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Monday, 28 April 2014

Born 27 March: Christine

The Sun (see sky picture) lies in Andromeda in Pegasus, which lies in the star sign constellation of Pisces (15 March to 14 April). 

This is the birth mansion of the Hero Perseus. Perseus was conceived through a shower of gold from Zeus. Like most demi-god's, it is an immaculate conception. However his earthly father became jealous and enraged and had Perseus and his mother put in a coffin and tossed into the ocean. Mortals rescued Perseus, who later became the hero that rescued Andromeda from being eaten by Cetus, the monster whale. Note how the theme of rescuing and being rescued dominates Pisces (Pegasus).  Perseus also beheaded Medusa, whose gaze turned men into stone. Our hero saves everyone before he saves himself. Recognize the hero's in your life. Who has been the wind beneath your wings? Today's energy gives us the opportunity to be the hero. Do something good for someone in need. Be the wind beneath someone's wings. Find the hero within yourself. This energy is also good for rescuing yourself. For example cut out foods that are not good for your health.

This day is also about the love between Krishna and Radha (Perseus and Andromeda). Meditate on this picture of them to find true love.

Sun lies at 12° 50'Pisces

Lucky color: scarlet.

Ruling Planet: Mars
Lucky numbers: 3, 6, 9, 18, 27, 36, 87. (multiples of 9).

9 - Mars, Fire, Warrior, Action, Peacemaker, Reformer, Idealist, Flame.

Gemstone: fire opal, to inspire you.

Animal: pit-bull terrier.
Best jobs: hero, bouncer, race-car driver.
Tarot Cards: Strength and Knight of Swords.

People born 27 March are Pisces and the are like Perseus. Born hero's, dynamic, sassy, sizzling, energetic, powerful and unstoppable. You like to take control and are inclined to overdo things. You share a birthday with Mariah Carey (1970).

You are larger than life. You love adventure and may travel extensively. You have great intuitive powers. You are friendly and warm-hearted. You can overreact because you are impatient and highly strung. You are an entrepreneur and can run your own creative business. Healing, or working for a doctor is a good job for you. Giving aerobic classes is another good option.

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