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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lion Heart 4

You will sign a contract concerning your work. This contract will concern some fortunate change you are about to make. Hard work ahead for you! It shows you are an expert in your field and that will ensure wealth for you. I also see a lot of money in the near future and you will have fun while making money (enjoy what you are doing in other words). The cards show financial stability.
There is a man that may pose a threat to you or you may feel he is your opponent in business. You will outwit him and reclaim your fame.
The cards show that there is an issue that worries you a lot concerning a stubborn and seemingly unreasonable woman. This issue will resolve in your favour.
Regarding your love life I see you reuniting in love.
The cards also show love and sex with a woman from the water or at water.
The outcome of this union will depend on how you handle the situation.
You attract more bees with honey!  Be sweet, kind and caring.
No threats or trying to control. Go with the flow.
There will be great news coming for you very soon and you will be extremely happy about it. The news is from a distance, from a place where there is mountains and water.
The cards shows unbelievable money luck and I also see your intuition growing stronger and that you are more in touch with your own and other people's feelings. You will travel soon - lots of travelling on the cards for you. You will also travel to water for work and pleasure.
The cards show an operation for a woman.
I see some legal papers or legal issue to sort out concerning a house - it will be favourable.
Careful of a theft around a car, or maybe a small accident (not serious).
The cards show you will hear of a death of a man.

You are number 2 in Feng Shui.
Characteristics: confident, conservative, rational, controlling, stubborn, attractive.
Rational and good organizing skills helps with business and money. Guard against being changeable. You are nurturing and caring by nature.

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