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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Moon Mansion Nr 24: Ishtar of Hope: Butterly

Every Day has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. For example, today is good for psychic ability, writing and mingling with friends. A good day for problem solving, healing and psychic insight. A good day to find lost items or find things that were hidden from you.  Therefore today is an excellent day to visit your psychic.  The warnings today are against trouble with dogs (eg bites); undesirable people; defects or sudden destruction. Be careful about buying equipment today as it may be defective. Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. Wear white and/or blue  for self-empowerment today. A very fortunate day today especially for aviation, astrology, visions and psychic ability.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence earth. I put pictures of the moon's path and what it symbolises for all to follow and enjoy.

Today the Moon visits the Ekhysis Mansion in Aquarius.
Veiled Star of the Holy Grail. The Star of Psychics and Hidden Things. 7th Star of the Rampart.

Today the Moon (life's flow) and Neptune (mystical escape) are visiting the Holy Grail / Medicine Man.

Marker Star:  Ekhysis

Symbol: 1000 doctors (healers); 1000 stars or flowers; an empty circle. Healing the human condition - mind, body and soul.

Enhanced Energy: healing to create wholeness; problem-solving.

Ruler: Dragon's Head, Ishtar, Guardian of Cosmic Waters.

Numbers: 25, 7.

Today's energy is favorable for marriage, medical treatment and agriculture. Growth in business and harmony in marriage, winning a battle, free those in bondage. Ekysis Mansion is good for starting work of a changeable / temporary nature. Today's energy can be negative and leave sensitive people feeling sad, limited, frustrated, angry or filled with resentment.

Dancing into Magic: Dancing is a form of meditation that connects us with the Higher Power and lifts our vibration to the astral plane making it easier to manifest miracles in our lives. 

Fixed Stars within the Mansion of the Holy Grail:

Symbolism of 1000 doctors (healers): Medicine man, doctor, healer, psychologist, psychic, problem-solver. Healer of psychological and physical human conditions. These problems can be anything - puzzles, cross-word puzzles, network problems, scientific problems or trying to solve the mysteries of an illness. They are all about details and therefore make excellent doctors. Studious and intelligent, they will do whatever it takes to solve a problem or to sell you what you want. 

Symbolism of the Round Circle - boundaries. 1.They feel they are limited in resources or in mind power. These boundaries are illusionary and self-created because they are not willing to take enough action. 2.They have a close circle of friends and only a few people know who they really are. 3.They are closed off in their own little bubble where they sometimes confuse reality and fantasy. 4.The self-created boundaries keep their success and mind limited until a later age, usually after 32.

They are happy-go-lucky and have fun with life and this may make people think they are not really serious about themselves. They don't show their true self to people which makes them appear cold in relationships and which leads to them feeling stuck. Those who know them have a different image of them. They know that these people are hard working, love their family and want to find true love.

Keepers of the Holy Grail: 
Ekysians incarnated from the 7th Star Galaxy to help earth solve its mysteries. They are spiritually evolved and many of them become aware of their ethereal bubble by the age of 10. They may be found gazing through looking glasses, magnifying glasses, microscopes, telescopes and crystal balls. They may end up on a coin like George Washington. They may study and live in the stars (Nostradamus) and find meaning in its mythical guidance. Subconsciously they long to return to the place of the blessed cup with the flowing water of wisdom. It is their connection with the divine cauldron that endow them with the ability to look at the finer details to solve mysteries and problems. They prefer round and flowing to square shapes. They are mystical, intuitive, meditative, philosophical and visionary. They can be secretive, reclusive, moody, depressed, opinionated and misogynistic. Ekysians motto is: 'Don't meddle in the affairs of wizards / witches, for they are subtle and quick to anger'. Wizard / Witch simply means 'wise one'. They can get dangerous when provoked. They can be stubborn and uncompromising and relationships may suffer as a result. These people need constant mental stimulation, changeable, control their emotions. They make good astrologers, astronomers, engineers, mathematicians, accountants and researchers. They suffer from dental and breathing and chest problems.

They vibrate to the numbers 25 and 7. To find out if you are under the influence of Fomalhaut, find out if the moon or other planets were in the 7th Star mansion at your birth.You may find that all the Galactic Mansions affect your life in one way or another, but it will affect each person's life in a different area, for example Fomalhaut is my Vertex (Destiny's Gate & Fated Encounters & Career). For another person this could affect their finances or family affairs, or the way they handle friends or lovers - it all depends on how it positioned and aspected in your birth chart.   

This Mansion responds to the masses, breaking of social taboos and defending the underdog. It is also a sign of diseases and incidents due to cold weather.
Dr Gregory House - a maverick diagnostician with unconventional thinking and excellent instincts.
Dr Cristina Yang - Grey's Anatomy

Tarot Cards:
Ace of Cups - Imagination, inner emotions, receptive, reflective, psychic.
Star - hide true self, plagued by ailments because they see themselves as unhealthy, strong sense of destiny, find the missing link, the light switch in problem-solving.
High Priestess - Veiled Star of Hidden things and psychics.

Ascended Masters / Guardian Angels:
Keepers of the Holy Grail and Door Keepers of Mysteries: Joseph of Amirathea and Kuthumi.
ArcAngel Raphael - Healer and guardian of Aquarius).

Shooting Stars / Meteorite Showers:
Marker Star:  Fomalhaut. The influence of planetary movement in Aquarius can be equated with the song lyrics for Aquarius: When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or divisions, golden living dreams of visionsmystic crystals revelations and the minds true liberation

Meteor Showers The effect of the energy vibration of these showers will be at its peak around 29 July and will last until about 20 August. The Meteor shower coincides with the Ramadan fast. Fasting during this time will bring many blessings.

Meteor showers presage major world events. Fomalhaut rules the masses and Delphinus rules the influence of the drunken gods. Its influence amplifies the energies of the Holy Grail and Delphinus mansions.
Influence on Society at large: Breaking social norms and freedom of expression. The masses are highlighted and we may see mass movements or organisations coming to the fore now. This energy can be felt as a chaotic influx of energy as a result of past actions. Excessive rain or incidents with water may also occur. There will be an increase in social gatherings or social reform at this time. People may want to socialise more but there is also a warning against overindulgence and violence. Diseases and accidents associated with water and cold weather. Body, mind and soul healing is possible during these showers, so now is an excellent time for medical treatment; to see a psychologist / psychic; and visit a temple or spiritual retreat. Dancing, music and entertainment industries will all do well.

On a personal level: the influence will be felt where Aquarius lies in your birth chart. In that particular area of life (eg love life) you will encounter a sudden rush of events. These events will often come as a result of one's past interactions with people. This is a good time to reinvent yourself. Rejuvenate, realign and hold positive regard for yourself and others. It is only when we love and regard ourselves that we can do the same for others.

Dancing and Music: therapy for the body, mind and soul. Change your enemy into a dancing partner. Become aware and let go. Open yourself up to mind power and the use of psychokinesis. Meditate, fast and pray for spiritual enlightenment so that darkness (ignorance) can be replaced with light (knowledge).

Neptune is the planet of spiritual and psychic enlightenment. On a negative note this may increase the use of addictive substances as a means to escape reality. However, this is an extremely positive placement of Neptune for mystics, psychics, healers and also for dreams and visions presaging the future. Prayer, meditation and self-sacrifice (fasting) will bring good rewards. This is a good time to go to a spiritual retreat and to tune in to your higher consciousness. Neptune rules hidden secrets and the mystical world of the psychic. Neptune in Delphinus amplifies Quantum Metaphysics. People instinctively realise that their thoughts create things.
We are at the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, the Golden Age, when Aquarius will be the Vernal / Autumnal Equinox. We can already feel the effects and the current Meteor Shower in Aquarius highlights what we can expect from the coming Age of Aquarius. The focus will shift from the individual to society at large. World powers and cultures will be reinvented. There will be a greater awareness of mysticism and esoteric sciences. People will become more spiritual. Aquarius is the cup-bearer of the Gods. Its positive vibrations bring a greater awareness and surge of energy. Its negative vibrations bring floods. Movement of water such as floods presage the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Quantum Metaphysics will be more readily understood. The Aquarius Cup will pour out the alchemy of magical waters, the elixir of life. The Golden Cup holds the knowledge of the Ezegiel philosopher stone which brings with it mental clarity, longevity and spiritual enlightenment.