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Monday, 7 March 2016

Crystal Ball Revelations for March 2016

Greetings my Loves

March is the month of passion and luck! This month is ruled by the planet Mars. This makes it a month of high energy; sex; sorting things out; and new beginnings. This will be a month of an unexpected turn of events which may be startling and unsettling at first, but can be sorted out. Sometimes obstacles or bad situations are opportunities to create a better situation or environment for all to thrive in. Walk up to the lion in your path, and you will find an angel in disguise.  

There is a need to find a balance to create harmony. Tempers must be restrained to avoid angry outbursts and to maintain harmony and peace. The challenge is to create a balance between the energies of darkness and light; good and bad. The reward is better bliss. March teaches us that kindness and love always brings out the best in people and situations. More bees are attracted with honey (sweetness, kindness).

This month has a strong victim and hero overtone. People may be playing games of persecutor, victim, and rescuer. Maria Carey's song, 'Hero', reminds us that the true hero lies within ourselves! Reclaim your power; don't play victim; rescue yourself and be your own hero. The greatest gift of all is to rescue yourself. When you board an airplane, they inform you that in the case of an emergency, you should secure your own oxygen mask first! That is the only way you can help others.

Exercise, diet and health issues come to the fore. Introspection and self-reflection will lead us to the right answers. Understand the power of your thoughts and self-fulfilling prophecies. Thoughts become things. Use this month's creative energy to inspire others and lead them to previously unknown insights. March's energy is strongly sensual, but guard against cynicism.

Intuition is at an all time high. Note the signposts of life. Pay attention and become aware of messages sent to you by the universe. For example, switch on the radio or television and there may be a message relevant to your life or situation.  Although visions and dreams are strong this month, illusions will be shattered. You may see a situation for exactly what it is and break unwanted ties and remove yourself from a toxic situation. You will no longer want to be led up the garden path, but will choose to follow a more sensible and realistic path.

Once a balance has been reached and the shattered illusions makes way for a more realistic approach, luck will surely grace this month of March.  The effort made in March, pays of in May !

Turquoise and green are lucky colors this month and so are the numbers 3, 12 and 21.

Grow through sacrifice. Dance with the rhythm of the universe (go with the flow). This will result in the world being at your feet. Life is not about avoiding the storm, but learning to dance in the rain !

The energy vibration is good for gurus, psychics, astrologers. It's about magical mystery.

Spoil yourself to a pedicure or visit a podiatrist. Pay attention to your feet, they take you where you need to be.

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