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Monday, 18 January 2016

Star Sign Predictions for 2016

Greetings my loves
The following predictions for 2016 are based on Western (tropical) Star Signs and numerology:

Sudden and dramatic changes can turn lives upside down. The year has a warlike and revolutionary overtone which will bring freedom and enlightenment. Destruction of old worn out ideas that no longer serve humanity. Unsafe structures and financial systems will collapse. Communication and electricity may pose problems.  Areas most affected may be the Middle-East, Spain, France and South-Africa.

Dark side: Roofs of buildings may burn or collapse. High buildings may burn. Lightning, earthquakes, landslides, fighting, war, death, disease, destruction, accidents and airplane disasters. Religion and culture based differences and clashes. 

Light side: Luck for those with a genuine compassion and caring for humanity, animals and nature; and for those who want to alleviate suffering. A good year for love, romance and marriage. Major breakthrough in medicine and healing. New methods of transportation. Communicating with higher beings.

Sudden and exciting change continue to electrify your life. Yearning for personal freedom. May experience power struggles with those in positions of authority.  Past efforts and hard work will bring luck and be rewarded. Success in your dearest wish.

Greater focus on relationships, making deeper connections and shared resources.
June / July will be a good time for you to go on holiday and explore new things. Advancement in your career and a sense of personal empowerment. A happy and fortunate year filled with great opportunities and blessings.

Obstacles and restrictions facing you now can be circumnavigated by practicing ritual, prayers and meditation. Study and learning a new language will keep you pleasantly occupied. Plan for an overseas holiday and keep your thoughts positive. Self-care is important for your well-being. 


The only person you can control is yourself. Change the way you react to circumstances. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Minor irritations at work. Look after your health through diet, exercise and meditation. Wealth and an opportunity for romantic happiness and overseas travel. Pay attention to your dreams and use them to guide you.


Lady Luck is smiling at you. A good time to buy or sell property.  Hard work and taking on more responsibility will bring great rewards and wealth. Endurance will give you a sense of great personal power. Excitement and positive changes ahead. Love and romance are favorably starred. Long distance travel or foreign connection open new exciting horizons.

Set new goals and reach new heights of success and prosperity.  A change of home is likely. Romance may be dreamy and a trip to water will enhance love relationships. Pay attention to communication skills to ensure happiness.

Good fortune and happiness. Nervous anxiety caused by sudden and dramatic events could upset your balance. Learn to adapt to change. Relax and have fun. Life is a journey, an adventure to be enjoyed. Your generosity will bring material and spiritual benefits. Travel and study will bring advancement and satisfaction.

You seek spiritual growth and may get involved in other cultures and religions. Your wealth and position at work increases steadily. Personal relationships will be harmonious and loving and have a strong karmic bond. Your organisational abilities and charisma will magnetize people and good fortune towards you.

What becomes of the brokenhearted? They find new romance in March. This is a time of introspection and restructuring yourself on deeper levels. Redefine who you are.   Be humble, be disciplined and work hard for long term success. You are now laying the foundation for the next 30 years. Go with the flow and let go of old worn out ideas and things that are no longer needed. Take care of health through exercise and diet. Frustration, irritation, aggression and depression will be counteracted by vigorous exercise.

Look after your own needs.  Huge personal transformation and deep emotions. Feeling unsettled in your home. New people, places and faces. Communicating and networking important for recognition in career. Let go of the past and de-clutter your space. Spiritual life will be boosted especially through travel and foreigners.

Lots of new experiences, new ideas and new people will help you think outside the box. A time of spiritual growth. Listen to the whisper of the universe and the angels. Read the signs. Find new ways to do things. Re-organize your work. A financial windfall by the middle of the year. Deeper sexual relationships with stronger bonds. To increase your luck: fast on Saturdays, drink lots of water and keep your pool clean!

Opportunities to increase your wealth and happiness. A boost in self-esteem and personal power. Maintain personal boundaries or you will feel vulnerable and taken advantage of.  Intimate relationships may present problems and may require that you draw on your inner strength and spiritual beliefs. You may feel discouraged and alienated from people which will force you to change your point of view.  Be ready to reach out and make full use of good opportunities that will present itself.

2016 Horoscope Aspects
Mar 08 – Pisces Solar Eclipse
Mar 16 – Jupiter trine Pluto
Mar 23 –Jupiter square Saturn
Mar 23 – Libra Lunar Eclipse
May 26 –Jupiter square Saturn
Jun 18 –Saturn square Neptune
Jun 26 –Jupiter trine Pluto 
Sep 01 – Virgo Solar Eclipse
Sep 10 –Saturn square Neptune
Sep 16 – Pisces Lunar Eclipse
Nov 24 – Jupiter square Pluto
Dec 24 –Saturn trine Uranus
Dec 26 – Jupiter opposite Uranus