Intuitive Counselling

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Crystal Ball Revelations for December 2015

Greetings my Loves

My Crystal Ball reveals that this is a karmic time, a time of getting what you deserve. Ask the angels for protection and feed the birds for luck.

Enough rest is imperative during this time as vitality may be affected, especially because of extreme temperatures.

During December the most lucky numbers are 3 and 12. Lucky colors are Turquoise, Green and Red.

December is magical for friendship, love and marriage. Cast powerful love spells on Friday the 11th (new moon) and on the 18th (first quarter). Meditate on the great feeling of being in love! Fall in love! Be love! Radiate love and light to all around you. This is also a favorable time for happy social gatherings as they will be positive and uplifting.

The stars shine favorably on the market place and buying and selling of beautiful things especially, perfume and jewelry.  Now is the time to put in extra effort for future gains. This month also highlights trains, planes, buses, travelling and fast cars.

During December the Sirens songs attract people to the sea.  Be extra vigilant when travelling in a South Westerly Direction and when swimming in the sea.

December is also about secrets, surprises and boxes! May whatever is in the box under the tree, bring you great joy and excitement. True joy is found in giving.

This December, be selective in your battles. Peace is worth a lot more than being right.

Kindness and love abounds in December with people exchanging hugs and gifts. Remember to be kind to your animals as well and to ensure their safety and security should you go away on holiday.

On the mystical, magical night of 12 December, go outside, look straight up at where Orion lies and watch Santa Claus and his sleigh being pulled by his famous reindeer: Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen (lightning). Make a wish when you spot a shooting star! Listen to your favorite Frank Sinatra song, eg 'Strangers in the Night' and 'I did it my Way'.

The full moon falls on Christmas day (25th). This day could bring rain and tears. It is very favorable for love, friendship and networking. My crystal ball recommends staying at home and avoiding public places.

Be Safe and be Blessed !

Calling on the Angels is the key to being safe!

Gratitude is the key to attracting great blessings !