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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Feng Shui: House of the Powerful Sage

3 Chen (Thunder) person in a North-West facing house 6 Chien (Heaven)
 =  Hexagram 34 Ta Chuang = House of the Powerful Sage.

The practice of Feng Shui is complex and involved. There are many schools of thought and variations to the art of tapping into the energies of the universe. Although Feng Shui seems to be multi-disciplinary, with each school of thought advocating their superiority over the others, I prefer to follow an interdisciplinary approach. That is, combining the different schools of thought with intuition and common sense to achieve the most effective results. This article is guided by 'Classical Feng Shui', but Black Hat Sect (Western) Feng Shui should not be discredited, but rather incorporated to achieve a whole.

The Saturn Talisman (time and order)  is the main tool of reference. However to fully comprehend the intrinsic world of energy flow,  a thorough knowledge is needed of the following: the I-Ching and its 64 hexagrams; 5 elements; Chinese Astrology; the 28 Moon Mansions: the 24 Star Portals (Dragon Mountains) and the power of connecting with Spirit.

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2 SYSTEMS OF FENG SHUI (wind-water) changing energy:
1. Eight Mansions: focus on direction and its influence on people.
2. Flying Stars: focus on direction and its influence on buildings.
Together they bring excellent results.  

I am influenced by 8 cardinal directions.
4 will support me and 4 wont.

Auspicious directions: bring positive energy: gain, wealth, health, happiness.
Inauspicious directions: bring negative energy: loss, divorce, disease, poverty.

Activate auspicious directions only.

My personal gua number determines these directions.

How to calculate the Gua number:
Male: add last 2 numbers of year of birth and subtract from 10.
Female: add last 2 numbers of year of birth and add 5.

Gua Number 3:
Activate: South ($); North (health); SE (love); East (growth). 
Lucky: Wood (tree, plants + colours: blue / black / green / brown) to the East.
Avoid: Metal (chimes, colours) and Fire (real or colours) to the East.
Bright lights will hurt 3.
Gemstones: jade, emerald blue topaz and amethyst.
Lucky numbers: 3, 12, 21.

Activate and face:
Wealth: +90 Sheng Chi (South) – generating breath / life giving energy. Activate the millionaires chi to get wealth and a position of authority and power. Powerful ppl.
Health: +80 Tien Yi (North) – heavenly doctor, long life, unexpected wealth from heaven, good friends, social standing, power of speech. Government and VIP support.
Relationships: +70 Yen Nien (SE) – love, romance, good relationships, networking and good health. Activate to have good obedient, successful kids. Wealthy descendants.
Stability and Development: +60  Fu Wei (East) – stability, happiness, harmony, peace, money. Place grown-up kids here for them to move out of the house.

Don't Activate or face:
-90 (West) – disaster, poverty, disease, death, divorce.
Can place stove here to burn away bad luck.
-80 (NE) – 6 killings, backstabbing, affairs, theft, injury, accidents, loss.
Place toilet here.
-70 (NW) – 5 ghosts – lawsuits, divorce, arguments, theft, loss, gossip.
-60 (SW) – setbacks, obstacles, tragedy, irritations.

Putting Life Gua into action:
Use accurate compass directions of house.  When I use and activate my good directions I will sail with the wind rather than against it (obstacles).
Doors must receive energy from my good directions: North, East, SE, South.
Stove and doors to face my good directions to receive auspicious energy.
Bed must have headboard for support, stability and protection.
Toilet in – 70.
Stove should not be placed in any of the 4 good areas.  Placed in any of the 4 negative positions – fire can burn up luck, especially in the –90 (West) to increase wealth $$$. Knobs should face one of my good directions. Do not place in -70 (NE) = betrayals and lawsuits. Stove never in the North-West - fire in heaven.

Home Office:
Face South ($) or SE for good relations with clients. 
Do not face -70 (NW) – lawsuits and betrayals.
Money Luck: Door and bed face +90 (South) and stove in -90 (West).

NW 1st and 3rd 15 degree increments available for East Group people (1, 3, 4, 9).

Xuan Kong Fei Xing (pronounced: shoon kong fay sing).
Fei Xing (fay sing) = Flying Sars.
Subtle mysteries of time and space or the mysterious void.
How time affects space and the people who live there.

Like the tides of the sea, the Feng Shui energy of the environment (living and working space), naturally supersedes that of the individual. Why is this? You cannot claim that your personal astrological chart, bio-rhythms, energy, etc is good, therefore your chances of surviving a a natural or man-made disaster are better or therefore you can go swim in the ocean while it is high-tide. There is usually one kitchen, one dining room, one living or reception room for all to share regardless of your personal gua number. The energies of the environment should be tapped in and harnessed for all to thrive regardless of personal charts.  Then orientate each family member to harness their lucky directions.

Energy & time constantly changes. Changes made to environment can alter my relationship with the world. Flying Stars removes the mystery or seemingly random distribution of good and bad luck enabling me to isolate variations in fortune.
Every building has a natal flying star chart depending on the date moved in (very accurate) and the direction the front door faces.
Period 7 house – moved in between February 1984 – February 2004.
Period 8 house – moved in between February 2004  - February 2024.
Direction / time / environmental forms: together they influence the living environment. Land forms are immutable and override energy of occupants.
Main aim: analyse energy of the building and adjust it to support the occupants.
The stars have a celestial correlation to the 7 stars of the Big Dipper (Northern Ladle) and 2 imaginary stars for a total of 9.
Each star possess a unique quality of energy that can influence behaviour and events. Some stars are auspicious, others not.
Flying Star System is based on large scale time cycles and planetary alignments. 
Observes the movement of planets. Mega-cycle (180 years) divided into 3 x 60 year cycles (upper, middle, lower) = 3 20 year periods / ages. Each 20 year period is assigned a number and a trigram that exhibits a unique energy that influences the world. The Milky Way shifts every 18 - 20 years – affecting the luck of a place (building) and its occupants.

Currently we are in the period of 8 – KEN (mountain) (2004 – 2024)
8 rules supreme. Colours are white, turquoise, brown, yellow, leopard print.
8 considered as lucky anyway (always) – noble energy, wealth, prosperity.
Brings great wealth, strengthens family values, resolves karma and past mistakes.
Focus on land, housing, real estate, construction, mining, green living, preservation

Mountain (Sitting) Star left back – health
Facing (Water) Star – right back – wealth
Time star to the bottom (base).

1,6,8,9 – good.
1 water – money, abundance.
4 wood – romance, writing.
6 metal – recognition, success.
8 earth – wealth.
9 fire – advancement, achievement.

Place water on wealth stars 1, 8, 9.

2,3,5,7 – bad stars.
2 earth – disease, death, stomach problems.
3 wood – arguments, fighting, breathing problems.
5 earth – death, disaster – evil, wild, unpredictable.
7 – metal – 3rd party, fire and theft.

Place metal on worst stars 2 and 5 (especially when on door direction).

Flying Star Feng Shui – makes an essential connection between the orientation of a building, the move-in date, the present time and the luck of the occupants. 
Must extract and activate good stars and star combinations in important rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and home office. Make sure that the entry points are portals that activate wealth stars.

Annual visiting (time) stars:
Fly in for a month or a year – can trigger star combinations to release energy.
When an annual star visits or combines with the facing (water) stars, wealth luck.

Grand Duke Jupiter:
Corresponds to the ruling animal year.
Year breaker = exact opposite direction.
Be careful when travelling in these directions.

Year             Jupiter         Year Breaker
                    Tai Sui              Sui Po                  
2016             SW3                   NE3 
2017             W2                      E2
2018             NW1                  SE1

Get Rich Keys for Period 8 Buildings.
Every room contains all 8 directions – directional energy supports in every room.
Do overall house and rooms.

Direction Rules !
Directional energy supports more powerfully than a particular room direction.
Some directions are not being used in the recommendations, because the flying stars in these directions are not good and using them could bring a negative outcome.

North-West 2 facing (Chien):
Prosperous sitting and prosperous facing (wang shan & wang shui).

Activating the external environment:
Water in front, mountain in back.
NB – No water in the south – poverty.
Perfect placement for the stars. Money and people luck.
Need good backing (high wall) to activate 8 Mountain (sitting) Star in SE.
Mountain can even be a simulated one – high cupboards, pictures of mountains.
Water to front of house to activate the 8 Facing (water) star.
Water not usually recommended to the NW, but to capture the lucky energy of the 8 Facing Star fully – water is a must. Wealth star and current water dragon.
Incredible monetary results when activating 8 Facing (water) Star – windfalls, inheritance.
Robbery if there is a dead tree in the North or West.

Activating the internal environment:
Main Bedroom: East, SE, SW, NW – these rooms have good mountain stars with wealth energy.
Headboard: position to NW, NE, SE – positions that have good mountain and facing star combinations.
Home Office: East, SE, SW – these rooms have good Mountain Stars with wealth energy. Sit facing SE with body and desk.
Kitchen / Stove / Fire Mouth: NW, SE best directions for fire mouth (stove knobs). A South facing fire mouth = poverty.
Best doors in the house (interior & exterior) = NW, SE.
Bad news (legal problems) - Using a SW door.

Increase luck : facing direction, magnetic energy, water location, mountains, cycles of time.

Jade, Jewels, Pearls: Secret Wealth-Building Techniques:
Wealth = overall abundance – peace, prosperity, happiness, health.
Jade Belt Formation: Jade is sacred in China + wealth & essence of heaven and earth.
Emperor’s Jade Belt: Road or driveway wraps around the house like a belt.
Circular driveways are unlucky.

Precious Jewel Lines: Gold Dragon’s Lung
Eg 86.5 East: applies to doors, desks, beds angled towards it.
Pearl String Formations – continuous numbers:
In period 8 houses facing: NW, NE, SE, SW Parent String formations:
1,4,7 // 2,5,8 // 3,6,9 – represent the cosmic trinity (father, mother, son).
Activated by mountain in front and water in the back.
In period 8 houses facing SW and NE.

Water Dragons (Shui Lung):
Water must not be stagnant, swift flowing or falling from great heights.
Water energy brings wealth.
Water possesses molecular memory.
Water Dragons are designed in the direction of the front door.
Must be seen from the front door.
Requires flat land.
Emperor’s Jade Belt = Orion’s Belt.
Billionaire’s Feng Shui:  Water Dragons if implemented correctly, bring immense good fortune and extreme wealth.

Five Ghosts (Spirits / Angels) carry treasure:
Applied correctly the 5 ghosts carry immense prosperity right to my door.
Basically a water formula.
3 Things need to be in harmony: door direction, mountain energy, water flow.
Wealth is derived by tapping into the combined energy of these great forces.
Pools, waterfalls, simulated mountains are excellent substitutes for real ones.
72 variables ecompass the 8 directions in which you are able to design the perfect five ghost for a site.

Dragon Gate 8 Formations:
Makes use of specific water exits.
Back of site or structure (sitting position).
Direction from which water (wealth enters).

3 Harmony Doorway:
Gate – path – gate – turn to door.

Government Official Water Formations:
Boost Career / fame / wealth – door must face NW.
Extreme riches and huge fame.
Doors / gates / pathways – represent water.
Water that moves slowly – excellent eg open gate slowly.
For gaining and retaining wealth – have an excellent water entrance.
NW door direction.
18 storey high rise located to the NW, but not in direct alignment with the door.
Waterfall coming from the North.
No road must come straight to the front door = money loss.
Also not straight to the back of the house = family loss.

Castle Gate Formulations:
Water formulas for wealth.
Surround 3 sides of the building with mountains (3 mountains).
Leave an opening at the front.
Place big water in the front of the house to ‘steal energy (chi) from heaven’ and to manipulate flying chart of the house.

Heavenly Sky Horse Star:
6 = heavenly number
Pathway leading up to door must be well lit.
Horse – make your fortune faster.

Combinations of 10:
in house star map bring wealth, opportunities, powerful connections.
10 = completion and very auspicious.
Can double fortune of the house.
Add water to make it extraordinarily beautiful and important.

Influence of wind on wealth:
Feng = wind = actual meaning – direction.
Direction of energy is very important. Feng Shui uses location and direction, but if you cannot use both, always choose a good direction.

Influence of water on wealth:
Shui = water.
Dragon's Blood = flowing water.
Should activate good water (facing) stars: 1,8,9.
If placed on 2,3,5 facing = negative results.
Water flowing behind residence, even if a wall obscures it: missed opportunities, insolvency, illness, drug addiction, financial loss, sexual misconduct, scandal.
Home should face water.

Influence of mountains on wealth:
Mountains = shan = Dragons.
Breath of Dragon = Mist around Mountain.
Boulders, high ground, high walls, hills, cliffs, large statues, pots, heavy wall-units, staircases.

Influence of Fire on wealth:
Stoves, fireplaces, tv, pc, power points.
Triangular pointy mountains / red
9 Star will ignite the energy.

Influence of land forms on wealth:
Cannot escape the influence of the environment.

Home close to highway: money loss. Highways bring violence, murder, crime, alcohol abuse, domestic disturbance.

Robbery mountain: eg dead tree (strange illness), block out of view or remove.

Water Towers and Cemetries: conduct dead and negative energy.

Dead, empty or void lines (door degrees):  bring serious bad luck and depletes wealth.  Extreme dead (yin) energy (chi) cause bankruptcy, illness, or can be the reason a property does not sell. Most serious are doors situated on exact cardinal points: 90 East, 180 South, 270 West, 360 North. Also where South changes to South-West 225, West changes to North-West 315. These are only good for churches and cemeteries where spirits dwell.

8 Roads of destruction: water / roads / driveways / pavements – brings disaster, misfortune, bankruptcy, yellow springs (water from hell or underworld).  Door faces Southwest 3 (217.6 - 232.5). Road from South 3 (187 – 202). At 15 degree increments. 
Too many roads around – property becomes a floating island – create a strong backing and insulate the property.

8 Killing Forces: door facing 262.6 – 277.5 West and mountain located in South-East.

U or Shell shape: energy can accumulate and endure bringing money luck.

Extreme slopes bad: - to or away from the house – killing energy, moves too fast. Put up solid walls. Embracing and holding energy at your house will bring fantastic money luck.

Front Door: flank with plants and place a black doormat. Brings instant wealth.

Narrow houses: squeeze money energy.

Open drains: are extremely bad, great loss of wealth. Must be out of sight and closed.

Exact cardinal points: 90 East, 180 South, 270 West, 360 North.  Occur between guas or the the 8 directions, even 1 or 2 degrees left or rights.


North-East and South-West is Earth. Use purple, pink and red.

West and North West is Metal. Purple and red produces metal. Use stones, terracotta, beige and yellow.

South is fire. Use brown and green to produce fire.

Finding your facing direction:
Take a compass reading from front door facing out.
24 mountains (bagua 8 x 3 = 24) – each subsection 15 degrees.

S1  157.6 – 172.5  Bing   Yang Fire
S2  172.6 – 187.5  Wu      Horse
S3  187.6 – 202.5  Ting    Yin Fire

SW1  202.6 – 217.5  Wei   Goat
SW2  217.6 – 232.5  Kun   Earth
SW3  232.6 – 247.5  Shen  Monkey

W1   247.6 – 262.5  Geng  Yang Metal
W2   262.6 – 277.5  You    Rooster
W3   277.6 – 292.5   Xin    Yin Metal

NW1  292.6 – 307.5   Xu       Dog
NW2  307.6 – 322.5   Chien  Metal
NW3  322.6 – 337.5   Hai      Pig

N1   337.6 – 352.5  Ren     Yang Water
N2   352.6 – 7.5      Tzi       Rat         
N3       7.6 – 22.5    Kwei    Yin Water

NE1  22.6 – 37.5  Chou   Ox
NE2  37.5 – 52.5  Ken     Earth
NE3  52.6 – 67.5  Yin      Tiger

E1   67.6 –  82.5   Jia     Yang Wood
E2   82.6 –  97.5   Mao   Rabbit
E3   97.5 – 112.5  Yi       Yin Wood

SE1  112.5 – 127.5   Chen  Dragon
SE2  127.5 – 142.5   Sun    Wood
SE3  142.6 – 157.5   Si       Snake

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My journey in the world of Feng Shui would not have been possible without the help and support of my mom (Marti) and my children (Brigitte and Crystal). A special thank you to all my mentors for your love, patience and teachings: Zichen-Tracey Jia, Cristina Sato, Ping Wang and Liu Chen.


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