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Sunday, 26 June 2016

July predictions

Greetings My Loves and Welcome to the Enchanted month of July,

July is the month ruled by the powerful and lucky number 7. There are 7 days in a week, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 visible planets, 7 main chakras, 7 musical notes, and 7 year cycles. The Bible story that best illustrates this is when Joseph the Dreamer, interprets the  Pharoah's dream of the 7 fat cows and 7 thin cows eating them, as 7 prosperous years, followed by 7 years of famine.  7 gives us a glimpse of the divine.

Ruled by Neptune and the deep waters of the subconscious mind, makes this a month steeped in heightened mysticism. Sensitivity, psychic visions and dreams are enhanced. Neptune is the planet of spiritual and psychic enlightenment. Mystical experiences come easily. Therefore this is the perfect month to contact me for an in-depth reading. This is also a great month for having a powerful spell cast to manifest your dearest wish. Hypnosis and altered states of consciousness will be highly beneficial as we will tend to be more open to suggestions and subliminal messages, which will bring about powerful results.  Shapeshift (transform) into a new and improved you. Redefine yourself and your goals and cast your spell for quick manifestation.  Indulge in the powerful gift of creative visualization and guided meditation. I can help you with this, call now to ensure your booking.

The first ten days of July is ruled by the Angel of Abundance and by Mercury, the Merchant. Marketing and Trade will bring excellent results. This period is also ruled by the three fates (fate). An excellent time to have a reading about your future in order to empower yourself and make informed decisions. I am available for readings from eight till late. 083 393 2544.

The New moon on the 4th of July, is ruled by the Angel of Storms. Therefore we can expect stormy weather and situations and maybe even a few tears. However this is also a good time to do power spells for love, friendship and networking.

Both Neptune and Mercury are party animals! July will bring many opportunities to celebrate your success and good fortune. Moderation is the key to maintaining good health.

Mars, the War Monger, finally turns direct putting our collective energy back on track.

Creativity, visionary ideas, money making, animal rights and psychic awareness will put us in touch with the desire for an ideal world.

In honor of my ruling planet, each client will receive a free good luck charm with every reading as well as a free spell of your choice. (Neptune on IC and 12/12)

See you soon ! Bring a friend for discounted readings.

Jade Fortune