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Thursday, 21 April 2016

April Full Moon: Arcturus: Angels in Disguise

Do not be forgetful of hospitality, for through this, some have entertained angels unawares.

Moon in Libra is the time to celebrate Beltane and Hanuman. 
This Full Moon is also referred to as Pink, Red or Blood Moon.
The Sun lies between the phallic symbol of Aries and the womb of Cetus. The moon is in the house of marriage, relationships and love. It is a celebration of fertility (seeds spread by the wind), creativity and new beginnings. It is about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Male symbols. It is a celebration of love, sex, birth, rebirth and transformation. For simplicity and conformity Beltane is celebrated on 1 May. This occasion is celebrated with bright colors and dancing around the Maypole, a phallic symbol with bright flowers on top and bright ribbons around it. Colorful balloons can also be send adrift into this sky that promises new life. The time to celebrate and call on fairies, elementals, animal friends, psychics, and angels in disguise.


Hanuman: archetype of the shapeshiter with immense power and strength. He is the incarnation of Shiva, son of the wind and the mountain. He has the power to control the planets. Make a connection with this archetype on the Libra Full Moon by wearing red and fasting.  Saturn respects Hanuman. Fast today to remove obstacles and limitations imposed by Saturn. It took Hanuman 60 days (60 moons of Saturn) to learn all there is to know from the Sun, while flying backwards. Hanuman is alive and living among us. He is a shapeshifter (son of the wind). That means he can appear to you in any form. He can move mountains for you. Connect with the Archetype of Hanuman (60 feet tall) to bring love to you. Libra is governed by Venus. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Shapeshifting (bringing about divine change in your life) is made possible through self-sacrifice (fasting). Satur(n)days are good for connecting with Hanuman. There are 60 foot statues of Hanuman in Singapore, India and China. Hanuman flew to Shrilanka to fetch Sita to unite her with Rama and he moved mountains. Hanuman is powerful and blessed and can bestow the same on you. Hanuman wanted to swallow the Sun but Rahu (north-node) objected as he (Rahu) is the only one allowed to eclipse the Sun.

Another powerful deity that rules now is the Roman Goddess Cardea, keeper of doors who has the power to open and shut doors. Her main protective emblem is the Hawthorn.


Magic Work: Hang a Red Flag or Cross outside your house.
String beads or flowers for blessings and say: May the God and the Goddess and the power of the Elementals bless me now and always be with me. Offer these as gifts to friends.
Anything connected with change is favourably starred, eg moving home, loosing weight, fasting, changing hairstyles, etc. Pamper yourself and pay attention to your beauty during this time. Fast for manifestation of your hopes and dreams.  This full moon energy is also about  erotic desires. A time for love, sex and magic. The energy beckons for us to pay attention to our pets and furry friends. The symbol of the celestial mansion of Arcturus is a sword. Therefore this is a good time for operations and injections. The Sword is also about ideas and manifesting desires.
Full Moon Magic starts 3 days before the actual full moon and ends a day later.
The Celestial Mansion of Arcturus favours the occult. Seeking counsel from a psychic will be advantageous today.
The Tarot Reader
Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot

Hanuman : Invoking Great Power

Tarot Card: 5 of Cups
Transformation and Change
through denial of pleasure
(self-restraint / self-control)

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