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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Moon Mansion nr 23: Delphinus of Dance and Fortune

Today the Moon is visiting the 24rd Moon Mansion in Delphinus which forms the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius: sexiest, luckiest, wealthiest, fastest, most fabulous! Heaven's Musical Chambers.

Marker Star: Delphinus: Asterism of Symphonies

The 23rd Galaxy of Fame, Luck and the Wealth ! An extremely fortunate day! Good for dirty dancing, sensual swimming, money making and gambling. Expect the unexpected! Anything is possible, the  world is a magical place!

Magic Numbers: 23, 5

Magic Color: Turqouise

Magic Incense: Lavender.

Symbols: Erotic, sensual dancing will lead to sexual Shangri-La today. Swimming or being sexy in water will give the same results.

Astro-Rulers Today: Mars (action). flirt, ooze sex-appeal, take the initiative, hunt and cast your bait today! Impress by being business-like, intellectual and through meaningful communication. Today's warning: music, dancing or swimming infuses passion and can be intoxicatingly seductive.

Music Magic Today: The moon conjuncts Neptune today. Attract the love you want through listening to sensual music and visualizing (imagining) yourself and your dream lover making love. The moon trines Saturn reminding us that no-one comes into your life by chance.

Sex Magic: Attract magical love with your thoughts and emotions. Send out mental messages.

Sex Instructions for Today: 
Listen to the Song: 'Love, Sex and Magic' by Justin Timberlake and Ciara Feet.

Watch the video 'Cry to Me' - Dirty Dancing

Angel Invocation: Angels of Magical Love touch my lover's heart today.