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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ishtar pours blessings on us from Aquarius

Marker Star:  Eta Aquarri (Hydris) - Ishtar, Holy Grail, Water Jar / Satabisha Galactic Mansion. 

The influence of planetary movement in Aquarius can be equated with the song lyrics for Aquarius: When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or divisions, golden living dreams of visionsmystic crystals revelations and the minds true liberation.  

Eta Aquariids, associated with Halley's comet, starts on 19 April and ends on 28 May. It peaks on 5 May.  

Eta Aquarri is also called Hydris, meaning water jar.

Ishtar pouring blessings on us - Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar. Assyrian goddess of sex, fertility and abundance. Her symbols (egg and bunny) are symbols of sex and fertility. She represents hope for the future.

In the Tarot, she is symbolized by the Star card number 17, with an 8 pointed star.

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you. (Disney Movie Song).

Meteor Showers:
-exert an enormous influence on the weather
-presage major world events
-bring about surprising and unexpected events.

                                        April 2014

April 2013

Shatabhish (Hundred Healers)

Lord: Rahu (north node of the moon) -hidden knowledge, healing, magic and miracles
Symbol : Empty circle, 1,000 flowers or stars 
Deity : Varuna, god of cosmic waters, sky and earth
Sidereal: 8°43' - 21°25 Aquarius ; 
Western zodiac: 2°40' - 15° Pisces 

This Galaxy has a strong influence on water, rain and the oceans.
This Asterism also rules the repairing of structures, destruction of enemies, fast news and hearing from loved ones over a distance. Things may speed up a bit. Catching up with work or lost time.Gatherings and dealings with people from the past. 

Influence on Society at large: Breaking social norms and freedom of expression. The masses are highlighted and we may see mass movements or organisations coming to the fore now. This energy can be felt as a chaotic influx of energy as a result of past actions. 

Excessive rain or incidents with water may occur. 
Aquarius rules the masses and society at large. It is the Galaxy of Wellness - Mind, Body and Soul. Events may occur that will affect society and the world.
There will be an increase in social gatherings or social reform at this time. People may want to socialize more but there is also a warning against overindulgence and violence. Diseases and accidents associated with water and cold weather. Body, mind and soul healing is possible during these showers, so now is an excellent time for medical treatment; to see a psychologist / psychic; and visit a temple or spiritual retreat. Dancing, music and entertainment industries will all do well.

On a personal level: the influence will be felt where Aquarius lies in your birth chart. In that particular area of life (eg love life) you will encounter a sudden rush of events. These events will often come as a result of one's past interactions with people. This is a good time to reinvent yourself. Rejuvenate, realign and hold positive regard for yourself and others. It is only when we love and regard ourselves that we can do the same for others. Our greatness can be measured in our ability to be of service to others.

Dancing and Music: therapy for the body, mind and soul. Change your enemy into a dancing partner. Become aware and let go. Open yourself up to mind power and the use of psychokinesis. Meditate, fast and pray for spiritual enlightenment so that darkness (ignorance) can be replaced with light (knowledge).

Neptune is the planet of spiritual and psychic enlightenment. Neptune makes mystical experiences come easily. Time to pray, meditate and visualize for your desired outcome. It is during these states that we become who we are meant to be. Neptune is also the planet of 'shapeshifting through self-sacrifice'. That is bring about change through sacrifice such as fasting. Neptune in Aquarius is about serving others and changing perspectives.

We are at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age, when Aquarius will be the Vernal / Autumnal Equinox. We can already feel the effects and the current Meteor Shower in Aquarius highlights what we can expect from the coming Age of Aquarius. The focus will shift from the individual to society at large. World powers and cultures will be reinvented. There will be a greater awareness of mysticism and esoteric sciences. People will become more spiritual. Aquarius is the cup-bearer of the Gods. Its positive vibrations bring a greater awareness and surge of energy. Its negative vibrations bring floods. Movement of water such as floods presage the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Quantum Metaphysics will be more readily understood. The Aquarius Cup will pour out the alchemy of magical waters, the elixir of life. The Golden Cup holds the knowledge of the Ezegiel philosopher's stone which brings with it mental clarity, longevity, mystical experiences, greater awareness and spiritual enlightenment. 

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Love and Light to All !