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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Born 6 April: Tiago: The Pagemaster

6 April: Birthday of Irresistible Curiosity

Characteristics: talkative, curious, enthusiastic, idealistic, romantic, original, energetic, creative, humorous.
Most Positive Trait: You set high goals and achieve them with ease. Intuitive, psychic and spiritual.
Shadow Characteristics: unrealistic, superficial, gullible.
Greatest Challenge: Learning to trust.
Luck Maker: being truthful.You are extremely lucky and a bit superstitious. 
Destiny: discovering unknown truths, mysticism.
Health: Guard against over-indulgence. Get enough sleep.
Love Life: deeply romantic and sensual. Learn to use less force and be more subtle and tender.
Ruling Planets: Venus (love & luxury) and Mercury (communication & magic).
Gemstones: Rose quartz, Emerald.
Colors: Scarlet, Green and Pink. Green and Yellow will curb excesses.
Animal: Lovebirds.
Occupation: Researcher, investigator, explorer, teacher, actor, radio, film, TV, explorer, writer, wizard.
Affirmation: My life is a reflection of the positive choices I make.
Special Gift: Book of love poems, golden heart locket, candles, 4-leaf clover, horse-shoe.
Special Affinity For: family, romance, luxury, reading, writing, philosophy, science and the occult.
Favored Person: mother.
Lucky Objects: picture of the Sun, bright red flowers.
Lucky numbers: 1, 6, 7, 10, 15, 24, 33, 97.

Sun (sol / soul) in Alrisha: Revati: 
The Knot that ties the Fish: 
Constellation of Words

The Sun visits Alrisha (Pisces), the 28th Mansion, from 1 to 14 April. This is the mansion of blessings, wealth, abundance and generosity.

Every Mansion has its own energy. Alrisha is the mansion of attracting prosperity by serving others. This is also a mansion that place focus on physical fitness and spiritual matters, water-sport, aviation, astrology, visions and psychic ability. Vibrate love to attract good things into your life.

Warnings of this mansion are against giving too much of yourself to the point where you feel drained. Guard against intestinal and problems and watch what you eat.

Positive: increase, safe travel, marital joy, collecting money / support, tying the knot, clenching a deal.
Negative: loss of money or freedom (captivity), being tied up.

Location of the 28th Mansion of Alrisha (the knot that ties the two fish):  
17°8 Pisces' - 0° (sidereal - real time)
11°  to 26° Aries (tropical)

Marker Star: Alrischa
Symbol: 2 Fishes, the knot that ties together the 2 fish; tying the knot. A drum, bridge and rainbow.
Ruled by: Mercury (merchant, magician) and Jupiter (Luck).
Energy Vibrated: Prosperous, protector, nourisher, altruism and intuition.
Numbers: 28 and 10

Fish Influence:
Alrisha is a Magical Mansion, a place where Miracles and Abundance can be manifested. The Alrisha Mansion rules spirituality and serving others. Psychic powers are sharpened. Spiritualists, mystics, counselors, social workers and caregivers are all favorably starred. Good for communication and being articulate as it is ruled by Mercury.

Pisces rules meditation, prayer, sleep, drugs or alcohol to induce a trance like state that will allow us to escape from reality. Dreamy, nostalgic and impressionable. This mansion causes one to be more spiritual, intuitive, sensitive and compassionate.

The Shepherd - protector of herds and wealth.

The Shining One, the Sun. The Christ Light within. The white shining light.

Legend: Venus and her son Cupid jumped into the river to escape from a demon. They were saved from drowning by two fish, who were then placed in heaven as a reward from Venus.  This mansion promotes a love of the sea, ships and water.

Angel Message: Miracles rush to you when you vibrate positive loving energy. Give service to others in a way that brings you great pleasure and enjoyment. Focus on serving others and everything will be given you.

Step into Magic: Visualize the future. Work on communication skills and self-improvement.

Gemstone: Amethyst.

Rules: feet - symbolic of understanding.

Alrishas: These people are lucky. They plan short-term and may swing from one social encounter to another with ease. May change jobs frequently. There lives constantly change. They usually love water. They like to rescue animals and little children so may be in jobs concerning animals and little children. They may immigrate to foreign countries or move around. They like the good things in life and are in harmony with animals. These people are sweet, caring, responsible and like to take care of others. They make good nurses and doctors. They are sociable and love humanity and society, and are protective and nourishing of others. They are devoted to loved ones, spiritual, artistic and creative. Disappointments in their early life creates compassion and forgiveness for others. They reap karmic rewards for their caring actions.

People under its influence go out of their way and sacrifice themselves for others.

Tarot Cards:
The Lovers: Love and choices.
Magician: Magic, ritual, intuition. What lies beneath.
Hanged Man: Sacrificing yourself for others.

Ascended Master: Jesus - miracle worker and healer.
The above is a general analysis of those born on the 6th of April.

The following is a unique chart for Tiago.

Tiago, this is a Sidereal (Vedic) Birth Chart, which means, this was the actual placement of the planets at the time of your birth. Sidereal placements are observable and measurable and therefore constitutes an accurate science. 

Gemini Rising:

When Tiago was born, Gemini was rising in the East. This lays out the map of your life.

Ascendant: 21°05 Gemini - Punarvasu - Castor-and-Pollux: (14°57' Cancer - Tropical)
Inquisitive, open-minded, powerful friends.

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