussolini - dictator - 29/7/1883
Coco Chanel - fashion designer - 19/8/1883
Rudolph Valentino - actor 6/5/1895
Mark Twain - writer - 30/11/1835
Mick Jagger - singer - 26/7/1943
Robert de Niro - actor 17/8/1943
Chevy Chase - actor - 8/10/1943
John Denver - singer - 31/12/1943
Bill Gates - computer magnate - 28/10/1955
Glenn Norton - 11/11/1967
Bruce Willis - actor - 19/3/1955
Billy Bob Thornton - actor - 4/8/1955
Julia Roberts - actress - 28/10/1967
Chris Angel - illusionist, magician - 19/12/1967

Yang Characteristics:
adaptable, ambitious, ardent, articulate, artistic, capricious, creative, determined, elegant, easy-going, faithful, gentle, honest,
use common sense, don't like working under stress, imaginative, independent, ingenious, innovative,  non-judgmental, observant, optimistic, patient, peaceful, positive, practical, quiet, reserved,  realistic, sympathetic, sincere, sensitive, sincere.

Yin Characteristics:
anxious, disorganized, eccentric, illogical, impractical, indecisive, lazy, naive, frigid, mercenary, negative, passive, pessimistic, unemotional, worrier.

Wood Goat (1955, 2015) - collect strays, strive to please.
Fire Goat (1967) - reckless, intuitive, energetic, courageous.
Earth Goat (1919, 1979) - materialistic, extravagant.
Metal Goat (1931, 1991) - determined, sensitive, artistic.
Water Goat (1943, 2003) - flexible but fear change.

2014: Year of Abundant Opportunities and Great Good Luck

Capitalize on the great good fortune and wonderful opportunities that the winds of fortune are blowing your way. Your hopes and dreams can be realized this year. You will feel more self-confident, driven and determined than ever. You can take risks as the beneficial energy of the universe is backing you. You can also count on the support of those that will advance your career and business. Money and success will come easily to you as the stars of good fortune are shining brightly on you. Follow your gut feeling as your vision will increase and your luck will be unbelievable. Follow through on new ideas and take action in making them manifest during this lucky year. The time is right for new ventures and building empires as the 'Golden Deity Star' is with you this year. The 'great good fortune' force is with you. You will be the victor in whatever competition you may encounter. Wealth and power favors you this year. A good year to make new plans and form powerful new alliances.

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