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Sunday, 7 February 2016

February 2016 Predictions

Greetings my loves

February is the month of Love. This February has 29 days, as 2016 is a leap year, encouraging women to be more expressive towards the person they love.  Dance in the rain or swim naked as this is a good time for risky business. Focus on being a good friend as well. Be compassionate towards yourself and others; and remember a kind word can change someone's life.

The new moon on Monday 8 February 2016, falls in the auspicious celestial mansion of the Dancing Dolphins, and is full of promise of good things to come. The moon and the sun are making love in the same mansion. This new moon always marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  2016 is the year of the energetic and curious red fire monkey. Spot one to enhance your luck. Write down your wishes on a red paper, place flowers and burn Sandalwood incense and red candles to ensure good luck ahead. Drumming and dancing will help manifest miracles in your life.

                                Adrian Chesterman : saved from

February is a good month for spending time at a spa or near large bodies of water. This will cleanse and renew your body, mind and spirit. It will bring you luck, as well as stimulate your creative juices.