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Sunday, 12 June 2016

June: Angels and Abundance

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Greetings My Loves,

June is ruled by Juno (Venus / Lakshmi), goddess of beauty, abundance, love, marriage and childbirth. June vibrates to the number 6 and the planet Venus. Venus rules creation (6 days of creation). The 6-pointed star (of David), represents union of humanity and the Divine. Creativity, art, dance, beauty, love, peace art, angels, mentors and service. Align with the magical qualities of this month by visiting your famed psychic, Jade. Place your wishes in a wish jar, dance to your favorite music and cast your magic spell for love and abundance.

Lucky colors: White and light green.
Lucky numbers: 6; 15;24

Magic is afoot on the 20th when the full moon aligns with the center of the universe, so make full use of the big bang by making a big bonfire. Write your wish on red paper and burn in the fire !