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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Tarot Card Interpretation: World

This card symbolizes the planet Saturn as Nataraja (Yu), the Cosmic Dancer, and the rhythmic movement of the universe. The World card reminds us that when we move with the beat of the universal energies that prevail, we will have success. Saturn rules time and space. Live a disciplined and orderly life. Plan, keep a diary and set goals and boundaries. Make rules for yourself and live according to them. A good example would be exercise and diet. Plan when and how long you will exercise each day and eat at set times only. Planning and repeated effort lead to just rewards, success, recognition and even fame. 'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit' Aristotle.

Saturn has a strong affinity with the number eight or the eternity (Hey) sign, symbolized by the purple material wrapped around the dancer and the red string in the wreath. Number eight is the rhythm of the universe. This is reverberated in Psalm 8, that should be read repeatedly for success, recognition and fame.

Feng Shui (creating balance, harmony and order) is based on Saturn's principles and numerical square (yantra). Saturn's job is to bring us down to earth and to realize our limitations. Saturn gives us a reality check and brings us down to earth. Saturn rules time and space. Because of the rings around Saturn it rules rings (wedding ring binds you to one person); wheels, clocks, machinery and anything round or going around in circles. Also karma (law of come-back) and history repeats itself. Saturn also rules the head, skin and bone structure. When this card appears with a negative card such as the Tower, Devil or 9 of Swords, it could be a warning to watch your step and stay in familiar places in order to avoid injury. (Nice France attack 14 July 2016).

                                            SATURN YANTRA (Lo Shu Magic Square)

The World is made of energy. This energy can never be destroyed, it can only be transformed. This energy is available to all of us. The miracle of being human is that we can draw from this unlimited energy to change ourselves and our surroundings. Intention is the beginning of transformation.

Usually in a reading, the first thing that comes to mind when a client draws the world card is travel, When this card comes up with the '8 of wands' an airplane trip is likely. When the world comes up with the '6 of swords' it could mean an overseas trip.  The World card predicts happy times, success and well-being.

I chose to analyse the World card as it resonates strongly with today's energy. Find your balance and complete what you have started. Your efforts will be rewarded and a feeling of peace and well-being will ensue. Set goals and enter your promised land, under grace and in a perfect way!

'World' associations: Feeling on top of the world; having the world at your feet; the world wide web; world news; on stage; dancing; travel around the world; earth. Circles, completing things, feeling complete (whole) and getting the work done. Success.

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