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Monday, 1 December 2014

December 3 - 15: Puppids-Velids Ghost Ship

The Ghost Ship rides again !

                                                  Puppids-Velids at about 4 Cancer

Pupids-Velids Meteor Showers (shooting stars) from 3 to 15 December. Its mother comet is 26P/Grigg-Skjellerup. The stars shoot north-east of Orion.

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you. (Disney Movie Song).

Ruler: St Catherine, Jupiter and Saturn.

Meteor Showers exert an enormous influence on the weather. Meteor showers presage major world events.

Influence on Society at large: Breaking social norms and freedom of expression. The masses are highlighted and we may see mass movements or organisations coming to the fore now. This energy can be felt as a chaotic influx of energy as a result of past actions. Excessive rain or incidents with water may also occur. Ships come strongly to the fore. Building them, seeing them and voyaging on them. Sailors are also known to fight, swear and engrave tattoos. So all these things may be happening now.  There will be an increase in social gatherings or social reform at this time. People may want to socialize more but there is also a warning against overindulgence and violence. Diseases and accidents associated with water is now possible.  Body, mind and soul healing is possible during these showers, so now is an excellent time for medical treatment; to see a psychologist / psychic; and visit a temple or spiritual retreat. Dancing, music and entertainment industries will all do well. These meteor showers influence the 11th house of gains and so monetary gain for all is indicated. It brings financial gains, social gatherings, journeys, creativity, fame and wealth. On the negative side it can bring unforeseen accidents, drowning, violence, poisoning, pessimism, depression and even suicide. Danger arranging from the South-West (Ophiuchus rules now).

On a personal level: the influence will be felt where Cancer lies in your birth chart. In that particular area of life (eg love life) you will encounter a sudden rush of events. These events will often come as a result of one's past interactions with people. This is a good time to reinvent yourself. Rejuvenate, realign and hold positive regard for yourself and others. It is only when we love and regard ourselves that we can do the same for others. Nurturing, caring, catering, socializing, generosity are all highlighted now.

The Pupids-Velids is part of the Great Mythological Ship, Argo Navis. It is  composed of Carina (the keel of the ship), Puppis (the poop), and Vela (the sails).

1. The Argo is the ship whose captain is Jason, and the crew is the Argonauts. The ship was a gift from Athena. Its maidenhead had the power of speech and advised Jason on occasions during his adventures.
2. Bible - Noah's Arc and knowledge of how to build ships.
3. The Flying Dutchman - a phantom ship that sails the waters of the Cape of Good Hope. Legend holds that the captain of the ship defied the wrath of God and is therefore doomed to sail the sea for eternity.

During the Puppids-Velids meteor showers the Sirens sing beautiful songs luring people to the ocean and in some cases causing them to drown.

Now is a good time to be the captain of your own ship, the master of your destiny. Those who celebrate their birthdays between 3 to 15 December (Ophiuchus) will be especially prone to the influence of the Puppids-Velids Meteor Showers. It brings great prosperity in trade, business and voyages. It gives strength of mind, body and spirit. It gives a love of the sea and water, swimming, sailing, swearing, foreigners, other cultures, dogs, horses and traveling.

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