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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dragon Horoscope

          Dragon : Extroverted Visionary                                         

Dragon: (similar to Aries).
Lunar Years:  1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012
Element: Wood
Season: Spring
Polarity: yang
Ruled by: Mars, fire or bright star.
Color: Gold, Silver, Hoary
Gemstone: Diamond
Lucky numbers: 1, 7, 6
Lucky Day: Sunday
Obstacle Day:  Thursday
Favorite Pastime: Shopping and entertaining.
Flavor: sharp and pungent
Fragrance: Rose
Plants: Rose
Compatible with: Rat and Monkey
Secret Friend:  Rooster
Problems with: Dog


Yang Characteristics:  aristocratic, affectionate, artistic, dynamic, energetic, enigmatic, enthusiastic, exciting, generous, headstrong, healthy, humorous, idealistic, intelligent, inventive, irresistible, leaders, lively, lucky, magical, original, perfectionist, romantic, successful, sentimental, visionary, voluble, witty. They dislike hypocrisy, gossip and slander. Dislike being controlled or used by others.

Yin Characteristics: abrupt,arrogant, demanding, dissatisfied, eccentric, excessive,
egotistical, gullible, impatient, intolerant, irritable, naive, over-powering, over-zealous,  proud, prone to worry, short-tempered, tactless, unrealistic.

Famous Dragons:
Joan of Arc 6/1/1412 - military leader by age 16.
Charles Darwin 12/2/1809 - naturalist
Sigmund Freud 6/5/1856 - neurologist - 'Father of Psychology'
Fredrich Nietzsche 15/10/1844 - philosopher
Salvador Dali 11/5/1904 - painter
Kirk Douglas 9/12/1916 - actor
Shirley Temple 23/4/1928 - actress
Frank Sinatra 12/12
Bruce Lee
Florence Nightiingale
John Lennon 9/10/1940 - singer - composer
Cliff Richards 14/10/1940 - singer
Robin Williams
Reese Witherspoon
Russell Crowe
Pierce Brosnan 16/5/1952 - actor -007 'Golden Eye - Bond'
Sharon Osborne 9/10/1952
Keanu Reeves 2/9/1964 - actor
Sandra Bullock 26 July 1964 - Actress
Brigid Kriel 25/19/1988 - events manageress
Rihanna 20/2/1988 - singer

2014: Auspicious Fortune and Money Bags.
To make sure you benefit from the auspicious stars shining on you this year place large mirrors in your home and especially in the East. Dragons are blessed with good fortune and strength. The Dragon is associated with wealth. 2014 is a Magical, Wish-fulfilling, growth year for Dragons. Lucky stars are shining on you this year bringing improvement in all areas of your life. You will make good of money if you focus on your career. You will feel a surge of high energy and enthusiasm as you witness how you success luck and prosperity grows. Whatever your goals, wishes and aspirations, 2014 will kindly deliver to you. Your determination, enthusiasm and vitality will be at its peak this year. You will be more creative and will inspire others with your innovative ideas.

Career - opportunities for improvement abound. A promotion and increase at work this year. You may have competition. Set clear goals and take the path of least resistance and you will win.

Love - marriage bells may ring for you in August or November.

Watch your temper and don't gamble, because the number 3 star falls on you. This is a hostile star that can make you impatient, involve you in arguments, violence and legal problems. When someone annoys you, don't react. Take time to cool down, relax and carry on. Stay cool, calm and collected at all times. The author Dale Carnegie advises that one should take at least ten days before you respond when you get angry. Avoid making unnecessary enemies that could hamper your success. The key to create a really good year is to be patient, generous, do good deeds and give others the benefit of the doubt

Have a picture of a horse and a dragon in your home for luck in 2014 (year of the horse). Wear a crystal pendant to strengthen your earth (money and love) luck.

A year to look after your health and those close to you. Exercise and diet to avoid health issues. Avoid sailing and water activities and stay clear of dangerous situations and areas to avoid accidents. Self-confident and feisty, the sky will be the limit this year. A family member may become seriously ill or a parent may pass away (ascend).
You can counter this star by hanging a Faceted Crystal  in the window in the SE section of your home or room.

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