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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Horse Horoscope

Freedom Loving Horse

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Horse  (similar to Gemini)
Lunar Years: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014
Element: Fire
Season:  Mid-year
Polarity: Yang

Ruled by: Mercury, the 'water star' or the 'little regulator'.
Color: Orange, Yellow, Brown and Purple.
Gemstone: Topaz
Lucky number: 8
Other numbers: 2, 3, 7
Lucky flowers:Jasmine & Marigold (marry-gold).
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Obstacle Day:  Wednesday
Favorite Pastime: Socializing, travelling, expensive restaurants.
Flavor: Mild and subtle.
Fragrance: Cedar.
Plants: Parsley , narcissus, hawthorn.
Compatible with: Dog and Tiger.
Secret Friend:  Sheep.
Problems with: Rat.

Famous Horses:
Sir William Wallace
Rembrandt - painter 15/7/1606
Isaac Newton - scientist - 25/12/1642
Antonio Vivaldi - composer - 4/3/1678
Davie Crocket - frontiersman - 17/8/1786
Frederic Chopin - composer -22/2/1810
Louis Pasteur 27/12/1822
Theodore Roosevelt - US president - 27/10/1858
Puccini - composer - 22/12/1858
Vladimir Lenin - political leader - 4/3/1882
Nelson Mandela 18/7/1918
Neil Armstrong - astronaut - 5/8/1930
Clint Eastwood - actor - 31/5/1930
Sean Connery - actor - 25/8/1930
Barbara Streisand - singer - 24/4/1942
Paul McCartney - musician - 18/6/1942
Jimi Hendrix - singer - 27/11/1942
Harrison Ford - actor - 13/7/1942
Jackie Chan - actor - 7/4/1954
John Travolta - actor - 18/2/1954
Janet Jackson - singer - 16/5/1966
Kirsten Stewart - actor - 9/4/1990
Crystal Angel Kriel - artist, model - 19/12/1990

Yang Characteristics:

admired, ambitious, amorous, capable, carefree, cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic, enterprising, faithful, flexible, frank, friendly, good talker, gregarious, generous, hardworking, imaginative, inquisitive, impulsive, loyal, love animals, noble, optimistic, pleasure-seeking, popular, practical, realist, sexually-appealing, sincere, talkative, unselfish, versatile. They thrive on excitement.

Yin Characteristics:
anxious, contradictory, careless, easily panicked, egoistic, hot-tempered, impatient, insecure, irresponsible, moody, superficial, spendthrift, temperamental, unstable, vain, vulnerable.

Wood Horse (1954, 2014) - enjoy working outdoors.
Fire Horse    (1966) - enjoy travel, adventure, unpredictable.
Earth Horse (1918, 1978) - like to settle down, logical, stable.
Metal Horse (1930, 1990) - opinionated, stubborn, easily bored, need excitement.
Water Horse (1942, 2002) - chatty, competitive, business-minded.

2014: Year of Abundance, Wealth and Love

Perseverance, tolerance and good deeds will bring great good luck for the Horse this year. Exercise and watch your diet, kidneys (drink lots of water), skin problems such as eczema. Make time to relax and watch your stress levels during your busy schedule this year. Be nice to your colleagues at work and you will have great success and recognition for hard work. Be careful of sharp objects and drive carefully. The prosperity lucky star #8 will bring good fortune and easy success. The cosmic light of good fortune is smiling at you. The star of wealth shines brightly on you. What you think about you will bring about swiftly this year, so think only of the things you want! What you focus on acts like a magnifying glass and brings more of that which you are focused on, so focus on love, success, happiness and prosperity in abundance, as your lucky stars are shining brightly.

This is the year of the 'Trojan', 'wood', or 'green' horse. The Trojan horse is heavy, rolls on wheels and holds the enemy (unknown) in its belly. Don't drive faster than your angels can fly! Don't take unnecessary risks! Be stable in your work and living arrangements!

Wear yellow and place something yellow in your car and office (eg cloth, toy or flowers). Wear a tiger's eye for protection.

The Wood Horse requires patience, discipline and clear-thinking. Hard work and responsibility is required to be successful. It is fascinated by the unconventional and thrive on new inventions. The Wood Horse loves the outdoors, the country-side, horses and dogs. Your dogs will bring you luck this year.

This year is luckiest for those who turn 24 this year.

Horses who are 60 and 72 may suffer severe health problems.

Horses will enjoy good fortune in your love life in 2014. Your romance luck will be exciting. Those who are single will find and possibly marry their soul-mate. Married people will find more happiness and commitment.

Luck Bringers - Tiger, Tiger's Eye & Star of David.

2014 will bring many new friends and admirers your way. Networking and relationships will increase your luck.

Make sure to carry a wealth luck amulet or a crystal to stimulate your money luck this year. Have a lucky dragon. Both the horse and the dragon flies, one in the air and the other over land - so for those born in the year - a lucky dragon will increase your luck this year.

Horses are stimulated by change, having fun, and by trying out new things. Opportunities to do so will abound in 2014. A bit of work stability this year will bring great rewards.

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Jupiter, the Grand Duke or Guru, visits your galaxy (mansion, palace) this year. That is Jupiter is sitting in Gemini. To appease Jupiter, place something yellow, eg yellow Jasper, in the South.

During 2014, it would be best not to sit facing South, Jupiter's position for the year. This counts for everyone not just for Horses. If you have to travel in that direction take extra care. Jupiter can be appeased by placing the following objects in the South-South-East direction:

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