Intuitive Counselling

Monday, 8 February 2016

2016: Year of the Fast & Curious Monkey

What 2016 holds for the different Lunar (Chinese) Signs:

Lots of happy surprises and a fun-filled yet unpredictable year. The Rat will make new friends and romance can turn into long-term commitment.

Good fortune and happiness is indicated if you are flexible and go with the flow. Become a 'yes' person and accept offers that come your way! Open your heart to love as romance is in the air.

Surprises and changes will make this a happy year. Follow your dreams and enjoy your secret admirers. 2016 brings you lots of helpful people who will be more than willing to lend you a hand.

Not a year to take unnecessary risks. Avoid being rebellious or having a don't care attitude. A year that may feel uncertain and unnerving. Spend lots of time close to nature.

Your love life is favorably starred and the person you are presently with is the one you will marry. Don't make any hasty moves in your career as there is a better position and more money soon.

Stay cool, calm and collected to make it through a year filled with what you perceive as 'madness' (Monkey tricks).  Read good books or go on courses to make the best of 2016.

An exciting year but may at the same time stress you out.  New ventures present itself but stick to what is practical and don't be tempted into Monkey business. Family grief is indicated.

Take excellent care of yourself this year. Spoil yourself at the 'spa' and re-design your diet and exercise plan. Not a year to make any long-term plans or big decisions.

Great good luck in business, but watch your health. Money will come easy to you this year, but save for the following year. Set long term goals and you will enjoy smooth sailing in the future.

You may feel grumpy and have lots to complain about. You may feel like people are not taking you seriously or showing you a lack of respect. Work hard and be extra organised to ensure success.

An extra lucky year for you especially regarding business and money.  You may travel or relocate.

Time to take charge of your life as good luck is on your side this year. Your hard work will bring you recognition and financial gain.