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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May Magic and Mother's Day

Greetings my Loves

Welcome to the colorful month of May, the time for honoring your mother. The reason for this being that the sun falls in the celestial mansion of 'the womb', whilst the full moon falls on being 'separated from the mother and finding your way back to her Lotus feet'.
For this reason 'Mother's Day' occurs in May !

May vibrates to the number 5 and the planet Mercury. Mercury rules the marketplace, merchants, mercantile, messages (phones, internet), magic and miracles. Five is also the number of movement, money, change, travel, numerology and knowledge.


Lucky color: Green
Lucky numbers: 5; 14; 23.

The first 10 days of May are ruled by Venus and the 'mother's womb', a place of safety, security and hidden treasures. When we leave the mothers womb, we find ourselves in waters that carry us away. In order to find our way back to a place of safety and security, we have to seek and embrace the virtues of self-control, delayed gratification and perfect timing. The blessings we receive are marital bliss, happiness, peace and prosperity. The Angels of Prosperity, Power and Wealth are in charge here. They urge us to discover the joy of charitable giving. Through giving we receive and our dreams become a reality. On the 1st of May is Beltane. This celebration is planetary based. The sun lies between the phallic symbol and the womb in Aries. It is a colorful celebration of love and fertility. For the next few months Jupiter, bringer of Luck and Good Fortune, will throw a few favors our way. Make good use of new ideas and opportunities that may present itself.

From 11 to 20 May, the planet Saturn forces us to learn about commitment, endurance, self-discipline, self-control and delayed gratification. We value things more if we have to wait for them. Self-restraint and endurance can be accomplished through moderate fasting, eg one small vegetarian meal a day. Saturn also teaches us about detachment and desensitization through obstacles, worries and enemies. This is a time for practical magic in the office, garden and kitchen. Hard work will bring great financial rewards. Uranus and Mercury join forces. Don't over think things. This is a time for love, sex and magic.

From 21 to 31 May is a time to re-assess your progress and set new goals. We now experience the crippling effect of too much of a good thing (over-indulgence) if we fail to practice self-restraint during the month of May. The Full Moon on 21 May, is strongly influenced by the 'Wandering Star' (travel and change). This falls in the Celestial Mansion of being separated from the mother and finding our way back to her 'Lotus Feet' in order to gain wisdom, maturity and marital bliss. This is also the celestial mansion of the arrows of love, speeding things up, foreigners, travelling and the world wide web. A time for love, sex and magic. This theme of 'Love, Sex & Magic' is emphasized by singers who have their birthday this month, such as Cher (give up resisting one by one); Joe Cocker (you can leave your hat on) and Enrique Iglesias (don't turn off the light). 

Vesak is observed during this full moon in the Indian month of Veshaka (May). Vesak is a celebration of the Buddha (a state of enlightenment / wisdom). It is also about balance, moderation, desensitization, detachment and pure unconditional love. Kavadi is also celebrated on this full moon. Ask the Angels for their loving guidance and it is done.

The month of May is a time to practice self-discipline and giving and receiving. It is the month to honor your mother and seek deeper self-knowledge in order to receive blessings, conquer the material world and find meaning to life. 

                                                 Fasting in Moderation is the key!  

Hamal is the head and horns (phallic) of Aries and Menkar is the Womb. 
This is also the place where we find Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.

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